Good Morning!

I’m getting great care and have already walked down the hall about 6 hours ago.  Here’s my first photo – which will look familiar to many of you!

I had a spinal and light general anesthesia which didn’t agree with me after about 3 bites of baked potato and 3 spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream – it all came up until it became dry heaves.  After a call to the doctor, I got drugs in my IV and now I’m looking forward to breakfast.

Thanks  for all your best wishes and encouragement!  I’ll be released later today!

107 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Jessica in Florida

    Good morning! So sorry the anesthesia didn’t agree with you, that happens to me all the time. Glad you took your hall walk and will be going home later on. ❤️

  2. Marsha from Kansas

    Good morning to you, too! I’m so glad you are recuperating (after a brief hiccup) and ready to go home.

    With the lymphedema in my legs, I wear those bandages or my Comprifits 23 hours of the day. Now I like the warmth and the stability they offer.

    Thanks so much for letting us know you are going home today. That means everything went as planned.

  3. Karen Gaither

    Mary so sorry the anesthesia didn’t agree with you. After my surgery, I got jello & Tomato Basil Soup. I wonder if the dairy based items contributed to the disagreement. Who is your painl level? I bet the nerve block is still working.
    I totally over did it working on a baby quilt yesterday. I didn’t get in bed until 2, up at 4 moving to sofa with ice & took Oxycodone. I hadn’t taken them in 4 weeks. Hope to sleep until PT arrives.

  4. Kate Schloemer

    Sorry for the upset tummy. Nothing worse than dry heaves.. prays to you on a fast recovery..

  5. Sunflower from Michigan

    Good morning, I’m glad you’re doing well. Take it easy when you get home and good luck.

  6. Rita AM in CT

    Please rest and let yourself heal before running full speed back to your chores. PT will help a lot with recovery. So glad that your surgery is over and you will be going home.

  7. JudyE

    Great news that you are able to go home today! Once you are home, your real healing will start. Be careful you don’t over do it as you start to feel better. Sit back and take advantage of being waited on and taken care of by someone else.

  8. Janice

    Mary, Thank you for the update. Glad surgery went well. Praying for that speedy recovery.

  9. Sandra Goddard

    So glad to hear from you. Up and walking already amazing. Keep up the great recovery.

  10. Alice

    So glad surgery went well, Mary! Prayers for a quick recovery, just don’t over do…those of us who live an active lifestyle tend to do that & then pay for that later!!
    Take care,
    Alice (Bentley’s mom)

    1. Sharon Lowy

      Goodness. I know you will be glad to get home but that is fast! Take care and take it easy!

  11. Joyce from NY

    So glad everything went well, now for a quick recovery, thanks for letting us know

  12. Mrs. Goodneedle

    You’ll soon be the smiling poster child for knee replacement, I have no doubt. Take good care of yourself and don’t over-do when you get home. I know that everyone will be happy to have you back on the farm where you belong! Prayers continue for health and healing.

  13. Carolyn Rector

    So good to hear that your surgery went well and you are looking forward to going home. I am praying for your recovery and the stamina to do the exercises.

  14. Marilyn

    Happ to hear you get to go home and you will be able to eat something. Will keep you in prayer. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  15. Jo from Michigan

    Great news to wake up to this morning! There’s no place like home 😊 I too get sick from the antiseptic ☹️ even when I have a colonoscopy ☹️ so I feel for you there. Prayers for a speedy recovery Mary. Sending hugs your way ❤️

  16. Gloria from CC

    I was thinking about you yesterday afternoon and of course worrying. Thank you for letting us know how you’re doing. Hazel will be ecstatic to see you today. Take care.

  17. Paula Philpot

    First thing I looked at this morning to see if we would hear from you. So glad the surgery went well…now you get to rest awhile from all the hard work you do daily. Prayers Paula in KY

  18. Susan from Rockwell

    Wow Mary so glad you are doing well! I bet Hazel missed you last night!
    I wish you the best in your recovery process!

  19. Kathy in western NY

    I was so over joyed to see your email and know surgery went well. I won’t even tell you about me in anesthesia so I am glad that is behind you. Your farm family will be so happy to see you and hear your comforting mama voice. Take it easy this weekend and rest with some hand stitching and all the pets snuggled in next to you.

