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Three funerals in one week.  I told you about Charlie last week and last weekend was the funeral for my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law and family friend, Gladys Cink, whom Rick and I have known for over 50 years.  Today Becky and I drove to Minneapolis for Mom’s older sister, Florence Steiff Carlson’s funeral service.  She would have been 100 years old June 14.  We have lots of first cousins since Mom had 5 sisters and 2 brothers and many of us gathered in Minneapolis today.  Florence was a beloved aunt to us all.

While in Minneapolis I had the opportunity to visit Sam and Lucy at the Mother Baby Center where Little Lucy hit 4 lbs. 2 ounces today.  She was not due to be born until July 10 – have you ever seen such a sweet baby with a cat hat?  I was thrilled to see Sam looking so great, too.


Another visit to Becky’s friend, Pam Christian who has a dog named Ode.  Ode was rescued by Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and transported to the Minneapolis area several years ago where Becky’s friend Pam adopted her.  As a young dog on the Indian reservation in Northern Minnesota, Ode was tortured by several young men who burned her ears off with a blowtorch.    Don’t think about that too much – it’s horrendous.  Just take a look at how happy she is today!


And last but not least – here is the clean haymow where we’ll be sewing next week, June 4-5.  Looks very inviting, doesn’t it?  We are looking forward to our 30th Anniversary Camp – we’ve got about 15 projects planned!

Rick’s sister was here from California for the funeral last weekend and spent Memorial Day here along with Rick’s younger brother, Mike and older sister, Shirley and their respective spouses.  What a week it has been!  Do you think I’ll ever get any flowers planted?  The All Iowa Shop Hop starts this Saturday – we are READY and looking forward to meeting and greeting new customers and visitors.  See you at the farm!


6 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Karla T

    wow, Mary… you have been crazy busy! I’d have to be curled up in a fetal position by now! 😉 I have a quilt named “Little Lucy” on my UFO list to finish– I wonder if it will be the next one picked? I hope you can take some time to do some quilting to refresh after the week you’ve had–

  2. Judy

    You have been busy. What a precious baby and I bet her parents can’t wait to get her home and be with her 24/7.

    Ode is lucky to have a good home and put his horrendous past behind him. It is hard to understand the pleasure people get from torturing defenseless animals.

  3. susan blazevski

    Sorry to hear about all the funerals–so hard. The babies are beautiful, and the dog’s story is sad, but thank goodness for the happy ending. I wish I lived closer so I could visit your shop and your hay loft and looking forward to pictures of your camp. I was just thinking that you haven’t posted in a while, and now I know why–you have sure been busy.

  4. LMK

    what cute babies, i wish for them a happy and healthy life. cute hat on the one baby! sorry to hear about all your funerals, we’ve been lucky, haven’t had one to go to in a while. glad you had a fun filled weekend with all your company. bet your glad to have the barn cleaned out and ready to go with your classes, etc. sure hate to hear about that dog but glad it turned out so good, now he or she is happy (funny how they bounce back) paul gets home tonight from his fishing trip, be glad to see him!!!!! wewere going to some mennnonite greenhouses tomorrow but most are on gravel roads, not sure how safe they are to travel on, what with all the rain we’ve had. (we plan to take our lunch with us (not alot of places to eat in between the little towns, that is we do go) there’s a rhubarb fest in lanesboro, mn. tomorrow, i’ve always wanted to go, at least once, see what’s going on, etc. no rain yet so far today, i washed two loads of laundry this morning, hung it out on the line, most of it got dry, took the rest down and it’s in the garage, drying (still talking rain) in fact it’s starting to thunder now. guess that’s all for now………………………

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