Good News at Mayo! 8-19-22

One more visit just to get released and we’redone!!! Ankle wound looks good but she warned us that the skin is very new and tender and could erupt again easily if bumped. Rick is released to his surgeon for hip surgery and I hope he can get in fairly soon.

Before I start posting the dogs from last night I feel I need to make sure you all read this from me. Many of you tell me you don’t read the comments and I can’t imagine why you don’t. Many things are explained by other readers and I answer many many questions that are asked over and over. Lots of questions can be answered by looking it up on the internet. I write this blog because I enjoy it so much but I cannot extend myself further. If you want to know something about a quilt shown by a reader, please put your question in the comments and readers please answer in the comments.

So my point is made – read the comments.

The dogs from Thursdays on Main:

Connie – I asked if this dog was an English lab and she is! I could tell from Betty.

Other nights there have been more dogs even – is it a contest? Wish I could take Hazel – isn’t that a joke?

We got another 1” of rain last night – our grass is so green! I’ll be mowing again this afternoon. And by the way, I did get the top up in Little Red before it started raining. There were so many convertibles there that I wonder if any of them got caught “with their top down”! Haha!

Off to mow!

52 thoughts on “Good News at Mayo! 8-19-22

  1. Montana Kathy

    Loved the dog show! Looked like quite a good turnout, too. Glad you and your car made it home without trouble!

  2. Michele

    We’ve been wanting to take Beamer but a month ago he was too scared of noise and that much commotion. He’d probably be ok now as he’s getting pretty good on leash. We will have to try it very soon before it’s over for the Summer. Always fun to go to Thursdays on Main a couple times each year.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Michele – oh, last night was the final night. Beamer will be all grown up next year …. And I’ll be there to take his picture!

  3. Sharon

    You forgot to show the cars at the car show! Or was it a dog show? Ha ha great pictures!

  4. Jan from TN

    Love, love ❤️ all the dog pics. Our city has a monthly cruise in, April-October each year. My husband has 2 classic cars he’ll bring to them. One is a maroon 1964 Pontiac GTO & the other is a gold 1970 Camaro RS. There are always a lot of dogs there too! It’s so fun to meet the people with their dogs❣️Your 2 “fosters” are adorable with those amazing ears! 🐾🐾

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – that man said his dog was a “party poodle” and I laughed – do you mean to tell me it’s a real thing? What do you mean – part black, part white? Good grief, do I feel dumb!! I, going to look up parti poodle right now.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – oh my gosh – parti poodles are a big deal! Wow, am I feeling humble. I had no idea and I almost thought he was joking with me. See how much I learn here?

      1. Candy

        My daughter had a brown & white parti poodle. That dog was as big as a horse and totally misbehaved! I hate to say it, but I was so happy when she got a new home with people who had time and space for her.

  5. Sue in Oregon

    I loved all the dog photos, Mary. Thanks for posting them. So, you don’t think Hazel would do well? Seems like she would enjoy it. Maybe Telly?
    Anyway…wonderful news about Rick. You were a good nurse.
    PS…I nearly always go back and read comments because I enjoy them.

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    Great news about Rick’s ankle. It has been a long road for the healing. Loved the dog pictures. Such a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds. Such fun! I’d much rather see the dogs than the cars. 🙂

  7. MaureenHP

    “With their top down”–I needed a good laugh today! Happy to hear that Rick is cleared for hip surgery and hope that can be scheduled very soon.
    And thank you for continuing to write this blog and sharing as you do.

  8. Kris in WI

    It looks like every dog was brushed and fluffed for the Car/Dog Show! What fun.

    Good news indeed for Rick. Prayers for continued healing and successful hip surgery…and for his nurse, too!

  9. Tina W in Oregon

    Loved all the dog pictures! There seems to be a bunch of full-sized poodles in the area. The man with the black & white one dressed to match! How fun. Good news from Mayo indeed. Hope the hip surgery can be scheduled soon.

  10. Vicki

    Great news about Rick! He will need his nurse (you) after surgery, but it should be much different from what you had to do before. He just can’t bend a lot for several weeks. And he must walk, walk, walk.

    Loved the dog pics.

  11. Meredith In Cincinnati

    Great news for Rick and you. Must be such a relief to finally be able to move forward. The dog/car show looks like so much fun; great socialization for the dogs and people. Loved the pictures.