  20. Susie Q

    A picture….. I guess the hospital has great WIFI…….
    When you get home the “work” will begin to bring the knee up to snuff. Weeks and weeks of knee work but worth it in the long run. Happy for you……

  21. Deb Harrison

    Yay, Mary! Good on you for walking already! Please do take all the advice from those who have been there and enjoy being pampered! Sometime down the road, I would like to know where you had your surgery/dr as we are in your area and both of us have been told we need knees replaced. Would like 2nd opin. Will privately go this and not until you are well healed and have everything you love back the way you want it. Cheering for your snd be very careful of the frosts we see coming up as they do spring/fall. Just as bad as ice, as you know! So happy for you to be done with the surgery and on your way to much better years!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb – I’m going to answer this before I forget. I had the surgery done at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion. I know so many people who have had their surgery there and have been so happy with their care. My doctor is Dr. Kakade and several people at my church have had him, too,

  22. Linette Stewart

    So glad your surgery went well! Can’t believe you have already been up and walking. Enjoy this little time of “rest” and don’t worry about anything.

  23. Chris B in NW PA

    Glad to hear that your surgery went well. Take care when you get home.
    Rick, Becky, and Connie will be good to help you so that you can rest.

  24. Amy M

    Yeah! So glad you’re past that part. Anesthesia knocks me out for about 36 hours! I can barely open my eyes and have no interest in food. Congrats on the hall walk and getting to go home today!! Will continue to keep you in my prayers as the PT starts. But at least this weekend you can just enjoy some football and rest!

  25. PJ

    Happy recovery n glad the surgery is over I hear you about the anesthesia not fun🤮 now you just have to take care n feel better soon!!!

  26. Launa

    Good recovery! Know your dear dogs will be glad you are home!
    Rest, do your Physical Therapy n recover!

  27. Kathy Hanson

    Prayed for you and your surgeon yesterday afternoon and thought of you often. That anesthesia can do that to some folks, hope your breakfast this morning settles and you are walking again today before you go home. Do you have PT scheduled? Praying for a good result and early walking without all that pain!

  28. Marlene T in upstate NY

    Hi Mary, So glad to hear that all went well and that you are already up and about. It will be so nice to get home so you can relax. If you get YouTube it’s a good time to sit back and check out tons of quilting videos, they are great to watch and some will even help you catch a nap. The tribe will be so happy to see you. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Take Care.

  29. Linda from Estherville

    Oh, my, you brave child…home today! Just a helpful hint for future surgeries. Be sure to tell the anesthiologist that you got yucky this time, he can use his special touch so you don’t. Works for me anyway! Take advantage of the nerve block and keep your leg moving, it will help when it wears off. But of course they will tell you that.

  30. Angie from Baltimore

    Love the socks. They will come in handy this winter. All kidding aside I am glad it is OVER. Only positive moves ahead.
    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers
    Take the pain killers you can be a brave little soldier later!!!

  31. Diane Bauer

    Glad to hear you have been up and walking already!! So sorry you had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. I hope they have found something for pain that you are able to tolerate. Take gentle care!

  32. Marsha

    Yikes, I should have warned you! My son had ACL surgery a few years back and was sure he wanted a hamburger soon after getting to his room from recovery. He only ate a few bites but got it all back. Had to shoo his visitors out and strip his bed and help the CNAs remake it.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  33. Karen H

    Glad you’re doing well- don’t overdo when you get home- take it a day at a time!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery

  34. mary jane

    Wonderful news, going home today…I can just see the lap full of kitties and Hazel, good books and many happy greetings via e mail and etc. We got a frost here in Wi last nite so the leaves will be really falling and the low temps are in the 20’s, But we have sunshine today too. So be content to be indoors and being cared for…it takes time to recover.. Good news Mary and thanks for the info… (also closed 8 ads this morn)

  35. Jane Dumler

    Looks like you will soon be up:and buzzing around. Now onto the therapy part. Those long stockings and wonderful yellow socks are a true style statement! So happy to hear you have this behind you! God Bless!

  36. Vickie & Jerry Lemonds, Davidson, NC

    We are overjoyed to hear from you so soon! We must have said ten times to each other yesterday, “I wonder how Mary is doing?”. I think you’re going to have a smooth recovery and it sounds like the doctors are right on top of any problems. I know you’re anxious to get home and see all your animal buddies. Just so happy to know all went well for you!

  37. Sally J.

    Thanks for the update and good news that surgery went well. Sorry to hear of your bad reaction to the anesthesia. Have a speedy recovery. Keeping you in my prayers.

  38. Jane from Blaine, MN

    So glad the surgery and yucky parts are in the past! Take care in your recovery and God Bless.

