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Life on the farm in North Iowa – in May, my favorite month. These soft, warm days are the reward we North Iowans receive for living here through the winter. The humidity isn’t high yet, temps are in the mid 70’s to 80’s, the lilacs are blooming and I can smell them clear across the yard, and the birds are singing and building their nests. What’s not to like? My week has been filled with yardwork, sewing, rearranging my living room and porch and caring for my boarders, Sassie and Biscuit. Plants have been moved outside and Rick has dug all the holes for the decorative grass we will plant along the ramp. I watch my little goats playing and wish I could send you a video! Cleaning out the barn is still on my list – ugh!

Lilacs Sassie & Biscuit  Holes for Plants New Girls Looking in Door Playing in the Chair  Playing on the Table Relaxing in Chair

Next week is camp and we are really looking forward to it – friends, food, quilting – again, what’s not to like? Sam picked out her fabric for PickUpSticks for Aidan’s bed and it will be fabulous – can’t wait to see some blocks done up. We are also preparing for the Chicago show which I will miss because I will be at Eric’s wedding in International Falls, MN. I hope all of you in the Chicago area will stop by our booth and greet Connie and Mary Baker. We’ve got some new quilts to show you. I’m also making a baby quilt for a friend to give to his daughter who is having the first grandchild in July.

Working on Baby Quilt Baby Quilt

Rick got home unexpectedly in the middle of the week last night and this morning is cutting out the dead parts of our trumpet vine on the west side of the house. Faye is in love with Rick and the minute he sits down, she is in his lap, as you can see.

Trumpet Vine Trimming Faye and Rick Rick and Faye

I know that every week has a Thursday in it but I’m always surprised that it’s Farm News time again. I haven’t been a good blogger this week – I’ll try to pick up the pace this coming week – ha!

I have kept a letter I received last February from Janie in Illinois who misses the recipes and the book reviews in the Goat Gazette. I would welcome both from you readers and will post them with the Farm News. Her mom, Arla, is also a reader and at 89 years old still makes perfect stitches according to Janie. Hi, Janie and Arla! Thanks for being faithful readers. I personally don’t cook much because I’m trying so hard to watch my weight and I’m almost too tired at night to read so that’s why I have nothing to post on either subject. Janie – you also mentioned taking good care of the stump planter because it is valuable. Do you know anything about this type of planter that I would like to hear?

My boarders, Sassie and Biscuit, are such good girls! They are adapted to our home and farm life like troopers – they sleep in the kennel and spend time there when I do chores but otherwise have spent the week with me and I will miss them. Telly likes them a lot – Faye, not so much.

Dogs meeting the Goats Dogs running around Naps for Biscuit and Sassy Sassy Biscuit

June 1st is coming quickly and there will be 100 new bolts on the $7.00 shelf – be sure to check out these bolts while you’re resting on Sunday.

Time to hit the quilt shop – love hearing from everyone and hope to see you here at the farm sometime this summer.



The All Iowa Shop Hop starts on Monday June 2nd and our Balloon Sale continues until Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. MjBailey

    I agree -that Faye is precious. The contented look on her face – Rick, too. Love the goat pics too.

  2. Ann Barlament

    I think in my next life I would like to come back as a dog and live on your farm!!!

  3. Jeanie

    I agree with Anita. The Rick/Faye pictures are just too cute, definitely true love. I do so enjoy reading about the goings-on at your house, as well as the quilt shop. Thanks.

  4. Chris Bakhaus

    Hello Mary, sorry to hear you will not be in Chicago, you will be missed.
    Love the baby quilt your doing is this pattern on your site?
    Please keep farm news coming, it’s good to see and read good news.
    Have a wonderful summer.

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