Well, I haven’t felt well since last night and today I found out why – I misread the directions on the bottle of water pills and I took too many. I think it’s getting through my system but I’ll be just sitting in my chair tonight. How stupid of me!

This is my normal place to be – and every cat and dog want to be with me.

So I asked Rick to take a picture of me with Hazel and Deano on my lap. Here we go…..

There are 6 more just like this – I meant for him to take a picture of ME with the lap-sitters but I am nowhere to be seen! Hahaha! I guess he tried – maybe I didn’t make myself clear?

And as I sit in the chair for hour after hour, I search for something to take a picture of – you know I’m bored, right?

And another setting…..

Haha! Enough already! I just have to move to my sewing room tonite – I am in need of a change of scenery. I’m no longer using my cane in the house but would definitely take the safe road if I leave the house and take my cane with me. For those of you who are contemplating knee replacement, just think – it only took two weeks for me to be walking again. It’s not perfect but I cannot believe how straight my leg is after being bent and crooked for so long!

How about some #7’s:

I should have kept track of the numbers for each month – help me.

July – #3

August – ?????

September – #5

October – #7

November – #4

Can anyone tell me what number August was? And if I have the rest of them right?

We had planned to eat at the Mexican restaurant tonite but I am not feeling up to it. It’s been a miserable windy day here in North Iowa – guess I’ll go back to my chair – swelling is nearly gone so my chair is working!

Bye bye from Deano!

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  1. Holly Woodyatt

    glad you are getting along. I knew you would be on your feet soon. I think I got my problem solved w/blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Holly – OMG! What was the problem? Denise and I found where you should unsubscribe but is that what you did? Sooooo glad you’re fixed!

  2. Rita In Iowa

    Glad that you are resting and taking it easy. The critters know what’s needed I and are keeping you weighted down. Lol

  3. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, you should be so proud of yourself and the progress you have made after your surgery! Wow!
    I love Deano’s beautiful green eyes and always nice to see Hazel. My husband would have taken pictures just like that..haha Cold here today too. In the 40’s and windy. We had some snow flurries around noon but it didn’t last but a few minutes.

  4. Ellie

    A kitty in your lap and a faithful pup as well are what is needed to help you heal! Isn’t it amazing when you think your surgery was two weeks ago! When I had my first knee replacement thirty some years ago I wasn’t allowed to be weight baring for six weeks! Such amazing progress!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ellie – that’s what my mom went through as well – Becky and I talked about it and can’t believe I’m walking and she couldn’t put her foot down! Yikes – what an improvement!

  5. Cindy Nelson

    Do you take a potassium supplement? How many extra doses did you have? Call the MD if you continue to feel bad tonight or start feeling palpitations etc. Cindy Nelson

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thank you, Cindy! I was feeling heart palpitations last night for sure!

  6. Susan Seward

    Hi Mary,
    So glad to hear you are up and walking- wish you great progress from here.

    July was #8
    August was #3
    You have the rest correct

    I’ve been keeping a list, because we spent the summer remodeling and moving into a new house( so very little sewing happened). I have not worked on any of them, until the last couple weeks. Now hope to get caught up in the next month or so- can’t wait to have a few finishes!

    Sue in Colorado where it suddenly warmed up to 60 today and should be 70 degrees tomorrow.

  7. Sharon Lowy

    So glad you are getting better and love your furry nurses! I ordered a pitcher like yours from eBay for a friends birthday. Itcame broken. I found another on eBay and it came broken as well. Did not try again but she loved what I got her! So glad you are close to driving again. I hope you feel better soon after your “overdose”. Yorkville, I’

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      They both arrived broken? Oh, how disappointing! I love looking at mine!

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    No cane in the house…WAHOO! such great news.
    I don’t think we have seen Deno before. EJM and Pam are regulars.
    Have a great weekend

  9. Betty Klosterman

    Misreading directions is not hard to do. But just think about it, water pill is a very easy fix!! Just drink lots of water. When Frank was feeling “icky” I’d check his skin and could tell if he was dehydrated. He’d always glare at my diagnosis but would drink water. But you are doing wonderful getting back to your life. Deano looks at you like he is giving you an order to get better. Animals are so caring and understand so much. My cousin in Ft. Dodge just had knee surgery yesterday. Good it is your left leg as you can still use the gas pedal and the sewing machine pedal! Keep getting better.