  39. Carla

    So glad your surgery went well and you will be home today. Just do what the doctor tells you so you are back at it soon!!

  40. Patricia b

    Looking good there! Now onto a speedy recovery. Take care and be good to yourself. Thanks for the update. Prayers, Patricia b

  41. MaryAnn Hulon

    Good luck with recovery. Get up and keep moving so muscles get strong.
    I have had three knee replacements. Do your exercises faithfully.
    I wish you well. 🙏 for healing.
    I’m sure Hazel misses you.

  42. Beth

    I had my knee done 5 weeks ago. Best advice I can give you is have patience! Takes time to heal but every day gets better. Best wishes to you !

  43. Sheila

    Glad to hear you are doing as well as can be expected. Prayers for healing in the days and weeks ahead,

  44. Sandi

    I’m glad your doing so well!! Take it easy at home and follow doctor’s orders.😄 Hugs,

  45. Anonymous

    OMGosh….I was so relieved when I saw your blog email this morning and then there you were. 2 legs and one heavily wrapped. Now you have a brand new knee and the work begins. My husband has 2 new knees, thats why I know. Every time he came home from therapy he was tired but smiling. He knew he was doing better each visit. And, you will too. It will be good to be back in your own bed with your pets around you. Don’t let Hazel jump on the knee though. Worried about that. Take good care of our favorite blog lady.

  46. patti leal

    glad to hear all went well. please follow directions from doc and p.t. person. remind yourself how much it used to hurt and that you want to walk pain free. it will onlly be a short while (in the scheme of things) til you will be back at your normal routine. thanks for letting us know so soon. now worry about yourself. hugs, patti in florida

  47. Teresa

    Wonderful to hear from you, Mary! You know we were all concerned for you and waiting for news. Can’t get over all the bandaging on your knee. I wish the hospital would keep you a little longer but that’s not how things are done anymore. Please be careful at home and don’t over do. Know that all of us are praying for a speedy recovery because we know it’s going to be hard for Rick to keep you following doctors orders.

  48. Joyce in SD

    Glad you’re on the road to recovery! I bet Hazel was unsettled last night. … wondering where you were. You’ll be cozy and warm with all the fur kids nestled next to you! Relax this weekend and watch the World Series!! Go Nationals!!! Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery ♥️

  49. Montana Kathy

    What a relief to have the surgery over. Now it’s on to recovery. Wishing you the best, and don’t overdo. Enjoy being pampered for awhile and the extra time you can spend with Hazel and the cats!

  50. Beryl in Owatonna

    So glad to see your post ! Sorry to hear about the opposition to your anesthesia…glad it is under control now and you have probably had your breakfast!
    Walk carefully when you get home…you will probably have lots of lap sitters, make them be careful! They will be so happy to see you are home too, especially little Hazel.
    I am praying for a speedy recovery, do as they say!!

  51. Cheryl

    My goodness it is over and you are walking! And going home! The best recovery is sleeping in your own bed. Blessings and a speedy recovery so you can get on with the fun of autumn and keeping up with ‘the tribe’. 🙂

  52. Mary from TN

    Keeping you in my prayers, Mary. So glad you had it taken care of and going home today. Love the new book! Like the history as well as the quilts. You asked me why we ended up in TN after years in the Midwest. Short answer is our son and 6 grandkids we are getting to spend time with. Take care and heal up soon.

  53. Janine

    Great news! Glad you get to go home today, Mary – always better to be home surrounded by your two and four-legged loved ones! Those yellow socks made me laugh – Karen had the same ones. Take it easy and don’t overdo!

  54. Diane B

    I hope you’re feeling better every minute. I am 48 and I had to have a partial knee replacement at the end of July. 10 weeks post op all restrictions were lifted and I was released to return to kickboxing and told I could jog again if I felt up to it! I was shocked! When told I needed surgery I thought I never do either again. When my surgeon said I would be able to I thought it would be at least a year before he would release me. Keep in mind, days 2 and 3 are a little tougher after some of the numbing meds have worn off but from what I’ve read over the years, you are one tough very active lady! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re going to get back to your activities and without pain…yay! I had a fantastic physical therapist and three items I highly recommend for recovery are the large Swiss exercise ball, an ice therapy unit (a friend let me borrow her Ossur) and an extra large ice pack (Colpac Chattanooga 12.5 x 18.5 – same as my pt had in her practice). I should probably add a grabber/reacher to my list although I only used it once; 3 days post surgery when home alone I spilled a huge container of carrot sticks that were soaking in water down the front of my refrigerator and all over the floor. After cursing (just a little 😉) I backed my walker up and fetched my reacher. I found a new game though! Try picking up wet little carrots and getting them into a container on the counter. It’s tricky….I had carrots everywhere even under the stove! By this time I couldn’t quit laughing about it all. It’s harder to pick them up when you’re hurrying because you know the water will harm your laminate flooring! I learned quickly how to maneuver myself to the floor, llaying flat on my back in front of the fridge, using one hand to wipe up the mess and remove the guard from the bottom of the fridge to dry up what had seeped under. In the end I got it taken care of and there was no harm. I probably should find a way to market this as a party game! I can’t say I was 100% as I was on pain meds but I think with a few beers this game could really be entertaining!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      OMG – on the floor! I can’t imagine how I’d get back up! The carrot game as therapy – you’re on to something there!

