Free Stuff At Pumpkin Day

Free – pampas grass, hydrangeas, Japanese lanterns, prairie mallow seed, small houseplants.

Cut your own pampas grass.

Cut your own Japanese lanterns.  The ones in the ball jar are actually from last year – they keep nicely.

  Free prairie mallow seed – this group is not mature yet but I have others that are ready.
  This group of hydrangeas can be cut down.  Those in front of the quilt shop I’d like to leave for another month but if you want some in October, contact me then.
  Free plants – I started a few last summer.  Rick rack branches are ready to plant – I ran out of pots.
Got the lawn mowed between raindrops.

We hope to see you Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm.  Pumpkin day at Country Threads, 4 miles west of Garner.

10 thoughts on “Free Stuff At Pumpkin Day

  1. Launa

    Many of us will be there in spirit on Pumpkin Day! I’ve seen beautiful wreaths made with dried hydrangeas that are sprayed gold or silver for the holidays.
    I hope Rose Mikulski was able to view the grandeurs of Yosemite before all the haze and forest fire ash & soot filled the air.

  2. Ann Barlament

    Once we got the Japanese lanterns started we never knew where they were going to pop up next. Have a great sale!!

  3. Holly

    Wonderful picture of the barn with the grass! They’re all great, but that one is really stunning.

  4. Rose Mikulski

    We were driving through Iowa yesterday on our way back from Yosemite, story of my life, always too early or too late. Have a fun Pumpkin Day!

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