Happy New Year!

Baby, it’s cold outside – right now our wind chill is 36 below. We don’t venture out many places although I did go see Gayle today after I stopped to wish Reed and Myra a Happy 10th Birthday. Here are the Birthday twins!

The barn animals are surviving with a small furnace and heat bulbs. Those kitties are so smart – they lay in the rafters directly across from the furnace so the heat blows right on them. The animals could probably survive without this much care but I simply couldn’t stand it – thinking about all of them shivering in the barn.

Here is a Christmas gift made just for me – an egg apron! You wear it to gather eggs and carry each egg in one of the little pockets leaving your hands free to work. My friend Linda from New Jersey crocheted it for me – isn’t it just wonderful?

And here are the three tuxedo cats:

Meta’s Cloud, Diane’s Squeak, and my Millie

It took me a day and a half to get all the Christmas decorations put away and this year I was determined to clean and organize the little storeroom under the eaves.

I have to get on my hands and knees to crawl in but then I can stand up. Look how much extra room I gained!

I have not started my winter decorating except for this quilt, my all time favorite, Wear Warm Clothes. Could it be any more appropriate with temps at 20 below? Ha!

The other day when it snowed so beautifully, I snapped some pictures outside – before Rick started moving snow and making it ugly.

Thanks to all of you who so thoughtfully sent a Christmas card – I loved receiving them!

Stay safe in this brutal weather and “wear warm clothes”!

42 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Brenda archambault

    Happy New Year to all of you above the Mason Dixon line. We’ve broken warm records here in Arizona and I’m enjoying the warmer weather. After having spent almost 3/4 of my life in the cold, this is my reward! I do enjoy seeing all of your snow laden pictures but am happy to view them from afar! Thanks for all the farm news, it’s the highlight of my day.

  2. Rita S

    Happy New Year to you and yours, animals included. I am finishing a wall hanging called Christmas Cube that I started in 1998. Will feel good to mark off a UFO.

  3. Launa

    Staying inside near the fireplace this evening. A very Happy 10th birthday to Myra n Reed. Tomorrow’s my husband’s birthday. He plans to bake apple crisp for the four of us. Doubt if we shall stay up and watch the festivities in Times Square tonight. Not quite as cold here in Idaho, but we have an over abundance of wet snow. …read in weekly paper about 117” this season.
    Happy New Year, Mary.

  4. Maryjane in CA

    Are these cats the kittens of your ferrel cat you have or had? They’re so pretty. Hope all animals are being treated as well as yours are in the brutal weather. Pretty awful. Keep cozy and wrapped in quilts.

  5. Susan

    Happy New Year, Mary! It’s been terribly cold here in Ohio. We got about 3 inches of snow on Friday. I’m ready to start cleaning out closets for the new year, but have been couch bound for over a week with a terrible case of bronchitis and the flu. Come on spring!

  6. Kathy Schwartz

    The snow pictures are wonderful. Yes, it is beautiful until the hubby gets involved; then the “pretty” is all over. Right now it is minus 18 and the windchill is minus 39 here in Slayton, MN. Not much traffic on US Hwy 59 right in front of my house. Happy New Year to all and happy birthday to the twins–double digits finally!

  7. Rebecca

    May your new year be blessed. I look forward to all your sweet letters and great pictures to come.

  8. Sherrill

    Happy New Year to you! It’s freezing here but nothing like you guys. But I’m wearing warm clothes for sure! The little triplet kitties are so cute..funny how they almost look identical in their markings.

  9. Caryn Bravos

    Happy New Year to you too!!! I really enjoy your blog especially the Christmas post, so perfect 🙂 All the best in 2018!!

  10. Kathy Hanson

    Happy New Year Mary! I so look forward to your pictures and posts. I am sure you will be very busy now with the quilts for your book. Will look forward to seeing it! Try to keep warm!

