Happy Valentines Day, 2-14-22

Let’s start with some great reader quilts!

I have gotten gifts from several readers lately.

– today I got a box of very special assorted chocolates from SUSAN in Ohio. Not only do I love assorted chocolates but I think a woman giving another woman a box of is extra special! Thank you, SUSAN!

I also received a chicken tape measure and a Jarkey to open vacuum sealed jars from Nancy and a lotion bar for my fingers from Karen. I thank you all for being so thoughtful! I have the best readers!

These patterns are available from me through the mail or online.

Honor America – $5
Jelly Roll 9 Patch – $5

Once again I’m having some problems posting this blog so I’ll close and hope you’ve all had a delightful Valentines Day!

Can you see the image of two sheep heads?

Lazy Hazel!

Hoping for a warm up this week – today it was 20! Felt warm! I really enjoyed the Super Bowl game but can’t say much for the halftime show – I know I’m old.

55 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day, 2-14-22

  1. Diane Bruno, MN

    Oh Mary you aren’t old, Just common sense.
    What great quilts and a big array of them.

    1. Dorothy

      I agree with you about the half time show Mary. Just not my thing but did enjoy the game although I was cheering for the Bengals!

  2. Sue in Oregon

    I do see the two sheeps heads. What is that? A dessert?
    I made a cherry pie today for my old Valentine. He is a happy camper tonight.
    Great quilt today. Happy Valentines Day to all.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Oregon – it’s actually a bar made of lotion to put on my hands – it comes out of the tin and fits in my hands

  3. Bonny

    Such a LOVELY post today! Thanks Mary for a warm Valentine post! Really look forward to reader’s quilts! They inspire and motivate!

  4. Lynn Haines

    I just love the reader Quilts thanks everyone for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day Mary.

  5. JanetB

    I agree with you about the half-time show. Most of the performers were close to my son’s age. My granddaughter knew of most of them.

  6. Linda in NC

    Love all the quilts! Especially the pink and white table runner with the white hearts. Would love the name and publisher of the pattern please. My husband said the super bowl commercials were as bad as the half time show. Why can’t they ever have a show that is uplifting, entertaining and one you can understand the words!!! Too much money wasted on nonsense.

    1. Sue In Oregon

      Thank you, Linda, for your nice compliment about my little quilt. I made it to be a doll quilt, but it could be a table runner or a wall hanging as well. No pattern. It is the old classic single Irish chain pattern with a heart appliqued in each plain block. My blocks are 5.5 inches unfinished but they can be any size you want. Again, thank you.
      PS..I didn’t watch the half-time this year because last years was so bad. Sounds like this years got even worse.

      1. Linda in NC

        Thank you Sue. I’m putting it in my to do list. My sister lives in Redmond OR. Anywhere near you?

        1. Sue in Oregon

          No. We live on the coast in Coos Bay. We go to Redmond every fall to Eagle Crest. Love it there, but the winters are too cold, summers too hot. We are so mild here.
          So, you are from North Carolina? I have only been to the south once and that was Florida. Flew in and flew out, so never got to really see much of the south.

          1. Linda in NC

            My sister and her husband live in Eagle Crest. They have been there for 15 years. They love it. They wanted to move from Southern California to cor de laine Idaho except for the winters, so they chose Eagle Crest.
            My daughter lives in Portland, been there 3 years after her husband was transferred from Charlotte, NC.
            My husband and I moved to Dublin, New Hampshire in 1986. He was transferred from Pasadena, CA to Boston, MA so we bought a house in NH and he commuted until he retired. Still have family in NH and we visit 3 times a year. I want to move back! The South is too hot, but Charlotte is a nice place. Ive been to Coos Bay and most of coastal Oregon since I was a teenager. Beautiful State!

  7. Jessica in Florida

    Happy Valentine’s Day You’re!

    You’re not old, Mary — we just have better taste in music! I ended up muting the TV…I honestly couldn’t take it.

    I loved all of the reader quilts! The first one really hit me…the background fabric is an exact fabric of one my late Mom’s favorite winter nightgowns. It brought back a lot of memories…man, I really miss her and my Dad.

  8. Jessica in Florida

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    You’re not old, Mary — we just have better taste in music! I ended up muting the TV…I honestly couldn’t take it.

    I loved all of the reader quilts! The first one really hit me…the background fabric is an exact fabric of one my late Mom’s favorite winter nightgowns. It brought back a lot of memories…man, I really miss her and my Dad.

    1. Jessica in Florida

      Sorry about the duplicate! I thought I caught it in time to fix an error and apparently I was wrong.

  9. Carolyn Howard

    Have to agree with you and the other commenters, the half-time show was awful, thought this was a time for family to watch a football game. Do enjoy the posted pictures of your reader’s quilts and, of course, Hazel.

  10. NancyTD

    Happy Valentines to everyone! Great quilt show today
    Mary, I hope the jar opener helps getting the vacuum jars opened easier. I was pretty excited to find at the drug store .
    We didn’t think much of the halftime show either. Just not our type of music.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie R – yes, one jelly roll is needed to make Jelly Roll 9 patch.

