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It’s been a week filled with yard work …. until today when it turned cold and very windy and rainy. After clearing all the dead pampas grass and then all the leaves around the quilt shop, I was so ready for a rainy day. I need a rest.

Pampas Grass Pampas Grass & Rocks Susannah Watching

Since I’m into finishing projects right now, I decided to finish all the rugs, runners, placemats and stair treads that I have started. The first rug I finished is this red, tan and brown rug that has been nearly finished and still on the frame for months. We wrote the book “Rugs From Rags” about 18 years ago and added the DVD several years after that. An old lady taught me twining about 35 years ago and it is just the best way to make a rug out of leftover fabric, used clothing, linens, t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, drapery, terrycloth and any other textile that’s washable and easy to work with. The fabric is cut into strips and “woven”, actually twined, back and forth across the frame. The directions to build your own frame are included in the book but we also offer them for sale. Once I get started making rugs and runners, I really love it but my first choice is always piecing at the sewing machine. These rugs will last for many years and can be washed many times – I know because I use these rugs throughout my house and with dogs and cats there’s always a rug in the laundry. Twining is very easy and the only trick is listed in the book as “very important”. If this step is not done correctly, the rug will come apart and after all that hard work, you don’t want that to happen. The rug book, DVD and frames are all listed on our website.   Watch the blog for more rug progress.

Rug on Frame Rug Close Up Rug Close Up 2 Finished Rug on Frame Mary with finished rug

Aidan is enjoying his cookie from Kathy while Telly hopes for a cookie, too.

Kathy, Telly, Aiden and Cookie

Ina and all of us at Country Threads would like to thank everyone who sent cards for her birthday. She has received cards every day for a week now and we are thrilled for her. She has enjoyed hearing from many of you and we so appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Ina Looking at Birthday Cards Ina with Birthday Cards Ina with Cards

I took Telly and Faye to the vet yesterday for heartworm, rabies and microchipping. Telly didn’t much like it and Faye shook like a leaf. I gave them treats when we got home and I hope they’ve forgiven me.

Faye at Vets

That’s it for this week, folks!



We received this from one of our customers.

Here is a picture of my first twined rug–love the loom and the video was great!  All things considered, it was a quick project and I’m looking forward to many more rag rugs.  Loleen S.


5 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Carmen

    I agree with Brenda! The amount of work you accomplish is very impressive. Love the rugs, very cool.

  2. Jackie Baumhauer

    Love making rugs and tablerunners. I made a rug for my brother and sister-in-law last year..a UFO project too. Made lots of tablerunners for gifts. I could twine all day long!

  3. Ann Barlament

    Guess we had an easy dog – our Black Lab LOVED to go to the Vet! He didn’t care what they did…it was just another person to talk to and he often got treats when he went.

    LOVE your rugs ~ I have many of my own which also include rag place-mats. I prefer to buy mine and leave the enjoyment of them being made by someone else. I have way too many quilt ideas running through my head to learn how to make rag rugs! LOL

  4. Denise

    Love the rugs. I have the book and will order the video as well. Cannot wait to finish one. Thanks for your blog.

  5. brenda A

    There’s something I need to know…. How many hours do you have in your day? I only have 24 and I must be moving backwards. You exhaust me! Do you ever take time to eat or sleep? Wish you could bottle and sell your energy on your website, You’d be a billionaire!

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