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Remember “Cheerleader Cactus” from about 6 weeks ago? It bloomed again today and there are more blooms starting to form. The blooms did not last even 12 full hours but it was beautiful while it lasted. My night blooming cereus is going to be blooming again soon, too. Conditions must be just right, huh?

Cheerleader Cactus First BloomsChearleader cactus 2Chearleader cactus full bloomNight Blooming Cereus

All last week I had Moses, Toby and Dakota here and before they left on Saturday night, Bo arrived from Peoria. His family went to Yellowstone and other parks out west and Bo is just happier here with me instead of a hot car every day. He is a blue merle Sheltie and is beautiful but hot with his very thick coat. He is a joy to have here – he makes no demands and is content to lie on the cool cement floor. He is a senior with much arthritis so it’s hard for him to get around – he uses the ramp every time he goes outside which of course is why we put it there – for all us old folks.

Bo up closeBoBo on ramp

Our hay got baled last weekend, too. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like fresh cut hay to enjoy on a summer morning. The smell is heavenly.

Our neighbor, Tim, installed an irrigation system in his field right across the road from our porch and he started it up yesterday. The sound of the spraying water on the corn leaves is very soothing and according to Tim, our yard will actually feel cooler because of the spray drifting across the road. I will look forward to watching the action this summer.

Irrigation system

Bill brought a load of black dirt for our yard which now has to be spread out and leveled before our grass can be seeded. I had no idea we would have to do all this prep work ourselves – when I hired someone to hydro-seed it, I assumed they would also prepare the ground. Wrong!

Pile of DirtDogs in dirt pile

I mow and pull weeds every single day! And I’m not even close to “caught up”. Guess it’s as good as I can do but my goodness, there are lots of weeds around here. The hydrangeas are simply gorgeous this year and my house plants are growing like crazy, too.

Hydrangeas 2Hydrangeas 3Hydrangeas

I will be keeping 4 extra dogs this weekend – and me, with only one kennel! My “customers” bring me much repeat business which means more dogs more often – yes, I need a couple more kennels. Another event on my upcoming calendar is our church’s 125th Anniversary being celebrated on August 3. The choir will be singing in 2 services which means choir practice in the summer – ugh! After that I am hoping to spend a long day at the Iowa State Fair with my girlfriends on August 15. I’ll be missing Gold Rush Days in Oronoco this year – probably OK since I have more “junk” than I know what to do with. For those of you near Columbus, OH, we’ll be coming to the Country Living Fair once again in September. It would be hard to miss that outside event and if you’ve never attended, you’ve just got to try it. The shopping, the antiques, the cobbler, the decorating, the classes, the ambiance of Ohio Village all make this event one to remember.

Country Living FairCountry Living Fair Booth

I hope you’re all having an enjoyable summer – I know I am with a more relaxed schedule and gorgeous weather. I’ll be back on the blog asap. I recently started the series “Game of Thrones” and I’m “hooked”! Have any of you watched this series? Years ago I read “Tales of the Otori” and Game of Thrones reminds me very much of those books.

Are you working on your Free Online Sampler blocks? Do you have the first section pieced together? Today I am going to start working on the middle and bottom section so get caught up if you can. August 1 is approaching and you’ll want to be ready to start piecing once that block is posted.

2014 Online Sampler

Don’t forget the Hundred Bolt Sale!

Happy Summer!


Just for a laugh…

I was visiting my daughter last night when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.

“This is the 21st century” she said. “We don’t waste money on Newspapers.

Here… use my iPad.”

I can tell you this….. That fly never knew what hit him…

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