  12. Micky

    THANK YOU for this blog. I receive great comfort from the message and pictures you show and the comments from your readers. Thank God for Rick’s ankle recovery and having had both hips replaced I know what an improvement for Rick’s health

  13. Shirley from Oregon

    Love all your thoughtful advice.
    Those dogs looked so happy to be out and about. A couple looked like they might be looking for treats from passersby. 🤔 lol
    Glad you are getting rain….hot, hot hot here in central Oregon. At least no new fires!

  14. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    What good news about Rick’s ankle! And I really enjoyed the dog parade.

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Those dogs are fun…and the leg’s are too!!!
    Wonderful news for Rick and you. My hip replacement was fairly easy. One week with a walker, one with a cane.
    More rain. You lucky folks.
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, finally back on line after the big move! Great to see all the 🐕 dogs. Lots of rain this week, just about a lake in my car port, so lifting cardboard boxes , fortunately mainly plastic boxes of fabric, l feel l will be ironing and sorting fabrics for years! Pleased to hear Rick is improving, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – so how was the move? Relatively easy or not? Are you happy with your new home and being close to your kids? Bet those little girls enjoy having you nearby.

  17. Joy in NW Iowa

    Awe such cute dogs of various breeds. All very spoiled! You must not have gotten any hail, which is good! So happy Ricks visit was good! Now on to the next episode, right? Hips are suppose be easier and less painful than the old way. I have not had one done, so I do not have any experience with it. I do know my back surgery was a big plus for my pain, but it takes time to heal….they told me a year! And I do believe that as I am going along. Ice packs are still my friend! Today I put the binding a the second twin size quilt for the week! Yay for me! If I would just keep doing two a week, I would get caught up! Haahaa

  18. Lynette in Orlando

    So very happy to hear the good news from Mayo! Yea!!! Now to get the hip behind him!

    Love seeing all the pups! 💕💕💕💕 thank you so much for sharing with us.

  19. Susan Boyd in VA

    Great new from Mayo — you did a good job taking care of him. I also have heard that hips are much easier than knee replacements. I’m having my 2nd knee replacement on August 30. I had the first one August 11 of last year. Not looking forward to it, but needs to be done. I know you had both done, but you did it much closer together, didn’t you?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      SusanBOYD – I did them 2 months apart – probably too quick but I wanted to be done.

  20. Wonda Myers

    Loved the dogs! I got teary eyed seeing that little corgi. We had two corgi’s over 25 years. They both lived over 12 years old. We decided no more dogs since we’re older. I miss having a dog.
    Glad your hubby is better. Old age doesn’t get any easier!

  21. Brenda

    Though I’m not a dog owner, I love seeing the pics…also, not only do I truly enjoy your writing, I absolutely do read all of the comments! Certainly I’m not the only one…

  22. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – glad for your hubby that his ankle is finally healed and now he can have his hip surgery. Those dogs are so sweet. Boy I’d love to be there to get some dog loving in. I always pet the dogs I see being walked if their owners will allow it. I really miss being a pet mama.

  23. Dorothy

    I love the parade of dogs and it looks like they all behaved.
    Glad Rick is finally healing and he can get that hip surgery done and over soon!

  24. Glenda Fletcher

    Hi Mary, So glad to hear about Rick. Thank you for all the pictures as, yes, it could have been a dog show
    also. So glad you have gotten rain. That sky looked wicked. We have a total of about 1 1/2″ of rain this last month. It is better than none. Got 2/10″ tonight. I usually read the comments as they give me a lot of information, ideas, and news. But missed the one where my quilt rack(vintage railing) was in. Just gotten to think that I didn’t look at the comments that day. Thank you Jan Hellman and Cathy D for your comments. The vintage railing was from our front porch. They were in the burn pile so I had my husband go back out and get them! I was looking for a quilt rack but the racks were so skinny that I saw. Wow, I was lucky.

  25. Rita in Iowa

    Mary glad to hear Rick’s ankle is healing nicely. Now for the next adventure of hip replacement. I will have surgery on my foot next month. So trying to get weeds pulled so all I will have to do is cut and clean up after the frost. Or it may have to wait till spring.
    Got back from a visit to my daughter’s near Chicago, spent 10 hours at football practice. Played croquet, husband played catch with grandson, played miniature golf, lots of board games, Bay Blades battles, Alexander watched as I repaired a slipcover on the sewing machine. I first had to clean it.
    It was a great trip but always nice to get home.
    Working on a scrap quilt of over 500 4 patches, about have done with piecing.

