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Goodness, it’s August tomorrow and Becky goes back to school in 2 weeks. We’ve been having the nicest summer weather I can remember – in the mid to high 70’s during the day with low humidity making it perfect to do just about anything.

The Fair is over for another year and I didn’t get to attend as much as I wanted because I had 4 extra dogs last weekend. I was glad when they all went home – even though I loved each one of them.

When Rick is home only on the weekends, we have to cram everything into those 2 days and last Saturday was the day to put up an arbor for a very healthy trumpet vine in our backyard. Oh, what a job but Rick can figure out most anything so with my help we got it up. Why can’t I ever remember to take a good “before” picture?

Arbor prep Rick prepping arbor Arbor installation Mary riding to install new arbor Positioning arbor New Arbor

This Sunday is our church’s 125th Anniversary with 2 services and a catered meal. Margaret, the organist I always play with, is gone on vacation so I will have to handle all the music by myself. And there’s a lot of it!

Cheryl and I managed to move this black dirt and level it in preparation for seeding the lawn. Cheryl knew how to run the Bobcat and I knew how to run the rake. What a partnership!

Black Dirt Pile Black dirt along sidewalk Black dirt spread out

Just finished a good book by Harlan Coben, “Missing You” – a very suspenseful murder mystery. Also have watched the first 2 seasons of “Game of Thrones” – really good even though I’ve missed some details.

Book Review

Connie’s son, Joe, with Nina, Ben and Claire, are vacationing this week at Okoboji – I’m sure Connie wishes she could be there instead of here working.   Next week we have a group coming for a retreat – we’re looking forward to seeing these friends again.

Joe & Nina

Here’s a sweet picture of Oreo and Rosie on their shelf in the barn.

Oreo & Rosie

That’s all, folks, for this week.



9 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. MjB in CA

    Wow! With all you have to do, how do you ever have time to read a book? Amazing. Your arbor is beautiful! Those goats on the shelf is the cutest!!! Thanks for all your pics – always love them. Someday I hope to make a trip there. You’re a long way from CA.

  2. terry

    I love Harlan Coben and have read all his books. I do audio books which frees me to do other things while listening. I have my MP3 player going while walking, quilting, etc.

    Just got your latest Civil War packet and it is a winner.


  3. Carol

    How do you manage to cram so much into one weekend? I always feel as though we get a lot done, but you make me feel like a slacker! Love love love your posts!

  4. Jane

    Mary, where did you find such a big arbor? The ones I find for vines are just too wimpy.
    I have dirt envy! Gorgeous black dirt.
    Happy August!

  5. Launa

    Haven’t sewn in a few days. Our oldest son is retired and has been visiting for a few days. Years ago we used to cook a “shoe box” roast in hot coals when camping. Last night a roast was cooked outside in a cast iron Dutch oven using briquettes. The meat is seasoned, placed on a layer of Kosher salt in the Dutch oven, then totally covered with the salt….briquettes under the Dutch Oven and on top of the lid……17 minutes per pound….. it was delicious. It would have looked so good on one of your platters, Mary!!

  6. Patricia G Hayes

    MAry, Love your posts and your love of dogs.

    Why are your photos coming in to me always sideways. Do not see anybody else comment about this. I look forward to your photos as well as your words. Wish my trumpet vine would flourish like yours apparently does, cannot see it as photo is sideways, hehFl. Do you ever have birds and do you feed them. That is something I too miss being here in Fl. Piffle

  7. LMK

    wanted to let you know, my pictures are side ways too, then when i click on comments and go back, the pictures are right side up. enjoy the pictures and hearing what goes on over that way. talk about being busy, glad your able to do what you do. paul just back from his brother’s fishing, they caught enough to eat but they had a good time being together, like always. sure have had some great weather, i love it!!! gee, can you believe it’s august already??? where has the summer gone???? makes one wonder, huh??? love your dishes on the table.

  8. Ann Barlament

    How brave you are to sit in a front-loader to put up your arbor!!

    What a great team you have to help with leveling out the black dirt!!

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