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It’s been three days since we told you we are closing our store at the end of October.  We have had dozens and dozens of emails from you that have thanked us, congratulated us, reminisced with us and agreed with us that we deserve some time off.  Thank you to each and every one that wrote – there are too many for me to answer personally but I loved reading them all.  Gosh, where did 32 years go?

The main request from most of you was that I continue to write the Farm News.  When our website goes down, our email will also disappear and the program that we use to send Farm News will no longer be available.  That means I would have to continue Farm News on the blog and for those of you who have not signed up for Chicken Scratch, you would need to do so.  Farm News as you know it now will continue through October and then I will have to decide if I will continue to write.

One thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned is that we have a new book coming out with Martingale next April called “Civil War Remembered”.  Our most recent book, “The Blue and the Gray” has been very popular and this one is even better.  Connie has outdone herself with these quilts and now even I will have time to make some of them.  We hope to continue sewing for other publications if the opportunity arises.

Connie and cover of new book

And now for the Farm News:  Susannah continues to improve although after hearing from my vet friend, Bill in Montana, I have not gone ahead with the amputation.  He suggested I take her to Iowa State and I’m thinking that might be best.  Rick will be home next Monday and I’m hoping I can get an appointment then.  The drain seems to have helped and her lameness has even improved but she’s still got a swollen udder and I’m not sure what to do next.

Susannah and Faye

And within 5 days of hydroseeding my lawn, I began to see green grass.  Look at it now!  Green!!  The dogs have run through it several times which is unfortunate but I’ve been too busy to put up any kind of barrier.

Good grass

And look at Colton!  Do you think he seems at home?  You people who said you couldn’t adopt another cat because you have 6, or 3, or whatever – you’re lightweights!  I don’t need Number 16 either but it will soon be 2 weeks since he arrived and I guess he’ll have to go to the vet for his shots and neutering.  Pretty soon I’m going to love him and not want to find him a new home.  Why, oh why, do all these cats find me?  Yes, I’m a good person who loves animals but I simply cannot take in any more cats.  I moved him to the main quilt shop because we have a group of gals sewing in the classroom and they didn’t need a pesky kitten to help them.  Last night I brought him to the house and he acted terrified so after an hour I returned him to the shop where he seems quite comfortable.

Colton sitting pretty Colton Lounging

These gals flew from Ohio and drove from Minneapolis to meet here at the farm and sew in our classroom for the next few days.  I think they’re sewing up a storm so they can leave their tops for Ina to quilt before we close.  We had no idea we would be so busy since our announcement.  Internet orders and walk-in customers have kept us all working in the shop from 9 – 5 and the sale doesn’t even start until September 11.

Retreat Girls

Thank you again for your support of our decision to close – who could ask for more from their friends?


Scenes from the farm and shop:

Look at this herd Ina with Faye


11 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Nancy Lamontagne

    I am happy for you both! I am always sad with the passing of any important part of my life, but with one door closing another always opens! I have enjoyed your patterns immensely through the years; you taught me a lot and gave me a lot of quilting pleasure!
    Enjoy your “company-free” days ahead.
    You deserve it!
    Job well done!

  2. Michelle H

    I , too, would like to thank you for all you and Connie and your wonderful CT staff for all you have given to the quilting world. Each trip back to Iowa to see my family has nearly always included a visit to Country Threads . I will miss you very much but hope to continue ‘visiting ‘you via your posts about your wonderful country life and adventures .
    Enjoy your ‘retirement’, and remember you will be busier now more than ever.
    An Iowa girl who has been living in So Cal for 36 yrs !!!

  3. Linda

    Gosh—Your yard and home are so lovely…….
    The lawn now pulls it all together….

    I am happy that you will have time to do some of the things you haven’t had time for when you retire…We will all miss your shop and all the pattern we love….You have given so much beauty to the world….I hope so many wonderful things are ahead for you….

    Please consider writing on the blog from time to time….even just a few times a year….I love to see the animals and how they are all doing….God bless…..

  4. kay kopacek

    congratulations on your recent announcement about retiring–I am very happy for both of you and thanks for the many years you have gone out of your way to serve all us better–we will miss both of you and have great memories of Country Threads.

  5. Ann Barlament

    Through the years, I’ve always enjoyed your patterns. Every time we took a trip westward-ho, I wanted to stop enroute but the timing was always off.

    I’m sad that I never personally met you, but through your Farm News I feel I’ve come to know you better.

    I wish you all the best as you wind down your shop and continue on to new adventures!!!

  6. Karen Martin

    I can’t believe the new book can be better than The Blue and the Gray–it’s a wonderful book! I’ll be on the lookout for the new one–I’m sure it will be a new favorite.

  7. Rose Mikulski

    Sorry if I’m acting insensitive but I love the fabric that Colton is laying on. I couldn’t find it on your website. Colton does look like my late cat, Dusty Soo Muffin. I can tell Bill that the deal was Colton was free if I bought a yard of fabric. Poor me, I promised him that after the last of our five cats went up to the big sky, we wouldn’t get anymore since he’s allergic to them. We have four dogs now. I keep reminding him that cats and quilts go together. Give Susannah my love.

  8. MartyCae

    A new book! Can’t wait to see it!

    I hope Susannah continues to improve. What a precious goat.

  9. Diane

    Colton–He looks sooo much like your Emily and our Squeak only he’s gray. I’d love to have him, but Iowa is too far from Ohio to drive. Sorry. He looks adorable. All those creatures know a good soul when they see one:)

  10. Linda Hanley

    Hi – As much as anyone else, I didn’t want to see you close. But, I can certainly understand wanting to retire. I know I was sure happy when our last one was a senior in college and I could quit my part time job. Now you two will be able to do the things there hasn’t been time to do. I will miss all the news about the farm, families and quilting news. I wish all of you many happy years ahead doing what you haven’t been able to do so you could keep all of us customers happy. Thanks for the wonderful memories! Linda

    P.S. Can we preorder your new book from the publisher??????

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