Farm News

Another busy week – all the spring work is about 2-3 weeks behind and now it all needs to be done at once because summer is waiting!

Look at these sparkling windows – with screens in place, too. That was yesterday. I’m also moving the plants outside, a few at a time. They love living outside in the summer and all of a sudden my porch feels empty.

Sparkling Windows

I hung the flags for Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July. The next time I redecorate will be in August for Fall. For the Big Event I plan to hang Aunt Amy’s original quilt sampler dated 1898. This quilt was the inspiration for the book “Quilts By Aunt Amy” published by Martingale.

Patriotic living room

The barn is finished except for the lid of this big box. Rick built the box which is lined with tin to keep the mice out and we store quilts in it year round. It is 4’ x 8’ and I just need help getting it on top of the box again. Also, the chest freezer is coming down for the summer and then it will be for sale. I think we’ll stock it with ice cream bars for the summer – there goes my diet!

Box in corner Tables in Haymow Flag in haymow Loon quilt quilts in haymow

Friends Betsy and Darwin donated this chair to Baby Moo but it looks like Susannah may have laid claim to it. She is so lame, I’m not sure she can get into a chair anymore. I think I’ll ask the vet about the arthritis medicine for dogs. Maybe she could take that.

Susannah with new chair

I LOVE these 70 degree days before the heat and humidity take hold. Working outside on these gorgeous days is pure pleasure. Our grass seeding has not been started yet but I’m going to shop for the decorative grass plants today. I will plant these along the gentle curve of the ramp.

I am so enjoying my little girls – they are so inquisitive and I go see them many times a day. Until they are really comfortable in these surroundings, I need to make sure they aren’t getting into something they shouldn’t. And then there’s Emma. I let her roam free after I do the chores at 5 pm. She loves to lay outside the door to the haymow and many nights does not return to the barn until dark. Thank goodness, this place is fenced or she’d be back to her old tricks of wandering down the road. She is the sweetest goat I think I’ve ever known. My thanks to Betsy for her and Baby Moo, who isn’t nearly as friendly as Emma but fun nonetheless.

New Girls PlayingGoats Goats on a deskEmma by Haymow Door

That’s it for another week, folks! It’s just more of the same around here. Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be in the shop all day on Saturday if you’re planning on a visit. Then we’re off to a fun graduation party for our friend, Trey Jass.

Life is good.


Just for a laugh, some one liners…
Sign over a Gynecologist’s Office:
“Dr. Johnson, at your cervix.”
In a Podiatrist’s office:
“Time wounds all heels.”
At an Optometrist’s Office:
“If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.”

On aMaternity Room door:
“Push. Push. Push.”

5 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Ann Barlament

    Well you certainly have been busy!! The haymow looks wonderful and very inviting for your upcoming group.

    Your goats have such sweet faces, I can certainly understand the attachment.

  2. Sandy

    Your hay mow looks fantastic. You have so much energy and organization. Anyone who can attend camp is very, very lucky. (I wish I could be so lucky.) Thanks for all the updates.

  3. Ann

    Thought you might like to know I forward the News that has jokes at the end to the Wellness director at a senior center and she reads to the water aerobics classes.

  4. Diane

    HI Mary–The “babies” are getting bigger. Did you see the You Tube “Frosty the Snowgoat”? It’s about a little white baby goat in Australia who uses a wheel chair. Just adorable!!

  5. cathy

    Wow! I’m tired just reading about all you’ve done. The hay loft looks beautiful. I spied a sewing machine. Does that mean you’ve been able to get ina little sewing up there?

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