Garden Tour

Connie’s beautiful garden will be part of a private tour of Masters Gardener’s gardens and I stopped by today to snap some pictures.  I am no gardener because I hate to weed but there is not a single weed at Connie’s place!  Enjoy these snaps – more tomorrow.


Millie says “hi” to Squeak!

Finished this book – very good but disturbing story about the death of a teenager and the family left behind.

8 thoughts on “Garden Tour

  1. Launa

    Oh Mary, It was an wonderful treat to see the profusion of plants and the weathered treasures of the past. A job well done, Connie!

  2. Gwen Herbert

    These pictures you have been sharing of Connie’s landscaping are just beyond words beautiful!!! Thank you!

  3. Carol

    What is the vine that is growing on your house? I would love to start that vine to grow around my garage…and tips on how to make it trail upwards?

  4. Kathy Schwartz

    I think Country Garden Magazine should pay you a visit very soon. It is all so very well put together and just shows what you can do with “old stuff” in a garden setting. I am a Master Gardener up here in Murray County (southwestern MN) and this is one of the nicest gardens I have seen. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cindy L

    Connies garden is beautiful.. Any idea what the lime green leafed bush is ? That color is really eye-catching, and Millies pretty cute too!

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