  11. Donna 🐱

    Mary: Happy New Year to you, Rick and all your farm friends. Your snow pics are beautiful as are the kitties and twins. I see you had a little helper up in your eves.
    Right now in St Paul it’s -9 with a wind chill of -27……..brrrr.
    Mary thanks for all your posts, I enjoy reading them and pics too. Stay warm.

  12. Meta O’Connell

    Thanks Mary for including my Cloud on your blog. Happy Birthday to Myra & Reed. Stay warm. Happy New Year!

  13. Melody Lenart

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for all the wonderful post that you have written all year long. Especially loved the Christmas Eve Post with all the animals in the barn. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  14. Betty Klosterman

    What a good night to stay inside. Right now the thermometer says 12 degrees below, but the night is over yet. It was 20 below when I went to bed last night. And your egg apron. Never heard of that one before. Just don’t forget and lean up against something or sit down.
    I’ve always liked your Wear Warm Clothes, but never got the whole thing made. I did make the snowman a couple times. The only decorating I did this year was a couple wreaths outdoors. It was always so cold and so windy. Didn’t want to be outside any more than I had to do. I sure like your news as I remember everything about County Threads. It was always such a fun place to visit. Time passes, but hopefully we don’t forget. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Take care and keep warm.

  15. Beverly Lockmiller

    Happy New Year Mary Love seeing all the pictures and reading all about the anamials and you. I too have a tuxedo cat. She is about 8 years old and I rescueded her from the pound. they told me she was part Maine Coon. Just love her to death.

  16. Pat Smith

    Happy cold New Year. It is frigid here in northern Vermont, too. I don’t think it’s been above 0 in a whole week—too cold to ski, too cold to do much of anything outside. The dogs are depressed and dread going out.. Thank you for sharing your pictures and life on this blog. I look forward to every post and getting another little picture of life in Iowa. It’s a life I remember so well .

  17. Felicia Hamlin

    A very Happy New Year Mary, I hope this cold snap will snap out of our lives soon. I feel so bad for my Zena, I have been putting two coats on her but those little paws get cold in a jiffy. I feel for those animals who live with people who are cruel to animals and are indifferent at best. Did you hear about a piece of scum here in B. E. who shot his dog multiple times and then dumped it on thre ditch while still alive? Somebody rescued it but it couldn’t be saved. Now he has another felony. Sorry excuse of a person. I am sorry.

    I enjoyed seeing that kitty in othe middle of the wreath. Cute! Wish Reed and his twin sister avery happy birthday. May you continue to be blessed this year with animals and quilts among other things.

  18. Betty

    Hello all of you – Good bye 2017 and Happy New Year 2018 – thanks. Here so cold 10 degree today and had snow 1 inch few days ago..all this week so cold…

  19. Olive hart

    Hi Mary
    Have been enjoying your posts for quite some tome now. Love getting them.
    I am from Canada and it is very cold here also.
    Happy New Year to you and all your farm animals.
    Keep the mail coming .

  20. Marilyn

    Happy New Year to you. So enjoy reading your blog end the pictures are wonderful. I look forward to your blogs. My the New Year be rich in blessings for you and Rick.

  21. Joanne

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to another year with Mary and her animal friends . stay Warm! Maybe making the Quilt wear warm clothes this winter would be appropriate.

  22. Martha Engstler

    Thank you so much for all your time and effort sending all your admirers your wonderful pictures and keeping us up to date with what’s going on at the farm. Wishing you a very Happy Healthy New Year and look forward to seeing your blogs in 2018. I’ve been doing punch needle since I got hooked on it after buying my first ones at your shop and loading up on a bunch the year before you closed. At last I’ve started finishing the backs and put one on a small box for my grand daughter–she was thrilled. I love doing it but now need to find uses for them. Thanks again for being a friend to all of your readers.

  23. Janice Brown

    Happy New Years to both you and Rick, and your furry and feathered family! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and I am looking forward to another year of what life may bring to you. Regarding the cold and snow . . . We live just south of Suttons Bay, MI. Apparently, the Great Lakes helps moderate the temps so we haven’t been as bitterly cold as you folks but we have had plenty of lake-effect snow this winter. The snow is really pretty and it has really transforms the landscape. Stay warm!

