Good Sunday Morning!

Emma loves her chair to sleep in!

23 thoughts on “Good Sunday Morning!

  1. Launa

    Emma has the right idea! On occasion I’ve caught myself dozing off in my recliner after a busy day. Just saying!!

    Still dark outside this early morning and a busy one it will be as it’s BREAKFAST WITH SANTA at the AG Center; my husband has volunteered to help.

    Mary, did your team win? I’m hoping the Raiders win their game today.


  2. MJ

    This is great!!!—finding chicken scratch in my email box once again. I don’t know why but I enjoy hearing from you and the farm very much. I guess because the messages are usually very cheering. I enjoy all the comments from others too. A quilter from South Africia appeared with a comment on one of your email yesterday. You have touched many! I am thinking of this Christmas season and want to thank you for the joy and peace that your news of the farm brings.

    Oh yea, I feel like Emma in her chair too!! I get pretty comfortable in my chair anytime of the day. Does that make me a pampered goat?

  3. Sally Dunn

    Where’s her coffee mug? Does she have a tv too? Too cute! I love to see animals being well loved and spoiled!

  4. Jan Mittler

    I cannot begin to tell you how much it means for you to be back up online!!! I have missed you terribly and your postings about your pets. For those who do not have pets, it means a lot to see what the animals are doing and how they have been also.

  5. Marilyn Morley

    Was thinking of Emma and your animals as I sang carols at church this morning. There are many references to the animals in carols!! Thanks for taking such good care of them and sharing with us. M

  6. Andra Sims

    So glad to find your blog. I’m in the habit of reading all your farm news and seeing the pics and I really needed my “fix” today! My grand daughter in Minneapolis will love to see Emma too. We miss you guys.

  7. Malynda Reed

    Emma is probably resting after doing her weekend Christmas Shopping! New Tin cans for every good goat on her list!

  8. Sue Davis

    I remember when she came to you. No other goats like her. Now look at her, she takes care of her old friend and is extremely comfortable in her role as “spoiled”

  9. Mary

    This is so darn cute. So glad you are back, as I have missed seeing the goats and all your animals. Emma is definately one happy and spoiled goat. (and loving every minute of it)

  10. Saundra Handy

    How precious is that? You make want to go out and buy me some goats. So glad you’re enjoying retirement. It’s awesome!

  11. Reva Coash

    Mary: Have you discovered the new children’s book, Manger?” It is a collection of poems about the animals in the stable at the birth of Christ. It is supeer to share with children. My daughter Rhys will read the book for children’s time on Christmas Eve at oour church. My cats, Dora and Diego, are my only pets left now. We lost our Schnauzer, Bailey at age 16 this year. She waits at the Rainbow Bridge. reva

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