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It’s here!  The Big Event starts today at 5 pm – we have worked endlessly and today it all comes together.  I have mowed and pulled weeds as much as I can – the rest will have to blend into the background – ha!

Big Event Brocante  Garden Chairs out Lillies Patio Mown lawn Rock garden Rock garden 2

The barn is clean and tables are displayed with quilting rummage not only from the shop but from our staff as well as Connie and me.  We have marked quilts for sale which will be hung on the fence.  There are quilts for sale in the barn as well and someone will be up there to take them off the wall for you.  The barn quilts that we have on hand will also qualify for 20% off – if we have to order one for you, it is full price.

Rummage in barn Quilt rummage Making Scrapbags

I have dug through many of my “problem” purchases and marked them for sale.  I see a real pattern in what I buy – if I can plant something in it, I buy it.  If it’s white, I buy it.  If it has a rose on it , I buy it.  If it’s framed in a vintage frame, I buy it.  I love platters and as I was marking some of them, I thought about how our lives have changed.  Platters were a household staple when I was growing up but think of the food that was served on a platter in those days – round steak with drippings that  we dipped our bread in, roast beef, carrots and potatoes, big hamburgers fried on the stove, meat loaf, pork chops and scalloped potatoes –different food than families eat today.  And we always ate supper together – always.  Platters served up meat and potatoes which we had at every meal.  Today we eat more individually and we try not to eat so much red meat and potatoes that just make us fat.  Of course we grew up on a farm and we were not in the house in front of a computer.  We ran off all those calories and Mom was there to fix every meal.  So platters signify lots to me – now I use them to lay out pieces of a quilt block and then stack them like I use a metal tray.

Problem Sales

I was going to tell you about moving the carport but will save that adventure for another day.  All I’m concerned about today is THE BIG EVENT!  I will be getting the food together – making a veggie pizza, cleaning all the sugar snap peas, getting the serving pieces ready, setting up the tables, ordering pizzas from Casey’s, cleaning the golf cart = Becky is coming to drive the golf cart down the road to pick up the ladies who are parking in the pasture.  (Jenny’s coming home today but won’t get here in time for the party.)  I’m going to have to ignore the mess in my sewing room – no time to pick it up and this year we are not having the house tour like last year.  We will be serving in my porch but the rest of the house will be closed off to visitors.  The plants are watered, the animals will be fed early this afternoon since 5 pm is their normal eating time.  Just wait until they realize they can’t come out into the yard today at 5 like they usually do!  Protest!!

Peas Entryway Goats on table Goat with box Susannah waiting to get out

I think that’s all that’s on my mind right now.  Back to work and I’ll post pictures of our guests on the blog.  We hope to see you later this afternoon if you’re a local customer – Happy Big Event!

Birds in nest Cat by plants


P.S. Ride across Iowa is a brand new quilt kit that is available today and still qualifies for the 20% off in the Big Event sale.  Remember, the 20% starts today at 5 pm until Saturday July 12th at 3 pm.

Ride across Iowa kit

11 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Carole

    Oh my, I so wish I could be there! Everything looks great!

    I love platters too. Mine tend to run to the indigo transfer ware style. Wonderful lady from MN comes to the Lauritzen Gardens antique show every year ands I must confess to being smitten (way too much so!) with her offerings. But instead of being beautifully displayed on the walls, they sit on my dining room table (like anyone uses it for its real purpose (LOL) because I can’t find big and strong plate hangers.

    Hope your event is so successful that you all need to sleep for a week. Don’t worry, the cats can take care of the shop.

  2. Donna

    I wish I were not so many hours away from Garner! Many of your items speak to me too. Have fun.

  3. Gwen Herbert

    I’m down here in SW Iowa & I’m missing out on something & makes me sad!! Have fun !! & EVERYTHING looks so awesome & nice!!!

  4. Launa

    Your Ride Across Iowa looks terrific…..and I love those interesting wovens you selected for it.

  5. Karen Kumke

    I live in AZ so will not make The Big Event. We have just moved back home to AZ from TX. But right now I wish I lived in Iowa but just for the day.

  6. Ann Barlament

    I’m exhausted just reading about everything you’ve done to get ready!! Hope the “big event” is a great success!!

  7. Diane Meyer

    I won’t be able to get to The Big Event, but thank you for all the pictures. It certainly looks like everything is ready. I have some Purina labels that I’ll be sending.

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