  55. Janice Hebert

    So happy to hear from you! Take it slow, as so many have said. We all are praying for you (and Rick!). Jan in MA

  56. Polly Perkins

    Great to hear you are up and about. Now that they know you and anesthesia don’t like each other, they can give you anti nausea medication right away. I even had a patch to put behind my ear the night before. Behave, and follow doctors orders even if you are tempted to do more than you are supposed to.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, when I have the right knee done, I’ll know ahead of time that I get nauseous. I did have the patch behind my ear but it must not have done much, have you been totally released, Polly?

  57. Karen N.

    Oh no!! Sorry to hear about the anesthesia problems. Glad you’re feeling better. Exciting that you’ve been up walking. =:)

  58. Caryn Goulden

    Thanks for the update, Mary. Good news that you’re feeling better and ready for breakfast. Glad you get to go home today, but behave yourself and take time to heal! Prayers for a speedy recovery. ❤️

  59. Sharon Ernst

    Good morning! Today is a new day for you! Your little indoor pets will be so happy to have you home again! Glad the meds are helping your tummy! 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊♥️

  60. Charlotte S

    So glad to get your update today. Glad the dry heaves are gone. Praying for a speedy recovery!!

  61. Jo in Wyoming

    Look how many friends you have on line!
    So glad you are recovered enough to send a selfie. The knee looks…well, big.

    Do not make any thing in the kitchen!!! A full meal will be expected if you are able to make toast.

    Laughter is always the best medicine, just don’t start cooking anything.

  62. Freda

    Thanks for the update! Sounds as if you are in good spirits! I Sent a note this AM but do not see it! We are keep you in our prayers! Note: Some times you will get a headache from anesthesia & if you drink a cup of coffee it might go away! Sending a Big Hugs to you; and a Ton of LOVE! I don’t think Beer & Strong Pain meds go together! I Know you will continue to recover and will be herding chicks again in a while!
    Freda in AL

  63. Chris H. in Washington

    Take good care of yourself. Don’t overdo it. You tend to be so busy most of the time. Saying prayers for an easy recovery. No fun about the anesthesia making you sick.😕Hugs to you~

  64. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    So glad to hear you are doing well, amazed you will be going home so soon. Hope you have friends near by that will bring food so you don’t have to think about cooking. Wish I could do that for you. We can all pray for you though.

  65. Jan from TN

    So glad it’s over for you. Now the hard part — rehab! If you do as your told, Mary, you’ll have a successful recovery. That means not overdoing. Let people help you — Rick, your sister, Reed, other friends. I know your not the type to ask for help & you’ll think you can do for yourself, but not now. So behave lady! 😍
    Prayers for an uneventful recover. Since it’s your left knee/leg, you’ll be back to sewing in no type. Remember, you can use the stop/start button instead of the foot pedal. My friend did that for a couple of months when she was in a boot on her right foot for a stress fracture. Where there’s a will there’s a way — but only for sewing, not farm work! 😉 Hugs🤗! 🙏

  66. Nikki M in Tx

    So glad all went well. Follow directions (they are not suggestions) do rehab & will be back before you know it. Will remain in my prayers…prayers never hurt.

  67. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    It was so good to hear from you, Mary. I hope you don’t become all worn out from all your messages. I wish you a speedy, uncomplicated recovery.

  68. Gina

    So glad you finally got it done. You will feel like a new woman in no time!! Mind your physical therapist!

  69. Jan in minnesota

    Happy to read the surgery went well. I spent 2 days not being able to keep food down after my knee replacement. Getting home after 2 nights in the hospital helped a lot, my recliner, my food, and ice packs! Following all the therapists said is so important to getting back in shape, and back to all you love to do.

