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Not much happening at the farm this week but oh my, there has been lots happening in the quilt shop! Here are some pictures of the Civil War building – nearly empty. I think next week we’ll move the last few bolts into the main shop – which is also looking sparse. It’s such a good thing for all of us – owners and customers.

Civil War Room 1  Civil War Room 2 Empty bolts

Next week the discount will be 45% and we are cutting half yard minimums. The following week, the final week, will be 50% discount and we will require 1 yard minimum cuts.

We will not take any more phone orders after noon on Thursday, October 30, in order to give us time to process all the orders and ship them out by Friday. The phones will be disconnected and the highway signs will be taken down. Do not come to the farm on November 1 – you will find the gate boarded up to discourage visitors.

Connie picked up her kittens today but I was not able to get a photograph because they are too scared and they are hiding in Roy’s office under the desk. I also do not know what she named them but I’m guessing one will be Gray-Gray.

I spent the day washing all the porch windows and moving the plants as well as cleaning the screened porch. I visited a neighbor this week and took her some plants – here is a photo of her entry – a row of kids’ cowboy boots! Sweet!


More windows tomorrow – company coming for the weekend. Last weekend Brenda and Nan came for their last visit and we had a few drinks and lots of laughs. More fun coming up with Amy, Christie, Anita and Renee this Saturday and Sunday.

Only 2 more weeks to go!



Colton says hi!  If you like the quilt that Colton is laying on call the shop at 641-923-3893 and ask for the Take Another Look Kit.  Quilt measures 25-1/2″ x 25-1/2″ and is priced at $39.95 minus the discount.

2 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Susan F

    I am not receiving the blog or farm news either Sue Davis! Hopefully we will in the future because it is great to read them. Thanks Mary and Connie for all the years and enjoy retirement!

  2. Sue Davis

    Sad to say I am not getting the blog or the farm news. I know things will end soon. But I am hoping to hear what the retirees are up to from time to time. Please put me back on your list if you can. Thanks enjoy your last bit of time with much company.

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