Happy Birthday, Gladys!

Connie and I attended a 95th birthday party this afternoon for our friend Gladys Jurgemeyer. When we started in business way back in 1983, all of our quilts were hand quilted….by Gladys. If you have any of our older books and patterns, you will see her name. She is also in the group picture in the book “Use It Up, Wear It out, Make It Do or Do Without”. Gladys had been part of our lives for many years. She lives at the same care center my mom was in and actually she lives in Mom’s old room. It is bittersweet for me to visit her there.
Happy Birthday, Gladys!

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Gladys!

  1. Jane Dumler

    A very special day for all of you. Happy happy birthday to Gladys! Jane in Denver

  2. Ann

    Happy 95th Birthday Gladys! You’re a beautiful lady and since you are a quilter…you have to be sweet too!!

  3. Beryl

    How special! Happy Birthday, Gladys! Hand quilting is an art…wish I could do it…arthritis keeps me from doing much handwork at all anymore.

    Avon, MT

  4. donna j

    What a great story and a wonderful tribute to Gladys! I wish her many more years with her quilting friends.
    Donna j from Wichita.

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