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October 26, 2001 was the Friday night of Quilt Market in Houston and we were home.  It was 17 degrees that night and Mom and her sister, Marlys, were here for supper.  During the evening our dog Carly barked and barked at something by the barn and I ignored it.  Rick had gone to Eric’s football game and returned home cold and ready for bed.  I went to bed about 11:30 and started thinking about why Carly had been barking by the barn so I got up, put on my coat and walked down there.  I found one of my goats named Jill with a black and white baby goat!  I didn’t even know she was pregnant!  While I was moving those 2 into the warm barn, I heard a weak cry outside and with flashlight in hand, I found a tiny black baby goat, very wet and cold and struggling to propel itself through the loose dirt.  I scooped her into my arms and ran upstairs to show Rick.  He insisted I put the baby back in the barn with its mother which I did.  I was up at 5 am to check on the babies and when I stepped into the pen, the little one was not there.  I looked and looked and finally found her curled up inside a cement block.  I brought her out and Jill tried to hurt her and that was that.  Little Susannah came to the house with me and didn’t return to the barn for 18 months.  I fed her with a bottle and paper trained her.  She had a large crate in my sewing room and I was her mother.  At birth she weighed 1.9 lbs. and her sister, Sally, weighed over 5 lbs. leading us to believe Little Susannah would never make it.  But she did and she just celebrated her 12th birthday last week with a bag of Doritos.  You may remember her twin Sally died while we were at the Country Living Fair in September.

My twelve years with Susannah has been very special and my love for her is huge.  She can be very naughty to everyone except me but I could write books about her adventures.  We are growing old together.



20 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Barbara

    You have such a big heart. So nice to read stories like this. Perhaps your book will be called Oh, Susannah with a pattern inside.

  2. Nanette

    That is the sweetest story ! Thank you for sharing ! I love reading about your life and adventures with your animals and friends – never a dull moment !

  3. Judy Moore

    Blessings on you, Mary, for your perseverance and concern, and for saving that dear little life. You story brings tears to my eyes.


  4. Polly

    Oh how cute. I remember Susannah when she was tiny. My wild Mama kitty just brought me 3 more kittens. Two are grey, my weakspot. She knows I will take care of them.

  5. Linda

    That is one of the cutiest baby animals I have ever seen….a children’s book about her would be great…..

  6. Diane

    HI Mary–It pays to read the date carefully. I thought you had two more babies–oh my!! She is adorable and yes, you should write a book. It would be great!! Thanks for all of your time and effort on behalf of all animals:)

  7. Marian

    Oh Susannah! How adorable and bless your heart for taking her in and giving her a chance at life. Look how great that turned out!! You’re both adorable:)

  8. Lori Gust (Olund)

    I love her too…she is special….One of my dogs is the naughty one and works can’t explain how much she means to me…she is 12 yrs. old…my son brought her home…I’m so glad he did…pets make us better people…

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Love the story and Susannah; love everything about her, even her naughtiness. I’m blessed to have a picture of Susannah in my studio so I get to say hello to her everyday. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

  10. Phyllis

    Now that was a heart warming story..n such a sweet goat, I remember her sister passing but did not know they were twins…love your animal pictures n stories…THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!! 🙂 PJ

  11. Lee

    Yes, you should write a children’s book. You have enough pictures and loads of stories. Happy Birthday Susannah!

  12. cathy

    That is just a wonderful story. Bless you for all you do for your “furry family”. I always love hearing about them.

  13. Kathleen O'Grady

    You bring tears to my eyes with your wonderful story! Happy belated birthday Susannah! That is such a wonderful story, I love it! Thanks for sharing!

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