    1. Brenda Archambault

      Yes, the left leg. Years ago, (50, at least), my Sprained left ankle was in a walking cast and I was bored. Switched cars with my husband, shift for automatic, piled the kids in the car and drove from southern CT to Vermont to visit a friend during my recovery. It worked!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        You are my kinda gal – just do it and quit worrying about every little thing that could go wrong! Yay!!!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – that’s what I thought, too – I can still drive, play the piano and sew! What more could I ask for? Yes, I’m really drinking water like crazy. Your cousin probably used the same health system that I used – Iowa Specialty.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        My cousin had an infection in a hair follicle right where the incision would be, so NO surgery. I don’t know if she is happy or sad about it. The doctors don’t take any chances of getting bone infection as that is so very painful and extremely serious. Dehydration is serious, but really easy to fix if you can drink water!!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          You just can’t imagine how much water I drink because I am so thirsty! Now why would I be so thirsty? Not even using my cane around the house even tho I’d sure take it with me if I went out. Are you ready for the arctic blast coming next week?

  10. Nikki M. in Tx

    Mary be careful, read..reread pill labels/directions.
    Stepped in hole & twisted ankle when went out to feed critters this morning…hurts like hell & swollen but thank goodness nothing broken.. all soft tissue damage. Thank goodness was left ankle & could drive self in . Stupid human tricks! Mad at UPS again today…while getting ankle crates delivered Ms Maci’s RX dog food & an Amazon package. Left both under post with keypad on it to open gate…grrrr. Then made 4th phone call to Marriott corporate office regarding incident in Houston.. I have my complaint number & no record of incident, they will have someone call me, grrr. I will not stay at any Marriott property in future.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – I was going to get in touch with you but I think all is almost well here but you! Sprained ankle! Hard to do chores when you can’t walk. And Marriott is just too busy to talk with you? Yikes! They probably know what it’s all about!

  11. Amy M

    Yeah it sounds like great progress!! It’s a marathon not a sprint. The boredom is an unfortunate side effect but better than others!!

  12. Tammy

    Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery! Love the two in your lap. Pets always make boo boo’s better.

  13. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Deano is gorgeous! Those eyes!
    I can’t believe you are walking without a cane already, and your swelling is done, that’s wonderful. I’ll keep that in mind…two weeks of misery for a life with good knees!

  14. Sandy in Indiana

    O I love Deano!! so handsome 🙂
    sorry about your medicine mixup….glad u are getting over the effects

  15. Diane Deibler

    Love your sun room. Can’t get Hubby to agree to build one. Don’t do too much too soon!

  16. Launa

    Closed 4 ads…
    Mary..So wonderful to read you are walking without your cane in the house. Won’t be much longer and your furry pets are going to miss their favorite resting place!

  17. Joyce from NY

    Very cold here this morning 24degees & about 2” of snow & more on the way first of next week. always seems to soon, but I really don’t mind winter, have more time to see. Love your little guys on your lap!

  18. Angie from Baltimore

    That can really be scary. Your potassium is probably low screwing up your electrolytes. Hope you haven’t been doing it too long. Eat bananas
    And take it easy.

  19. Jan in SW Iowa

    Yay!! Congrats on the hard work, so you can do without the cane on safe footing. I know misreading directions is happening too often in my life now! Take care! Pets think an empty lap is a horrible thing to waste!! Have fun in the sewing room!!!

  20. Susan K

    It’s so good to hear you’re doing so well! Thanks for keeping us updated. Klaus likes to sleep between my legs under the blanket when I sit in my recliner. I’m glad you have your furry companions to keep you company.

  21. Gloria Y

    I am glad you are able to walk around in the house without the cane! Love Deano’s face and eyes! It really cooling down tonight in Charlotte, NC, to 27 degrees and that’s cold for us in early Nov. I noticed your Hoya plant in a few pics, has yours bloomed? Mine is only 2-3 years old and no blooms yet.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, all of mine have bloomed but they want to be very potbound before they bloom so I don’t do much transplanting.

  22. Kathy Hanson

    I agree with Esther that August was #8.
    You have your special caregivers there, they are taking good care of you like you do of them!! And your nurse, Rick, is doing his part too! Take good care!

  23. Connie Rademacher

    Glad to hear that your surgery was worth the last two weeks of pain. Take care.

    I love the quilt behind your swan pitcher. Thanks for sending the picture of it.

  24. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, too many water pills can cause dehydration, feeling light headed/dizzy, headache etc. You probably need to up your water intake to compensate for the extra pills. Be extra careful walking if you are feeling light-headed/dizzy.. Take care.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I’m fine now but yes, I experienced all of those symptoms as well as heart palpitations! Today I’m feeling normal again, thank goodness.

