Connie’s kittens are going to the lake with her this weekend – lucky girls!  Mama has brought the other three outside to play.  I really want them to be inside cats if at all possible but they might have to be outside cats for someone.  The three goslings are getting along great with the aunts and uncles – I can’t help but check on them throughout the day.  And the 4 chicks are very well cared for by their mama – what a super mama hen she is!

I’m going to use this red polka dot for my background squares on the June quilt by Crazy Mom on her sew along.  Connie is going to join me in this sew along – can I convince anyone else to join us?

Here are my strings that I have cut – I may change something during the piecing because I don’t have a clear picture of these choices just yet.  I’m still in the trial and error phase.

Hazel is helping.

Here’s my lettuce crop planted for the chickens.  One day last week I backed into the feeder and tipped it all out so it’s just now recovering.  I was distracted when I was backing out of the garage – Hazel was in the car with me.  Just let your imagination tell the rest of the story.  Ha!

Today was the birthday party at the care center.  Becky, Hazel and I provided the entertainment – music from Becky and me, hilarious puppy antics from Hazel.

Have a great weekend and Fathers Day, Everyone!

15 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Look at the cute puppy! You really look good Mary, you are a pretty lady!

  2. Mary R.

    Love the picture of you and Hazel. Sounds like she is a handful, but so cute. Have a great day.

  3. Kathy

    How adorable is that picture of you and Hazel. Sweet pair you are and able to spread some cheer to the home you sang at. I am doing the quilt and have bought the book as well as I like her style of scrap usage. Very doable. Not sure what background I will use but it will have neutral strips. I just finished strip piecing 168 four and a half inch blocks onto telephone book pages for a Bonnie Hunter scrap quilt and didn’t make much of a dent in the container so this must be a sign to me to keep using them!

  4. Loris Mills

    Sounds like a fun life for Connie’s kittens. I hope you are able to get the kittens spade before they go on their way.

  5. Carolyn W.

    I have a doggie car seat that is buckled into the vehicle car seat. Paddington wears a harness as it is less likely to choke him in an accident. Well, he does wear a collar too because it has his tags on it. I have his car seat buckled in the backseat because of the front airbags. Petco has a nice deep one and is much better than the shallow ones I once had.

  6. Launa

    Nice to see your patriotic cool clothing. Rained heavily a couple times today and we are still in sweatpants, long sleeves and vests. Had the fireplace and downstairs insert glowing today.

    Babies are here too; fawns a little longer than Hazel are hiding in tall green foliage. Baby elk are running away following their moms. Had eight female elk…one wearing a tracking collar and a male elk with velvet covered antlers joined them at the mineral block. Another doe this morning with a tracking collar..we are so blessed to see them so close to the house. Hazel must have a few fans at the senior residence. Know your music 🎶 is a real treat.
    Enjoy the weekend. I sure enjoy seeing life on your farm!

  7. Nancy S.

    Can you remember what kind of black fabric you used as sashings and borders on your homespun Chinese coin quilts for your spring auction? Was it homespun or quilting cotton? I love them and have lots of homespun here to make some nice ones. Always enjoy your daily stories with your quilting and also the animals.

  8. Diane

    So now Hazel is driving, too? What a smart puppy!! Too bad she backed into the lettuce, but it looks fine and tasty. The music must have been a big hit. 😃😃. Hot here in Central Ohio–93 in June–yuck. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Martha Engstler

    So glad to hear about all the baby animals at your farm. Never a dull moment it sounds like. I’m glad mama kitty is still around, I love to hear about all the kitties. I’m sure the nursing home enjoys Hazel plus you and Becky of course.

  10. Donna

    Mary I post d but must not have hit submit as my post doesn’t show. Anyway I’m hoping to do the same Crazy Mom quilt too. I got a lime green dots and didn’t like the gingham so I bought a red check shirt at Goodwill. More fabric than I’ll need but I’m sure I can use it elsewhere. I hope I can keep up with you (doubtful) as I’m doing a “block of the week” from Piecing The Past. I’m almost finished with block seven and then onto block eight so that on Monday I’ll be caught up. I also need to make 46 sixteen patch blocks that go around the quilt. I’m doing mine in civil war and so far I’m pleased with my blocks.
    Now I’ll try to post “correctly”. Enjoy your weekend and I love reading the farm news. Never a boring day at you place 😊 Happy to see Colton too.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna – this quilt doesn’t have to be sewn fast! Slow down and enjoy the journey. Sounds like you’ve got another big project going.

  11. Marilyn

    Don’t know who was luckier, the people at the care home or Hazel getting to entertain them –
    sounds wonderful for everyone! Hazel is definitely one lucky little girl.

  12. Angie Rowland

    Have a GREAT weekend as well. I am sure that you and Hazel and Becky bring a bright light to the residents. Bless you all.

  13. Louise

    Oh Mary…you are so stinkin’ cute…love that picture of you and Hazel….

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