Garage Sale

We had a pretty fun day talking to people today but it still felt like a long day from noon to 7 pm.  We were very busy at noon and people were waiting to get in when we opened the garage doors.  The quilts really draw the people!  And just when we think we’ve got people figured out, we are surprised once again.  The small wall quilts did not sell first!  The lap quilts sold first and they were all gone by 2 pm.

We close tomorrow at noon and then it’s on to the next project.  For tomorrow that probably means lawn mowing.

We will start the snowball runner or tablemat on Monday.

9 thoughts on “Garage Sale

  1. Launa

    Wow Mary, You and Connie sure had some neat items for sale. Am looking forward to your snowball sew-along on Monday; mine will be a mini.
    A WILD WEATHER afternoon hit an hour north of here with flood warnings going across the TV during rush hour traffic. Hail and so much heavy rain that stalled over one area for about 45 minutes. South of here the Grapevine to/from LA had/has landslides closing it. Am glad to be home and not traveling around this evening. I hope Faye is continuing to eat and have you near.

  2. Diane

    Wow–Could you move to Ohio? Love all of your items for sale!! I think I’ll do the snowball, but need to finish my rug.

  3. Karen

    Ooooo! Noticed the ligtle plastic baggies of FABRIC!!!!!!!! Are those kits or scrap bags? Are you selling them? If scrapbags, are they assorted colors or all 1 color family in each? how much (plus postage, of course). I live too far away to come … 🙁


  4. Carol

    Yes, maybe you should post your quilts for sale…we will all go crazy trying to buy you out! Because you can never have too many quilts! But I guess you must!

    Spent a beautiful Buffalo NY afternoon pulling mom’s weeds. I’m sure there will be more next week. Why do weeds grow better than garden flowers?

  5. Felicia Hamlin

    I didn’t you were having a sale. But then I wouldn’t have made it anyway. How is Faye?

    Happy Mother’s Day. (I know you mother many including your critters). Felicia

  6. Martha Engstler

    The garage sale that you have looks like a treasure hunt with lots of goodies. If the town does this it would be worth a trip to Iowa for the event. We have lots of yard sales here in Penna. and every now and then we find a treasure. We need to have a sale not go to them but they are so much fun. Hope all your critter babies are doing well for mothers day. It’s a beautiful day here in the Gettysburg area.

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