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If you’re a blog reader, you know I’ve been posting nearly every day because my life is suddenly very complicated. Rose, Susannah’s best friend, thinks Country Threads should be a reality show! There are days when I might agree but life is not always so full.

I took pictures of all my red and white quilts last week and the red and white log cabin on my table really hit a nerve with many of you so we are working on the prices for a table topper kit, a throw size and a queen size. I will post this information on the blog as soon as we have it. I’d make another one in a flash – I LOVE log cabin quilts!

Meet Bailey, a 9 year old golden retriever, who recently came here to live after her owner went to the nursing home. She is a sweetheart and IF I can find her a great home, I will again TRY to be a foster parent. Her entire story is on the blog.

Many of you already know I am boarding this Great Dane named Hercules while his parents, friends from church, are in Florida. He is truly a gentle giant and has found our home to be quite comfortable. He discovered this box on the floor of the quilt shop and decided he’d like to take a nap in it but of course the box blew out the minute he laid down. He is a really big dog! More about Hercules on the blog, too.


Susannah is warm and comfy in a pile of hay under a heat lamp in the barn – my darling little girl! I have started writing her story and am hoping to have it together by the end of the month. I will post it to see what you think.

Last night our choir performed the cantata at a senior living apartment house – it went really well except that the piano had so many bad keys and was quite out of tune. And they said it had just been tuned but I’m not sure I believe them.

This mess is what I’m working on – Charm School for January. And Connie is working on the December Pinterest quilt right now – be patient, it’s coming. And I hope all of you are putting your blocks together for the Free Online Quilt Sampler which was posted last week. I’ve heard from many of you and yes, we will do this again next year. I will be working on the blocks as we go this year so the layout will be a surprise at the end for me, too. You’ll have to trust me.

And I keep promising pictures of my Christmas decorating so here is my mantel hung with antique and vintage hand knitted socks and other white “stuff”. When I have another minute I will post all the Christmas pictures on the blog.

Rick was stuck in that terrible ice storm in Texas last week so this week he is home and luckily we’ve had snow so he could move it. I have several other “honey do” jobs lined up for him today – ha!

Enough talking! Watch the blog for more info as I have time to post it. Whew – time to go to work!

Thanks for all your comments on the blog – it’s a delight to hear from so many of you!




12 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Chris Bakhaus

    Yesterday in the mail wrapped in plastic from the post office I received Country Threads post card for thr Goat Gazette paper dated 2012 how funny. I don’t know how you do it all, but thank you for the smiles and tears I ‘ve shared with you. Merry Christmas to all @Country Threads and fellow quilters.

  2. Patrisha

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful quilts (I’m a quilter of 40+yrs) your delightful pet moments ( have my own delightful pets in and out) and then the just plain life moments you share with us.
    I look forward to each new posting. Looking forward to the quilt kit as well. :-))

  3. Dee W

    I love the farm news! I’m a quilter, but would subscribe just for the animals. Makes me hug my dog closer, pet the barn kitties more often. And yes, I am ready to do my December blog, most of my making is done, we are now at the wrap stage, and ready to put it together!!!! Thanks for a fun time. I’m looking forward to next year.

  4. Janelle Bucher

    Goodness, such a full life you lead. Where do you find the time to get it all done. Love reading your blog and wish I were closer to help you with the animals. I would certainly have trouble giving up the animals you foster and would be willing to take them off your hands if I could. We visited your place this summer and hopefully will swing through on our way to our Wisconsin camping trip in June or July. Keep up with the pictures, they are wonderful.

  5. Mary Reinhardt

    I love reading all of your posts especially about the animals. You are a very kind-hearted person who has a knack for caring for all these animals. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. nan Conway

    I keep thinking about Bailey. Do you think she could make the trip to MASS.(MA). Our beloved Nara, a yellow lab, died in March at almost 16, Patti is 6 1/2 but little. The shelter said she was a lab/hound and would be about 65 lbs. She is 35 and considered over weight. She is finally doing better. Nara was her “mom”. She always slept with some part of her touching her. I would fly Bailey here if you think she could with stand the journey. She would be so well loved by my husband ,me, our 8 kids and partners, 9 plus grands and many dogs who all love to play and swim together.

  7. Kathy Davis

    I’m so glad you decided to kit up the red & white quilt. Hopefully I’ll have the tabletopper done for Valentine’s Day!
    Your stories & pictures are so interesting & friendly-you are such a good person.

  8. Rose Mikulski

    Love this post with an update on Hercules. I am going to miss them when he leaves unless you can figure a way to “Hide Hercules” which would be funny. Seems like there’s peace in the animal kingdom with kitty coming out of hiding and I do hope Bailey finds a good forever home.

    1. Rose Mikulski

      Whoops, forgot to mention that I love the picture of Susannah, my BFF, it’s just as pretty as the one I have in my studio. Please give her a big hug for me.

  9. helen freese

    I’ve been a fan of your patterns from “way back when”. I just loved the red & white log cabin. Being a retired bookeeper/accounting major I just couldn’t wait and decided to try and figure out what the sizes were. For a 9″ finished block, I cut a 2″ square for the center and l-3/4″ strips for the rest and it worked out just fine. I am looking forward to the directions for the smaller size. Have a Blessed Christmas!

  10. Linda

    After I bought Ree Drummond’s book about her dog, Charlie, I have thought that their should be a story written about Susannah… will be wonderful…..and she is so photogenic for any kind of artist to capture…

  11. mary rhodes

    I wish I could see the Dane into box! That’s so funny!! Animals so precious! Savannah growing up! Thank you for. Sharing! Have share this , the other day on phone with my aunt. She had me on speaker phone, talking about her 4 dogs. I meowed over phone, they heard it running out side thinking came there, well first out stopped they all up each other with little on flying over them! They never did figure out where cat was!!

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