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Emma and Susannah have chewed their way through my decorative corn shocks in my entryway. There are still some ears of corn on the stalks and they have decided it’s their duty to locate each and every one of them, tear them off, eat the corn and leave the debris on my steps. Emma stood on her back legs and got a drink out of the wash tub on her way back to the barn. Very enterprising of them, don’t you think?

Emma & Sussannah through doorway Sussannah Emma on entryway Getting a drink

Colton brought a dead blackbird into the shop last week and just had the best time with it. We let him play with it until he got bored and then we threw out the bird and vacuumed up all the feathers. We aim to keep our pets happy.

Colton & the Black Bird Colton & the Black Bird 2 Colton & the Black Bird 3 Colton & the Black Bird 4

Hope comes to the farm every day with Connie and after a few hours of chasing around outside, she likes a nap. Here I caught her snoring one afternoon last week.


I mentioned the rooster last week and after noticing a limp on his right side, I picked him up and looked at the bottom of his foot. His very long spur had curled around and was digging into the bottom of his foot. I tried to trim off the end with the scissors but as you can see in this picture, I broke the scissors. In the process of trying to trim off the end of the spur, it actually broke free of his foot leaving a bloody stump. I was mortified! He is still limping but now it’s probably from the broken spur which was my fault. I’m keeping my eye on him.

Rooster Rooster Spur

Last week my friend Cindy emailed me that her female goose had died and her remaining goose, Dudley, was very lonely. I do not usually give away animals but I had one female goose that has also been limping and the rest of the geese have shunned her and chased her. I thought she would be better off with just one boyfriend and a smaller area to get around in so off she went with Cindy to meet Dudley. She is now Daisy of the Dudley and Daisy Duo. They are getting acquainted and things are going well according to Cindy.

Cindy with Daisy

JB is a handsome cat who comes around on his own terms. He was raised in the house from a kitten yet prefers the barn most of the time.


Our sale is going great – we are at 25% this week. I also finished the Online Sampler this week with the October block posting next week on the 1st. After that the November and December posts will come directly from Mandy. Every time I finish a quilt of this type, I wish I could start over and plan my fabrics but there is never time. I did not put a border on my quilt but a simple border would be easy to add.

I have a storage cubbyhole under the eaves upstairs off the bedroom and I throw all my quilts in there as I get them back from display in the shop. As I threw the last 6 in on top of the growing pile, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing this mountain of quilts. I have sold many, many quilts over the years but these have been the ones I wanted to keep.

Quilt cubby Quilt Pile

Next week is our very last camp in the barn – very bittersweet but it will be great fun to see our friends again and we have a new format for camp – everybody will make the same 3 quilts and we will sew along. I’ll take pictures for the blog.

Speaking of the blog – I am going to take a class so that I can learn how to space the photos with the text. For some reason I can’t do that and it’s probably something very simple. I will continue the blog and the Farm News will be part of the blog. It may or may not appear on Thursdays – depending on my “busy” schedule – ha!

That’s all for this week – I’m looking forward to a nice weekend. Rick will get home today and I already have his “honey-do” list started. Wouldn’t want him to get bored! Supper is in the crock pot and my girlfriends are coming to sew in the barn tonight. Fun!


Visitors from Tennessee

Visitors from TN

3 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Launa

    Mary, I’ve about run out of storage places for my quilts, runners and wall hangings. I roll my large quilts, tie with a fabric strip and stack them on shelves until I bring them out for a specific holiday season and have them on the quilt ladders, quilt racks, chairs, etc. I’ve been making smaller quilts lately, but have some larger WIPs to finish.
    Love the pumpkin wall hanging behind JB!

  2. Carolyn-Cold in Minnesota

    I love your emails Thursday and every day! Glad we will still get to here from you as you celebrate your years of hard work, retire and relax!

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