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I am so thankful it’s not 20 below these days.  It only got to 30 degrees today but the chickens were still happy to go outside.  Have you ever seen a class of 3rd graders going out to recess?  That’s what the chickens look like when they push and shove to get out the open door.  Susannah and Emma stand in the sun against the building so the wind doesn’t hit them and soak up the sunny warmth.  I think I can now survive the rest of the winter.

chickens chicken yard

Goat soaking up sun Goat

The yard is actually melted down to the gravel and I’m even happy with the mud.  I checked out a sedum plant by my garage and sure enough, if you look carefully you can see a little new green growth poking through.

Yard melting Sedum

I spend quite a bit of time at my computer and my newest helper is Deano.  The minute he hears me sit down in the chair, he jumps up and follows the “mouse”.  Very cute but I can never read the screen because he’s sitting in front of it.

Deano Deano helping

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition against the fake dog rescuer in Princeton, MN.  You’ll be happy to know her place of business is “temporarily closed”.  I just hope all those animals trapped in the basement got out or if not I hope they die quickly.

Do you follow our blog, Chicken Scratch?  I try to post something at least 5 days a week, mainly about what I’m working on and what’s new.  I also talk about houseplants, antiques, gardening, decorating, books and more.  It’s the Goat Gazette everyday online.

In just 2 more days it will be time to post 100 new bolts again – every month on the 1st and the 15th we pull 100 current and new bolts of fabric and put them online for $7.00 per yard.  At the end of the 2 weeks, they will either be gone or back to normal price.  To find these bolts online, click on shopping cart, shop now and then the upper left hand category.  You might find something there you’re looking for!

Connie is in Chicago babysitting Grace and Rex this week and I’m holding down the fort.  We are still discussing fall camp as well as The Big Event in July.

The last two photos show the most evident sign of spring here on the farm – the goats are shedding their winter coats!  This is Emma – smiling!

goat shedding Emma smiling

Until next week,


Just for a laugh…

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

– Mark Twain

8 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Anita Fetzer

    We had a beautiful warm sunny day on Tues….Then we got another snow,wind and COLD…13 this am….but 55 tomorrow?they say….It just doesn’t want to give up…but it will…Love the smiling goat…Anita

  2. Connie Olson

    I do miss your Goat Gazette, so I really love your Chicken Scratch column. I just waited for that Goat Gazette every time. It was one of the most wonderful publications, everything in it: the new patterns, the jokes, the recipes, the book list and also the items about your families. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Kathy Workman

    I look forward to your emails and farm news. So glad spring is peeking in. Here in Idaho things are finally warming up. We still have snow on the mountain and in shady places. But today we have blue skies. I miss Iowa and am grateful for your touches of home.

  4. Diane

    Hi Mary–LOVE Emma’s smile. I sent a pic of our little Squeak “helping” the mouse on my computer. I have a question. I have been keeping up with my UFO”s by the month and would like to send a picture, but I’m not sure where I should send it. I love Chicken Scratch and Farm News. Cold today in Central OH, but tomorrow warm again. Enjoy the sun:) Diane

  5. Kris Gavin

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write these wonderful missives… I look forward to it everytime! The picture of Emma is fabulous! What a card!

  6. Sue D in Wisconsin

    I just got home from 2 days in the hospital with a relative in critical condition. I am emotionally spent but Emma’s smile made me smile myself. She’s such a cutie.

  7. Jane Dumler

    Read your news every day I can find it. Went to a guild meeting last night with a discussion on modern quilts–maybe I’m getting old but I don’t see the point. The fabrics remind me of the colors of the 30’s and the lecturer’s favorite quilt she showed was extremely traditional only in the new fabrics. Still confused. What are your thoughts on this. Happy spring, we are going to have more snow tomorrow but warm today. Love the goats and chickens and of course the kitten!

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