Goodbye, Dirty Carpet!

The carpet in our upstairs has been there for about 22 years and after more cat and dog “accidents” than I care to recall, I hired two kids to help me take it out.  I do not want carpeting again and until I decide what to put on the floor, it’s going to be subfloor with old dried up glue.  I may even put vinyl down with several area rugs – anything that I can clean myself.  There will always be dogs and cats here so I will not consider carpeting again. 


Here are my helpers , Brigid and Zach, who tore out all the carpet but I made 46 trips down the steps carrying the old carpet to the trailer.  They carried the couch down and as well as several other pieces of furniture.  What a great feeling to know that dirty carpeting went to the burn pile.

Sassy and Biscuit are here this weekend and all that running up and down the stairs wore them out.  Notice the floor – not a pretty sight but for now, it’s clean and I am tickled pink about that.

The goslings are well, snuggled underneath Mama Brown Goose and they will soon need baby goose food which I’m going to Mason City tonight to get.  Tomorrow I will sew!

12 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dirty Carpet!

  1. Susie Q

    Would love to have your helpers!!!! carpet – weeds – boxes of fabric – boxes of books, so much busy work that needs strength and energy.

    Not sure if you really want to burn carpet…… all those man made chemicals will melt as well as burn and the air….. ick.

  2. Ann Barlament

    And while the dogs are snoozing, I’m quietly checking out the treadle in the background…..

  3. Ruth Bridges

    Mary, they have vinyl out now that looks like wood flooring.My daughter Penny put some in her kitchen that is on the darker side and has that scraped look like it’s worn(?) looks really nice. The nursing home I work at just redid the flooring in 7 rooms they also put a wood look vinyl in ,it is a lighter color. People think it’s wood until we say no it’s vinyl.( they took the carpeting out of these rooms) I would thin his would e even more practical then say laminate flooring because you still have cracks between the boards where liquid can still get down into. Anyway also wanted to say your yard sale was a blast ! Looking forward to pumpkin day – I have it off !

  4. Mary

    Thanks for answering my “burn” question. I know even when we lug something off to the dump or put it in the dumpster, it’s creating more stuff somewhere. Now I have another question or two. What do the baby goslings eat? Do you have to worry about any of the other animals eating their food or vice versa? I grew up in a little town of 1,200 people nestled in the hills of upstate NY. Many of my classmates were bused in from the surrounding farms plus my parents both grew up on farms. And my b-i-l was a dairy farmer for many years so you’d think I’d know more of these answers. If you care to answer the answers I’d appreciate it. Hope your quilt is progressing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Goslings eat grass, corn, commercial baby goose feed, bugs – they are growing already. I’d like to let them out on the grass but until I make them a small pen, it’s out of the question. With 4 acres they’d meet with disaster, I’m afraid, so I cut the tender newest grass shoots for them and they gobble them up!

  5. Launa

    Sounds like another extremely busy day at Happy Dog Farm for everyone. Nice to see your very attractive helpers and to hear how well the trio of goslings are progressing. I bet you sleep thru the night after all those trips up and down the stairs, Mary!! You certainly deserve a full sewing day tomorrow; enjoy it!

  6. Carol

    We took out our carpeting years ago and I painted the subfloor cream until I could decide…it made for a lot of family jokes but I just couldn’t decide and didn’t want to make a mistake in my choice. So glad your goosies are all doing well…they are so cute!

  7. Holly

    My husband is really knowledgeable about poultry and has raised a lot of goslings. He suggested to lock up the white goose and let the brown goose out with her goslings because grass is so nutritious for them and they grow so fast on it. The goose should be extremely protective of her babies. I’m sure everyone has an idea because we’re all rooting for the surviving goslings!

  8. Paula S.

    Mary, when we built our house, we put vinyl flooring in the bathrooms and laundry room. I hate cleaning tile and had it everywhere in our old house and decided never again! There are many lovely patterns now and I picked out sheet vinyl that looks like individual tiles. Everybody thinks it is real tile and can’t believe it’s vinyl. There is also a product called luxury vinyl tile that goes down like ceramic tile but has the ease of vinyl for cleaning. You’ll find something beautiful that’s easy to clean!

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