Farm News

Connie & MaryWell, it’s hard to believe we’re down to 2 days. In many ways it seems to have gone fast and in others, it seems as if we’ve been on this journey for several years. During those years we wondered how we would know when it was time to close. We questioned the economy, our customer base as well as our love of quilting. We still loved our work even after 30+ years but it was draining. Running a successful retail store is extremely hard especially for me when I was at work 6 days a week (except for winter hours when we closed on Mondays) and having people in my yard and home was stressful at times. Even if I was outside working, I’d be visiting with customers and I felt like I was always being watched.

On the positive side, it has been wonderful to have been involved in a successful business for so many years. I think almost all of my friends were customers first and that is heartwarming for me. I hope I can keep in touch with many of you through the blog. I have a web company working on the blog and if you can hang in there until they get it all figured out, I’ll be back in business. I assured them it was not an emergency but I will look forward to keeping you up with news from the farm through the blog.

Connie will be attempting to take over the Facebook page, but we haven’t quite figured it out yet. Mandy will be trying to help set it up, so be on the lookout for their latest sewing projects.

We can hardly contain our excitement for Friday, our last day of business. It has been so fun having everyone come for their last shopping experience at Country Threads but on our last day we will celebrate with our staff and friends. Since it’s Halloween, we can’t start our celebration uptown until 7 pm after trick or treating is done.

At 5 o’clock Rick will take down the sign at our entrance and on Monday morning, the State will take down our highway signs. I truly will have to barricade our gate for a few days until everyone realizes we are closed. When asked what I’m going to do first, my answer always is “clean under my kitchen sink” and then I hope to continue through my house. My carpenter is going to construct 2 more dog kennels in the quilt shop and I’m going to move out there to sew where I have more room. I will keep the cutting table and start moving my fabric out there to the shelves. It will be wonderful!

Connie and I both want to thank you for your support and patronage through the years. It means the world to us and it has been a “good run”!