Good News!

The stray barn cat survived!  I saw him in the barn last night and he looks fine.  I don’t know where he hunkered down during that brutal cold spell but he looks good.  He has food, water and heat and a soft place to sleep if he’ll only just stay in the barn.  I’ll get a picture when I can.

28 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Betty Klosterman

    Many years ago a cat arrived at my Mom’s. She said she would feed him, but he wouldn’t come into the house. My husband and I were taking bets on how long before the cat got inside. It happened and he lived to be an old happy, fat cat!

  2. Rebecca Haines

    Thanks for letting me know he’s okay. I was thinking about him, funny how something so small and so far away can affect you. Merry Christmas , Becky

  3. Laurel Clement

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for your love & care of animals! I know it’s a long shot, but my cat is missing, and I’m checking with everyone in case they’ve seen him. There’s a picture of him on my Facebook page and also on the Garner Vet clinic’s Facebook page. His name s Cy. Thanks!

  4. Shirley

    There’s a sign at your house, you know. It says, “A Kind Hearted Woman Lives Here.”

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Kathy

    What great news! It’s going to be safe from harm this Christmas with your loving home. My vet always said a stray cat finds you for a reason. I have found it to be true.

  6. Martha Engstler

    I echo the hooray for the barn kitty. My husband saw a stray on our front porch this morning and has now put an igloo house out there and some food if it shows up again.

  7. Betty Klosterman

    Did everybody forget that cats have 9 lives?? God does take care of his creatures.
    Merry Christmas to everybody in this wonderful year. Happy New Year, too.

  8. Vickie Devore

    I totally understand how you feel!! Every once in a while one of the barn cats don’t show up — not sure where they hide, but they usually reappear in 2 – 3 days and I am soooo happy they are all right. It is so hard to not worry. Merry Christmas!!, vickie

  9. Carolyn

    I have thought about that silly cat so many times and it’s good to read he is ok. He might have spent more time in that barn than you think. Know you can breathe easier about him. “Barney” sounds like a good name.

  10. Diane

    Yippeeee!! Way to go Barn cat and Mary for taking such good care of him. Our kitty survived two weeks under our porch after a blizzard!! Never know how they do it, but they do. Angie, you said it so well:)

  11. San

    What great news, kitty is safe. Mary, would you please send me your e-mail address. There’s a pup that needs rescuing and you may have the contacts to make it happen. Thank you. San

  12. Rose Mikulski

    I love reading good news, I thought it was going to be Chicklet was a girl but knowing that Barn Cat, can we call him Barney?, is fine is just as good. Oh the joys of Christmas!

  13. Kathy

    Oh the joy of survival for that sweet barn cat! I’m sure it will be revived and enjoy the gift of your love and care as long as it has such a welcoming from your group of animals! It is so fitting to know that the life of a small cat has been renewed. Merry Christmas.

  14. Angie Rowland

    I am so glad to hear that he is ok. What a haven he must have thought when he found the warm place to sleep with water and food. Now he will have a good Christmas. Isn’t that what the true meaning of Christmas is? To give shelter and food to those less fortunate? I think so and Bless You for taking care of him.

  15. Gayle

    Hooray! Merry Christmas, Barn Cat! We love you!!!! Thank you for providing good homes to all animals.

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