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I have a new goat named Emma!  She is about 6 years old and recently gave birth to triplets.  She has given birth previously and each time she has run away from her home.  She belongs to Betsy who has quite a few fainting goats and Emma was one of the first goats she ever got.  She obviously does not want to be a mother!  So….she came here to live – at the fortress where she cannot get out!  I went after her with the pickup last Monday and she has made herself right at home and does not take any crap from anybody!  Because she just had triplets, her milk bag is huge and looks very uncomfortable but I suppose that will pass in time.  Poor Emma!


You’ve probably checked our blog and have seen my post about Pammie – I think she is back to normal, her hair is growing back and she’s acting like a real cat again.  This makes me so happy!

Take a look at Pat’s block – see anything wrong?  This happens to all of us at one time or another but it’s an easy fix.  We all had a super good camp last week and next week we start all over again up in the barn.  I’m hoping for nice weather.

Faye is hiding under the table and the quilt – just her little nose and eyes are poking out.

“Always Blooming” was a real draw for Telly and Faye – do all dogs and cats immediately lay down on any quilt, given the chance?  I think so.

Millie can find any little spot to curl up in, like this antique flower basket – and yes, this is how I put my make-up on every morning, too, with Millie in the sink.

Here are some of the plants I moved into the house.


And last, but not least, Roy and Connie went on vacation to the Grand Canyon.  They got there the first day of the government shut down and therefore the park was closed!  I’ll bet they never thought to check with Congress before scheduling their vacation, huh?

And that’s all for this week – check the blog for short posts now and then.


A Note From Connie –

Because of the government shutdown we had to make some quick changes to our Grand Canyon vacation. Our reservations were for 3 days on the south rim at a hotel called Yavapai Lodge.  Since it lies within the national park our reservations were canceled.  We talked to the gal at the front desk and she said “This is going to be a long day!” I’m sure it was. Now our plan is to travel to Grand Canyon West- owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe, therefore not under government control. This is where the skywalk is and they also offer white water rafting.  We feel lucky to have gotten a room for 2 days and still be able to check the Grand Canyon off our bucket list.  Note- the local news has reported on the weddings that are scrambling to find a new venue instead of the hotels  in the parks.  Now that would require plan B, C, D, E……… And at least 2 glasses of wine!


5 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Cindy Strauss

    How funny that Millie curls up in your sink. My Barney cat does the same thing. He is a big cat and fills up the sink. We chat (he is a Siamese and very chatty) while I am getting ready in the mornings. Gotta love those kitties.

  2. Diane Deibler

    Love your new “porch” Mary. I am envious, what a huge sun room. I have wanted a sun room for several years, but so far, it is not on Bob’s priority list!!!

  3. Mary Etherington

    I am working on a very short Goat Gazette right now which will be the last one.

    And Diane D. – sun porches are not on any man’s priority list!

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