I feel like an old lady – I’ve just gotten up from my 2 hour afternoon “nap”!  Still am wiped out after I do any little thing like housework, laundry, litter boxes but that all has to be done.  Rick is home for the weekend so I’ll try to rest more while he’s here.

This has been my sewing therapy – my low volume scrap vortex.  This does not require any thinking on my part so I can just sit and sew pieces into strips, strips into units, units into blocks, trimming as I go.  It’s up on the design wall now and I just have to add fillers to get sections to meet.  And it will be whatever size I end up with.  I love sewing like this!  I learned this technique from Crazy Mom who has a great tutorial on her website if you’d like to give it a try.

Keep working on your rugs.  I’ll watch the comments and my email very closely for questions.  I don’t want you to get hung up all weekend.  Happy rug twining, All!

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  1. Suzanne Beech

    Do you have a link for Crazy Mom. All i found was a blogspot. Also wanted to let you know i did receive the rug book and dvd but haven’t built the frame yet. But i do have good intentions to start it this weekend. Thsnks for your great posts!!!!!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        go to and you can see the tutorial. She just sews whatever scraps she had together in any shape and form to make a larger piece of fabric. Then she cuts the new pieces into 12 1/2″ (or whatever) and goes from there — no real rhyme or reason. You can put anything you have in it, for example orphan blocks, anything — just like the crazy quilts of years past.

  2. Ann Barlament

    Just because you listen to your body….doesn’t mean you are OLD!! I laid down for a “nap” yesterday at 6pm and woke up this morning at 1:45 AM….it was more sleep than I’ve had the previous FOUR days!! Guess my body doesn’t like the new medication that the E.R. doctor put me on. Being fatigued is just one of the side affects and immediately I’m thinking that going back to bed is a “bad thing”? Being retired often has it’s perks!!! LOL

    Love your Vortex….I made one with flannel on both sides (no batting) and did a quilt-as-you go until I ran out of fabrics. It ended up being large enough to fit over my chunky body (about a single sized bed).

  3. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary,
    Sounds to me another doctor visit and a chest X-Ray is in order. My husband just rebounded from pneumonia, he had the same symptoms. Us “youngsters” need to be more careful.
    Sue Davis, Argyle Texas

  4. Pat

    Mary, I made a scrappy vortex quilt and it has become one of my very favorite quilts. Can’t wait to make another. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Launa

    Two of my friends came down with pneumonia so do take your rests whenever your body gives notice. Tis so relaxing to sit and piece something like a scrap vortex. I received a wall rub-on as a gift a few holidays ago and have it affixed to my sewing room wall. SEWING IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL. Amen to that!! Seeing your quilt in progress makes me want to start on a Jen K’s pattern that was in a prior Moderne issue; it has the scrappy light sky.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, didn’t that 2 hour nap feel really good. You body is telling you need time to recover from whatever it is that you had. You don’t just get up and go like before. And naps are really nice. The whole world looks better after a nice nap.

  7. Candee

    Mary, as you’ve posted your symptoms I keep thinking you have what I had in Nov. I’m 47 & it knocked me out for weeks & the cough was horrendous. I kept thinking I should be getting back to normal, but just wasn’t & was soooo tired. I felt like I needed to lay down all the time. It took a few weeks, but it finally, slowly went away.

  8. Diane

    Somehow I missed the cat pics from yesterday so will comment today. We have Millie’s twin, Squeak; they are called Tuxedo cats. I’ve been finding that they seem to be the naughtiest of the breed!! I love all of your pictures, but especially the cats. I have Lysol wipes and Clorox wipes for all of the kitchen counters. So far, she doesn’t like the stove, but she’s an adventurer!! My rug is coming along great. I sit in my sewing chair and prop it on my sewing table. Squeak chases the tails or gets in the chair–LOL–gotta love her:)

  9. Janet Ward

    I would live to get the book, and DVD, Rags to Rugs, so I could make myself a frame, and work on some rugs. I used to make them as a child, on a smaller size, like a bathroom rug… But would live to do it over. I’ve long since last what frame I had… And you have given me the bug back. Hugs, thank you so much.

  10. Jane

    After seeing the great rag rugs I have now decided that I need to give it a try. I bought the book many years ago but I never bought the DVD. I’m sorry to ask at this late date and I know that in the past you told your readers how much they cost, but would you mind telling us again, please? If there are any DVDs left I would like to order one. Thanks for inspiring us with all your great projects! Your scrap vortex looks great! I hope you are feeling better with each passing day.

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