  25. Linda I. estherville

    Do you have a blood pressure cuff…keep an eye on that. My fluid pill is also a blood pressure product. If you don’t have one, call around to friends, someone will loan you one…not me, I’m two hours away, if you take BP meds, I would probably choose to forgo the next pill. I’m not a nurse, just what I might do…but call the nurses station at the hospital and talk to them.

  26. Bobbie

    Looks like it’s comfortable, but if I’m tied to one place I can think of a million things I could do if I could just get up. Then I can have a lazy day and sit and watch tv for several hours. Just can’t win sometimes. Your fur babies are glad you are setting so they can sit on you. Its so nice your know it will be better real soon.
    Hang in there it won’t be long now.

  27. Dianna

    A few weeks of small steps and then you will be off and running again.
    Hope you feel better soon. Are you reading a good book while you sit?
    That vase/ pitcher is beautiful, I have never seen one like it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I’m reading “Whiter Than Snow” by Sandra Dallas. My friend Rose M. left it for me to read and I just came across it – so far it’s very good!

  28. Beverly in Texas

    Deano looks exactly like the black cat that interrupted the Cowboy game in New York the other night! I hope that poor kitty found a good home after it escaped the field!!

  29. Lynn In Iowa

    So glad your recovery is going well. Walking already without assistance. If you took too many water pills and you are having heart palpitations, your potassium could be low. The only way to tell would be a blood test and then you would have to take a supplement for a short while to get it where it should be. I am not a nurse but that were the symptoms my daughter had when hers was low and she ended up in the ER. Good you have lap sitters to watch over you. I agree husbands should not take pictures. That is why I am not in many of mine because I am taking the pictures. I love the quilt behind the plant. It is my style. Hope the recovery continues in the right direction. Thanks for staying in touch.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynn in Iowa – I’m finally feeling like my old self tonite and tomorrow Rick will get me some bananas.

  30. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary!

    So sorry about the medication mix up – drink lots of water and have a couple of bananas for potassium, tomorrow will be better!

    We are at Tom’s house tonight babysitting 3 of the grands. Success so far, all are fed and are sleeping right now – we are only on duty until tomorrow afternoon. We will probably have a bunch around on Sunday, it is Al’s birthday. On Monday we will go to the elementary school where they are having a veteran’s day program, Al gets to go on a parade with Rainn and maybe Joe, that should be fun, neither of the boys know that their grandpa will be there!

    Based on the emails that I have sent to you –
    July was #8
    August was #3
    September was #5

    I’ve gotta get busy and take photos for October and November!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thanks for that list of a Dirty Dozen – I can’t even remember what my projects were – good grief! Must be the anesthesia – haha! Everybody asleep on a Friday nite – good for you! And Happy Birthday to Al!

  31. Debra Miller

    Deano looks like he is daring you to move! Love your quilt on the wall and the plant with the white specks. You must be doing great-you’re walking without a cane sooner than I did with either of my surgeries. Keep up the good work!

  32. Helena Wentzlaff

    Hang in there it will get better all the time had both knees done it is great no pain. Make sure to do PT and I found Stationary bike was a great help to keep it loose . Wish you the very best.

  33. Liz Schrader

    Sounds like you are doing great Mary! I did take my cane with when I went out for balance. My doxie was on my lap all the time after my surgeries. They know when you are hurting. I am getting my Dirty Dozens done but also have more Christmas gifts I have to do. Well wished Mary!

  34. Deb Harrison

    Did’t get to read until this morning. Hope you are much better by now. Glad you can get outside a bit to check on all your furry, feathered friends,

  35. Sally

    Hahahahaha! I laughed right out loud when I saw the last up-close picture of Deano! What a hoot!!!! Here’s looking at you!!! So happy for you and your new knee.

  36. Felicia Hamlin

    Love the black kitty and I was able to see Kevin Simba the other da, all grown up. Glad to know you are doing better.

  37. Janet R

    I’ve been laid up for several months from foot surgery where they had to rebuild my foot. I was in the hospital for 5 weeks with another week in skilled care. It’s hard to sit still with my foot up, but I want it to heal and not have to go through the process again. My husband had the same surgery a year ago and has had lots of complications.

    The worst part has been that neither of us can drive. It’s challenging to do the most simple things. We’ve depended on a lot of people. Sounds like you are making quick progress. Keep it up!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janet R – and how is it that you both had the same unusual surgery? Rick had his ankle broken, rebuilt with plates and screws and then fused. Is. That what you had done?

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