  26. Judy A

    Mary, I LOVE reading the comments, but if I hut the “follow up to comments” button, I am always sorry cause my mail seems to ding way too often. I’d rather scan and read them all at once or at least a bunch at a sitting, not one every 5 minutes (ok, that’s a tad of an exaggeration:)

    Your car show with the dancing in the streets sounds awesome, and even more fun with all the doggies, in spite of the fact that I am not a dog person. One of the most fun dog things I’ve ever seen was when I visited my daughter in Austin, TX. We drove to the Colorada River where there was swimming on the upstream end for people, and on the other side of a fence of sorts was swimming for pooches on the downstream side. MANY dogs enjoying playing and swimming for sticks in the river.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy A – I wish that button weren’t there – nobody wants that to happen – but I don’t know how to remove it so just be careful.

  27. JoAnne from NW Wisconsin

    When I had my hip replaced 6 yrs ago it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, and followed Dr’s orders and PT and was back to church 2 weeks later. Hope it goes as good for Rick!

  28. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    Good news for Rick, and you, so that he can move forward on his surgery. Loved the dog/car show too. It seems as if all dogs were enjoying the night out with their people. I also always read the comments. Some are really truly comments on your post, and often other comments are newsy from their corner of the world.
    My newsy comment today is that my daughter and I have been seriously cleaning out my basement. 6 pick up truck loads to the thrift store with more still to go. But, the real news is that at least 30 years ago I made my mom a full size purple/lavender Trip Around the World and today, in the clean out, I came across a ziploc bag of all the extra already pieced and cut strip sets ready to make into a smaller version that I can use as a donation top. I think I have enough for at least a throw or maybe a twin size top if I add some borders. I lost my mom last summer and have her quilt in our extra bedroom. Now I can continue with her in my memory as I work with these leftovers.

  29. Kathy in western NY

    Good news is always welcome to hear but especially for all Rick has gone though so now he can proceed with his hip replacement.
    Thanks for giving us this blog to become acquainted with many around the country and the world.
    The puppy dogs all seem so happy and behaved.

  30. Mary Says Sew!

    So glad to read Rick has been cleared to go ahead with a hip replacement! I suspect that’s a load of both of you. And fingers crossed it can be done soon, before winter weather complicates things.

    Am I the only one who sees a quilt pattern in the brick sidewalk?

  31. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The dog pictures are great. I am so glad you arrived home unscathed from the storm.
    Rick’s Mayo news is wonderful.
    It is to be cool and rainy here tomorrow, almost feels like fall. 🤗
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  32. Linda

    I love when people take their dogs out it’s great when dogs are socialized and don’t bark at other dogs or people. And you see interesting breeds and mixes that way. The first picture of the little Aussie looks just like my Sammie, who is supposed to be my husband’s dog but she has been too much for him to handle so I guess she is mine. Sammie should have been more exposed to strange dogs and people but boy, she is a barker. And she is half the size of my English lab Miles but she thinks she is the boss of him and jumps on him constantly. And she has taught Miles to bark at everything she sees! In that crowd she would never sit and stay like that little boy’s dog.

    Thanks for the pictures, looks like it was lots of fun. Glad red didn’t get an interior wash.

  33. Georgia

    Beautiful dogs – what a great day for them! How are the Guineas doing? Such clever birds & comedians to boot. I raised 6 from chicks & kept them with my chickens. Everything was fine until Guinea’s matured – they seemed to dominate over the chickens & my poor old rooster & the hens were “not allowed” up on the roost at night. During the day, while outside roaming, everyone was fine & kept to their own. Birds of a feather always flock together is so true. Next time, I will house them in the old barn rather than the chicken coop, which gets closed up at night & is tight quarters – only one area for 2 roosts next to each other.

    If anyone who loves our furry friends needs a good laugh, YouTube video “Fox in chicken coop ” shows a laughing Russian man discovering his new “chicken” who snuck into the coop one night & was doing his best to try to convince everyone he was not looking for chicken dinner. Link:

  34. Chris in Alaska

    Loved the “dog show” , especially since I’m missing my handsome boy . And such great news about Rick ! Hugs to both of you 🙂

  35. Susan K in Texas

    Good news for Rick! I guess you will be nurse for a bit longer as he has his hip surgery. Hopefully the surgery and recovery will go smoothly and he will feel so much better!
    What a fun dog show. So many different dogs! Our neighbor has a baby corgi and a grown black lab mix. The corgi is so precious I love to see her outside with her people so I can play with her. The lab mix barks constantly but I talk to her all the time through the fence. The other day she got out and chased my Klaus up the tree. She just wanted to play. Klaus eats the grass right up next to the fence just to mess with her so the treeing was payback. 😉

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