Gorgeous Saturday, 4-8-23

It’s breezy but nice enough to leave the door open so Fluffybun can get some fresh air and just look outside. Here are two of the sweetest Easter quilts I’ve seen – I know you’ll love them!

Here’s Lucy and Ivy – both sweet girls!

Please notice the red ribbons around the trees – the snow was up to the ribbons at its deepest last winter.

Some of you got the piano music but not all. I’m going to try it again tomorrow on Easter morning – Up From the Grave He Arose!

Yard work is looming – so much of it. Becky picked up a load of sticks for me when she was here with the dogs on Thursday. Yay!!

Watching The Masters – now suspended because of rain.

27 thoughts on “Gorgeous Saturday, 4-8-23

  1. Kimberly Lusin

    Wonderful Easter quilts and I love the trees with the red ribbons. It’s a gorgeous day here in northwest Indiana, so my husband and I have been doing some yard clean up. Now we’re going to take a nap because we’re going to the 7:30 Easter Vigil at our church and don’t want to fall asleep! Lol
    Happy Easter, Everyone!

  2. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Cool here, but sunny. I make the grandmas hunt fir their baskets even though they are 21,20,19 and19. It is hilarious. One of them always cheats and tells!! Happy Easter tomorrow. I will look forward to your playing😀

    1. Sandy

      Hi Mary, Bella was barking madly this morning, l reckon the Easter bunny has been visiting again! Got given some chestnuts so going to try them out today, and make some chutney with green tomatoes and fejoas.also have a top ready to pin,but that might be tomorrow. Have a happy Easter everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    2. Jan Hebert

      That made me laugh Diane! Thinking of the grandma’s out looking for Easter candy! Too funny! Happy Easter! Jan in MA

  3. Pamela Dempsey

    Good news! The cat director sent me pics of the possibly FIV kittens . I picked #1abd 3 , Doubtfire and mcfee , a tabby and a calico, male and female. They are 6 weeks so can’t adopt them for 2 more weeks. I will name them Danny boy and Penny Lane 🥰

  4. Pamela Dempsey

    Just sent their pictures in email to you Mary, don’t know how to attach it in a comment 🤪

  5. Marcia Rocheleau

    Nancy TD, I’d love to know the name of the pattern fir your small bunny quilt! It’s very cute. I’d love to make one.

  6. Launa

    Loved the Easter Bunny quilts, too!
    We’ve had sun, snow flurries and a tad of rain today way up in Idaho. Was 32o this morning and is 43o @ 3:30 🕞 pm!
    Seems the Forest Service feels it is safe to do some prescribed burns today!
    Made sense to cancel today’s rainy golf ⛳️!

  7. Jeanine from Iowa

    We had a really nice day yesterday. We planted our potatoes, radishes, carrots, and we planted our onions a week or so ago. Our garden really worked up nice. It was nice today, but a little cooler today, and more breezy than yesterday. I also raked off my flower beds and other leaves that didn’t blow away last fall! It was a great day to be outside. Today I did some more cutting and sewing.
    I could not get your music yesterday. I figured it was just me, but I guess not. I hope I can get the one you do tomorrow. We have an Easter breakfast at church in the morning with a service to follow. (I made a breakfast casserole today that I will bake in the morning.) Looking forward to the service. We have a young gal in our church that is going to do a chalk drawing for Easter.
    I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter or Resurrection Day.

  8. Barbara Firesheets

    I’d love to know the pattern name of the first quilt (bunny made with log cabin blocks). Label says Nancy TD.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Very darling Easter quilts.
    I do love seeing my Harvey out on my door this time of year.
    Picking up sticks can be an endless chore but an extra pair of hands always welcome. Becky is such a good person to help out with the dogs and bending down to get sticks.
    Happy Easter to all you wonderful readers!

  10. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: I was unable to open the music in your blog but found it on Facebook and listened to it there. Beautiful day here today. Bailey loved being outdoors. I am taking an egg casserole to church for our breakfast before Easter service. After church I am having Easter dinner (ham) with some close friends. I am taking blueberry muffins. Everyone was assigned something to contribute to the meal. It should be fun and interesting! Happy Easter!

  11. Linda M Lutz

    Hi Mary! I was one who couldn’t see/hear your music. I will look forward to it.

    Every time I check your e-mails, I think of my times there. I miss it and would love to touch base with you.
    Did I tell you that my friend and i were at your sale and did talk to Connie but we weren’t able to get through the crowd to talk to you!

    Thank you for your blog!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – HI! I did not know you were at our sale – but that’s no surprise. So many people there! I don’t know how to post the piano videos/recordings. I’ll have to get a lesson from Becky – nice to hear from you!

  12. Brenda in N Calif

    Both of the bunny quilts are adorable. I would love the names of the quilts. But first I have to make Harvey.
    I can’t get out for Easter Services but will watch the service on YouTube. Still cool here but they say 70 for the next two days. Looking forward to it.

  13. Kathy Hanson

    I hear you about spring yard work, Jerry has been hard at it today with more to do! That is really hard work for you, I hope you take it easy!!! 😊❤️

  14. Margaret in North Texas

    I have not signed up for facebook. i just put in the search engine–facebook Mary Etherington and her song came on after clicking

  15. Ann S.

    Happy Easter!! I love the bunny quilts. It’s a beautiful day here in northwest Ohio. Lots of sunshine. I hope your day is sunny too in more ways than one.😎

  16. NancyTD

    Everyone that is interested in the patterns for my Easter wall hanging and quilt—-
    Wall hanging is the book Holiday Happenings by Crystal Carter. Printed in 1987 by That Patchwork Place. (24×28). Made my borders bigger.
    Quilt is is the book Quilts for all seasons: Year-Round Log Cabin Designs by Crystal Carter. Printed in 1993 by That Patchwork Place. (74×86)
    They both took a lot of patience making 2.5 inch log cabin blocks.
    Look online for used books.

  17. Susan K in Texas

    I love the bunny quilts. Such springy colors.
    Happy Easter!
    We had early Mass and then lunch with our son and his fiancé. Our tradition is steaks on the grill and cream pies.
    We heard from our Iowa family. My son built a tractor tire sandbox for the boys. The oldest one played and played and didn’t want to get out.

  18. Sandy Kolarik

    Hoping you had a wonderful Easter. It’s been hot here in Illinois, suburbs of Chicago. Also cleaning up the outside twigs and cutting dead branches in old bushes. Never a dull moment and sewing is not happening lately. The older I get the less I get accomplished in a day. Nice to see the flowers starting to come up.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I do believe all of us are in the same boat so to speak. All getting older and can’t do what we did 20 years ago for sure! The outside work needs to be done in small amounts of time – before we all kill ourselves!

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