Farm News

We have been getting regular rains this summer and the flowers are looking better than we’ve seen them look for several seasons.


See all these bags of snacks?  These are all for Susannah because she’s so special.  Have you ever seen a goat eat a pretzel rod without it ever leaving her mouth or dropping  part of it?  I hadn’t either but here she is with a pretzel rod in her mouth and it will disappear one bite at a time.  Photo is blurry because she was so excited to eat one of her favorite snacks – ha!

Mom’s sister, Blanche, visited with her daughter, Jill, and Ernie thought it would be great to sit on Blanche’s lap.  Of course Blanche didn’t really appreciate it – isn’t that always the way?  The cats bother those who aren’t cat lovers – he could have sat on MY lap!

And here’s the screened porch where I love to sit and read, drink coffee, relax and enjoy the scenery.  It was brought to my attention that I’ve never shown a picture.

I am working with a new fabric line called Dogma by David Hearn.  The quilt looks much more complicated than it really is due to the wild fabric but I love it.  I should have it finished to show you next week and yes, we’ll be kitting it up.

This weekend is Gold Rush Days in Rochester, MN and Oronoco – I hope to drive up on Friday for a long day of antique shopping.

There is a huge hole in our household where Benjie lived and I catch myself looking for him many times a day.  Thanks for all the condolences you sent – I know that so many of you know how I’m feeling.

Missing Benjie,



6 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Pat O'Neill

    I recently visited your shop and loved all the flowers and your renovations to your house!! It is sop much fun visiting you!!!

  2. Jenifer Fairchild Kahan

    Hello Mary,

    Maybe Benjie is hanging around. He’s there and your eyes can almost see angels. I don’t believe we ever leave the one’s we love.

    Love your site. It makes my day. Your animals warm my heart and make me smile. The UFO fun has got me to finish projects that have just been hanging around. It has helped me so much to get these quilts finished and functioning.


  3. MartyCae Klein

    Love the dogma quilt!
    Send rain to the west please.
    Ernie is a very handsome cat – more pictures please!

  4. Christine H.

    Losing a beloved pet is so hard. I lost my 12 year old pug over a year ago, and I still miss him every day. They are such a part of our lives. You gave him a good life and that should help you get thru these difficult days. Hugs, Mary!

  5. Gloria

    What a time of loss for you. Benjie will always have a special place in your heart. You shared that special dog love that lasts and lasts. Take care.

  6. Mary Says Sew!

    Maybe this quilt is a tribute to Benjie, appropriately made with Dogma fabric. Thank you for being such a good Dog-Ma to so many. I’m a Cat-Ma to many.

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