  24. Diane

    Mary, thank you for sharing Cloud, Squeak, and of course, Millie. They DO look alike:) Also, I love all of your posts. That crocheted egg gatherer is a great idea. It will keep them safe:) Happy Birthday to the twins–10 years old. What a great age:) Also, thanks for my next project. I have always wanted to make Wear Warm Clothes and I even found the book at a sale:) My first trip to a quilt shop was in January MANY years ago. One friend mentioned wear warm clothes and I thought she meant because it was cold outside–lol. I’ve learned a lot:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  25. Sue

    What a great New Year’s blog, Mary. Thank you. Made me smile all the way through. The birthday twins are handsome kids. So sweet, too. Love the “Wear Warm Clothes” quilt. Very appropriate for your present weather.
    I can’t imagine it being that cold. We had a cold night…ice on the birdbath this morning. But, the weatherman is calling for 55 for the high today. That will warm the cows and chickens.

  26. Cheryl Kirchhoff

    Happy New Year! We in St. Paul are going to have 64 hours of sub zero temps before it ends! I love your winter quilt.i have that pattern…….maybe this year! Thanks for your emails. It is like getting a note from home!

  27. Patricia Bradford

    Happy New Year from Texas. Its unseasonably cold for us here. 17 this morning but will warm up to 35 today. By the end of the week it will probably be in the 80’s. Texas weather is crazy. As my husband says the only thing that make Texas summers bearable are the normally mind winters. Love your farm stories. Stay warm.

  28. Debbie B

    Happy New Year to you and yours! I have my “Wear Warm Clothes” quilt hanging also. I love it and get so many compliments on it to this day. I’m from NE Iowa, but down here in FL we need some warm clothes too. They say this week will be the coldest in 8 yrs. Not near as bad as Iowa, but quite a surprise. Hope 2018 is your best ever.

  29. diane matthews

    LOVE the egg apron! And love how you take care of your animals. The barn furnace is a great idea. I’ve never lived anywhere but California (born in So Cal, moved to No. Cal, now live in Central state) but am thinking of moving to escape the high cost of living. But don’t know anything about snow and preparing for snow and dealing with snow. BRRR. Take care , love all your posts. Diane M

  30. Bobbie Knight

    Happy New Year Mary from Seattle where it is 36 above zero! I can’t begin to imagine weather that is 36 below zero. Love seeing your projects, animals and life on the farm. May 2018 bring you joy!

  31. lorraine bujnowski

    Happy New Year!
    I just love that quilt Wear Warm Clothes! I would love to have a copy of the pattern. I know it is out of print. And the egg apron is just perfect.
    Stay warm.

  32. Kathy Bahn

    Happy New Year, Mary, Et Al!! I loved the egg collecting apron! How clever is your friend!

  33. MartyCae

    Happy, happy New Year to you! The black and white kitties are so pretty and I see Hazel was helping you to rearrange your storage area!

    I hope everyone at your house is staying warm – my feet are frozen!

  34. MJF

    Your egg apron reminded me of gathering eggs with my grandmother, but we used her apron. That’s been over 65 years ago!

  35. Ann Barlament

    Meta’s Cloud, Diane’s Squeak and your Millie could definitely have been siblings! How fun with the similarities!!

    Happy 10th birthday, to Myra & Reed!

    There are six confirmed cases of Influenza and I’m one of the sickies. This part of the building has been on lockdown, today was the first people were allowed out of their rooms. The side affects from the Tamiflu medication is as nasty as the illness.

    Glad you and your animals are tucked safely, inside and warm.

    Happy New Year!!

  36. San

    Dolly and I are very glad to hear all the critters in the barn are warm and well loved. We’re dropping down to single digits here in the mountains of NC, which is very unusual for us. My only hope is that it lasts long enough to kill of some of the fleas and other bugs we had too many of last summer. Isn’t it fun to transition to new quilts after the holidays. Such a cheerful greeting when you walk in the door! Stay warm.

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