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Right after Rick and I got married, he announced to me that he was putting up a carport outside his shop – directly in line with the view from the dining room, which is now the piano room.  Being a newlywed and aiming to please, I did not object but over the years I have come to HATE that ugly carport.  Everything collected in it including tools, equipment, leaves, trash – you name it.  The plywood he used to enclose it became weathered and increasingly ugly but what could I say?  Everyone needs to pick their battles.  After we remodeled the house, it became my nemesis – it was all I could see from the porch or the piano room and I hated it even more.

Finally we “agreed” it could be moved to the back where he parked golf carts, mowers, etc. out of my direct view.

Here is the succession of pictures I took as he moved the entire carport from the front of the house to the back of the house.

Carport 1 Carport 2 Carport 3  Carport 6 Carport 5 Carport 7 Carport 8 Carport 9 Carport 10   Carport 12 Carport 11   Carport 15 Carport 13 Carport 17 Carport 16Carport 14 Carport 18  Carport 20 New Spot Carport 19 Just Garage

Talking about pictures – we do not know why the pictures are sometimes sideways.  They are straight when posted so we do not know how to solve this problem – we apologize if they appear sideways on your computer.

Here are some miscellaneous photos taken recently of Pam, me standing by Carly’s hydrangea (just look at those arthritic hands!),my three boarders this week – Dakota, Moses and Toby, Emma’s Annabelle hydrangeas, Jenny and me, Dakota in her bed, Moses and Toby in my bed!, and finally a shot of my little goat girls on the big table until Rosie comes along and butts one of the palomino girls right off!

Pam Carly's Hydrangea Three boarders

All Dogs Emma’s Annabelle hydrangeas Jenny and Mary Dakota in her bed Moses and Toby in Mary's bed Girl Goats on table Rosie butting girls off table

Now that the Big Event is over, I can start sewing again.  I finished up a simple nine-patch using a charm pack and 2 solids – I’ll show this quilt to you on the blog.  I also made the August charm school quilt which I like very, very much, and next I need to work on the free online quilt sampler.  Did you notice that Mandy posted the first layout diagram on the blog so you will be able to put the top third of the quilt together?  This year we won’t wait until the end to start assembling.  Those of you who are caught up with your blocks can start sewing them together.

So many of you tell me you read Farm News (Hi, Monica!) and I want you to know that we appreciate your loyalty.  Sometimes it shocks me when I see someone in the store or a restaurant and they know exactly what’s been happening in my life on the farm and then I have to stop and realize they probably read Farm News every Thursday.  Smile!

Busy weekend coming up with 2 more dogs arriving before these 3 leave – oh my goodness!!  We have a wedding on Saturday afternoon and reception in the evening and a bus tour in between those 2 events.  Whew!

Until I talk to you on the blog,


Just for a laugh…

In a Non-smoking Area:
“If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.”

6 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Ann Barlament

    Moving the carport took some slick moves, to avoid all those trees. Almost like moving a tunnel..

    You have such a wonderful, big heart to take on all those dogs while running a business, working in the garden and everything else you do!! I get exhausted reading about your adventures…but I think it would also be fun!!

  2. Patti Chapman

    I am amazed that the carport could be moved
    so efficiently. Would you consider renting out your
    husband? I could use some of that kind of
    help out here in Washington state!

  3. Dee W

    I too look forward to the farm news. I love the pictures, yes we all understand the Pick Your Battles, but it looks like the carport went to a nice spot. I just clicked the “Comment” button on the form, I get your posts in 2 different formats, and this one usually gives me all the pictures where on the other one, I usually am missing 1 or 2. This time is as 4 that I was missing. But I love the animals. Thanks.

  4. Caryn-sunny in MN

    Love Farm News each week, pictures and stories of your gardens and animals. I was thrilled this week to see your current borders, the sweet looking beagle looks just like mine!! Beagles loved to roam and follower their nose, how do you keep him in the yard?? LOL More beagle pictures please!! 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The reason all the dogs can be on the loose is that I fenced in 7 acres a couple years ago with 6′ chain link fencing. Dakota used to roam the grove before the fence and I always worried. Then my favorite dog, janey, was killed on the highway just north of our property. Thus, the fencing. I had dog boarding in mind when I did it and I wanted to offer a dog park type atmosphere rather than caged pens for the dogs.

  5. Carolyn-Cold in Minnesota

    I look forward to every Thursday, I love the pictures. Good move on the carport!

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