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Farm News June 6 2013

Ah, camping season at the farm!  Last year during this same camp we almost died of the heat.  This year we had a 2” rainstorm with high wind that forced the rain under the steel siding.  Not only was it wet, it was only 57 degrees!  You have to be tough to come to camp at Country Threads.  We had a great time and the second day was the perfect temperature – everybody got several projects completed.


Susannah likes to sleep in this plastic tote that I keep hay in and I just thought she looked so cute I had to take her picture.  She will be 12 years old this October – as a 1.9lb. baby, I thought she was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.

The Bridal Wreath is blooming – I just love it for the short time it’s in bloom.


I spent one whole day this week moving the houseplants outside.  My new porch looks deserted without all that greenery!

Just look at this stormy sky over North Iowa.

Two weeks from today we leave for Chicago and International Quilt Festival – will we be seeing you?


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  1. Becky Rose

    I can’t believe Susannah is 12 years old! Yes, she was the cutest little thing ever!

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