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Happy Birthday, Jenny Rose!  My niece, Jenny, lives in Louisville and we don’t see her all that often – wish we could celebrate her birthday with her tonight.

Harvest is in full swing and the countryside is looking much different – everything has a slight yellow glow from the dry corn and leaves.  Even the house yard looks like fall even though the grass is still very green.  I couldn’t resist sending this picture of my shiny windows!

Harvest 1 Harvest 2 Harvest 3 Fall 1 Fall 2 Windows

My friend Rose from Illinois gave me the leftovers of her snowball quilt that I loved so much.  I can hardly wait to work on this.  Rose loves Susannah and brings her pretzels and other treats when she visits the farm.

Starter pack from Rose Treats from Rose

Last weekend we enjoyed a meal at the Mexican restaurant with Amy, Anita and Renee who visited from Kansas City.  Amy brought us Royals’ votive candles that smell like grass and leather that we are supposed to burn during each game.  It didn’t work for Game 1 but the Royals did win Game 2.

Group  Candle

In the past 10 days I have spent almost 10 hours at the Verizon store getting a new Iphone and Ipad all set up.  What a terrible waste of time to sit there and watch them look at my phone!!!  I hate it!  I just want it to work.  If you’ve been checking the blog you know I’ve been working hard at posting and re-sizing the pictures.  I have an appointment today with a web service who I hope can help me.

Mary working

I have set up a new email account for anyone needing to reach Country Threads after October 31.  Here it is:

We will accept checks and credit cards until next Wednesday at noon.  After that time we will no longer take an order over the phone because we can’t take your credit card number.  After Wednesday we will accept cash ONLY in the shop.  Please be prepared to pay with cash if you visit the quilt shop.

I have posted this a dozen times but here it goes again – the November online sampler block and the complete layout will be available through Mandy’s site, on November 1 and December 1.  People continue to ask about this – and this is the last time I’m announcing it.  The quilt is finished and has been quilted.  I hope to bind it this weekend.  I think you’ll like it and no, you cannot get the layout early, sorry!

Online Sampler Quilt

Remember that carport that Rick moved last summer?  Well, now he’s enclosing it so he can park the tractor there this winter.  I’m hoping Mom’s little car can fit in there, too.


These 3 plants started as one tall leggy succulent that was pretty ugly.  I got it from my friend, Jane, who said she thought I could cut it off which was pretty scary but I did it and now the bottom of the plant is growing, the middle section of the “trunk” is sprouting and the leafy top already has new leaves growing.  Unbelievable!  Succulents are such fun!


My rooster finally died – I knew he would because he just started hiding and not even leaving the barn. All my chickens are getting old and I’m not sure I’ll get any more when these are gone.

I’m working on a couple red and white Christmas quilts so that Ina can quilt them before we close.

Christmas Quilt

Only 8 days to go!  I’m trying hard not to smile when people come in and are misty eyed because we’re closing but I just can’t help myself.  I am anxious to start cleaning my house, sewing, having lunch with friends, and sewing with my girlfriends after harvest.  I told someone the other day that I want to have some time to teach my dogs some tricks and they thought I was downright silly.

My email will remain if you need to reach me and for any Country Threads questions, please email


Farm News

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  1. Linda Lutz

    What a wonderful bunch of news! I’m planning to sew like crazy when all settles down for me as well!

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