  70. Tammy from Neillsville, WI

    Take it slow Mary, my husband has 2 new knees. Keep it iced and stay ahead with your pain meds. We are all thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery! Wish I was closer to offer some help

  71. Bonnie

    I’ve been praying for you. Can’t believe you are getting out of the hospital the next day!!! Wow!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  72. Andi

    Hi Mary!
    Wow, that was a fast surgery – in and out in basically no time. Anesthesia is so yukky! If you can talk someone into it, get a couple pair of sweat pants and have someone open the legs on the outer seam all the way up past the knee. then put zippers in those open seams. I made a couple pair for my mom in law when she had knee surgery. Warm, comfy, yet can get at the bandages easily if you need to. They work great for the physical therapy to come. The exercises are very important. I know several ladies who have had knees done and am amazed at how pain free and able to move they are. Wishing you the very best and am glad you are back home. Definitely no place like home. Thanks for the update! If you can’t get the sweatpants done by someone, let me know the size you wear and I’ll get on it and send them to you – if you want. 🙂

  73. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Glad you are doing well. I thought we would get a divorce trying to get those comperession socks on after my surgery!! It was a struggle.
    A friend of mine had a new knee; came home from the hospital, opened the front door and fell over the cat. Back to the hospital for knee #2. When she came home, she had so much pain constantly she went back to the hospital for knee # 3. Now all is well. Quite a session. I would say she was a resident expert in knees.
    Today I started to read the new quilt book!! Wonderful book!!
    Carry on.

  74. Christina

    So good hearing that all went well , except for the food intake ! All of my friends have new knees , and do far my old ones are good so I can’t wholly understand what you’re going through . I want to thank you for the nice note you wrote in my book ! I received it today . You’ll be happy to hear that here in Alaska we have had lots of snow already and the temps are at least above freezing during the day ! I’m also a knitter and I’m loving this early sweater weather 🙂

  75. Beth Laverty

    Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. I too had trouble with anesthesia. It is now on my record that they give me some special drug in the iv as they are administering the anesthesia…. what a difference!!! No probs at all now. I have “unfortunately” had several surgeries since the first time it caused problems. Thinking of you now!!

  76. Lori Porter

    Thinking of you this morning and praying for a complete recovery. Let you family & friends help you. I know you have a lot to do at home but take care of yourself first.

  77. Bonnie

    I’m wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. My oral surgeon son has always said the 2nd and 3rd day post surgery can be more painful. Hang in there. I can’t believe you were only in the hospital overnight.

    Best of luck, Mary. You will be a new woman when you heal.

  78. Julie D.

    Now rest and recovery and physical therapy I would guess are on your list for the next weeks! Sorry you had to suffer this morning, but glad you are able to go home. Take care Mary! You’ll be skipping around the yard in no time to chase chickens!!

  79. Becky from IA/TX

    Congratulations on your surgery. Praying for speedy recovery an good healing!


    Mary, how I wish I could come take care of you!!! I worked for 46 years as a physical therapist in Southern California “rehabing” total knee replacements and it was kind of a specialty. You had a good surgeon and now sharing a positive outcome for you is the physical therapist. Please follow all their instructions and continue with therapy all the way to your complete and successful recovery. Remember also that God is with you and although we can not share your pain, He does! Please remember what Isaiah 43 says to you: Fear not for i have redeemed you, You are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and throught the rivers, they will not overflow you. when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned Nor the flame scorch you, For i am the Lord your God. In other words…you are not alone getting through your surgery. I send my best wishes for your recovery, you will do GREAT!!

  81. Connie Tesene

    Good morning! This is Connie speaking.
    Mary asked me to let you know that she won’t be writing for a bit. She is still having quite a bit of pain and nausea. I’m sure every day will get better…and we all understand.
    Happy Sunday to you all.

  82. Fabienne

    Je suis heureuse pour vous que l’opération se soit bien déroulée. Je sais que vous allez avoir un gros travail de rééducation et que cela ne va pas être facile tous les jours. Mais je vous souhaite de tout coeur qu’à terme ce ne soit plus qu’un mauvais souvenir. Courage et patience. Bien amicalement, Fabienne

  83. Pat Book

    Hope as days go by the discomfort gets better. I know what you’re going through. I didn’t have the nausea, but I definitely know the discomfort. It sounds by your past blogs that you needed the surgery for sure. It takes awhile and some people recover sooner than others. Just do your therapy. Prayers for your recovery.

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