  11. Carol Eberhardt

    Mary, the mute button. It works wonders for trashy halftime shows, which it seems they increasingly are. We cleaned the kitchen during that production. Loved the game though, happy with the Rams win. The only way that game could have bend better is if the Buffalo Bills were playing 😝 we love our Bills and they were fantastic this year!

    Something I thought was disgusting was the trailer for the Lakers movie or TV show or whatever it is that is coming up soon. One if the players says, “Two things make me believe in God: sex and basketball.” Seriously? Prime time TV, lots of preteens and little kids watching, families having a fun time and that’s thrown at them. There is just no decency left in this country. I’m appalled. But my husband asked why I would be surprised by anything anymore.

    Oh, I was glad the e-trade baby was back, and the Doritos commercial was great!

    I loved today’s quilt show! So much talent! Yes, I saw the sheep heads, too bad you have to smush them to use the product!

  12. Kimberly Lusin

    Wonderful quilt show for Valentine’s Day! I loved all of them! Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, I couldn’t get into the halftime show either. I think I’m showing my age! Lol.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Thank you for thinking of us today to wish us a happy Valentine’s day. Our hearts are all happy with such a nice quilt show you gave us once again. So many nice ones to look at. And even one with shirtings. Can you see I looked at Bonnie Hunters book to understand what to do with shirtings now????? We too left the room when half time show looked like it was way tooo busy and hard to follow. Wish they didn’t have a half time show but showcase more of what the players do for charity work as they should be doing with their fame and money. Maybe then we could show more folks how we need to do better.

  14. Joyce from NY

    Loved the quilt show today & I agree with you about the halftime show, it was awful!!

  15. Sheila in WI

    What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for the wonderful, Valentine quilt show. I love the variety of ideas and fabrics. So much talent! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the other readers.

  16. Mary M Rhodes

    Happy Valentine Day!! Love the quilts. All so pretty! The football wish Bengals won but not. Halftime when they said who going to be bad! Commercials too! Just turn something else on . Hazel so cute!

  17. Sheila in MA

    Fabulous quilt show today! I was having computer issues myself tonight and was about ready to call it a day
    when I spotted your email. How quickly my bad mood turned to good. I was not crazy about the half time show either. My daughter who is in her 50’s thought it was great. I was glad when the Olympics came back on.
    Thanks for continuing the blog, I just love seeing what you and others are up to. I am with Hazel ready for bed and warmer weather. Only in the 20’s in MA today also. Saturday was in the 50’s a real tease.

  18. Launa

    Mary…thanks for showing quilt pictures n lazy Hazel!
    My non football friend referred to Sunday game n half time show as STUPID BOWL! Bet she isn’t the only one?

  19. Celeste in WI

    Love all the quilts. Such talented & creative people!
    As for the football halftime show and commercials – awful, just plain awful. The mute button isn’t enough – changing the channel and NOT supporting the companies who advertise would be more helpful.

  20. Ann in Virginia

    Lovely quilts and I agree that the halftime show was trashy & I wish impressionable young people were not exposed to this kind of prime time show.

  21. Cathy D

    I enjoyed the game but did not like the half time show at all! Really, I watch just for the commercials ☺️. Tomorrow is supposed to be much warmer here in North Central Iowa so I hope to get out to the garage and cut some wood bunnies for crafting. Happy Valentine’s Day to you 💕.

  22. Billie

    I’m glad to read I wasn’t the only one who did not like the half time show!! I thought it was awful. And the commercials weren’t much better this year. Loved seeing all the quilts. Have a wonderful evening.

  23. Rhoda

    Thank you for the great quilts and Happy VAlentine’s Day
    The Super Bowl game was good and would have been excellent with the Packers playing
    Sitting with my sisters none of us liked or understood the half time show. I think the NFL And AFL should rethink their halftime entertainment totally and like the suggestion put out here to highlight what the players are doing helping others.

  24. Helen

    Totally agree on the super bowl. Almost didn’t watch it but son talked me into watching. Matthew Stafford graduated from Univ. of Georgia. Go Dawgs! We skipped the halftime as that type of music is definitely not ME! lol! Hope it warms up soon everywhere! I want the Honor America and jelly roll 9 patch patterns. Hope I remember to order them in the morning. Good night from Georgia!

  25. Kathy Hanson

    What a wonderful “quilt show”!
    Loved them all! Have to find your pattern shop as I want at least one of your patterns. Didn’t see it on this one today. How nice were your gifts today, happy Valentines Day today!!

  26. Kris in WI

    Thanks to all who “entered” the Quilt Show! When you post the reader quilts, Mary, I always find something to admire. Today it is the little plaid
    quilt with the hearts and buttons. So, so cute. Well done everyone! Rest well, Hazel, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

  27. Barbara Ramey

    I would really appreciate information on the quilt with the Christmas tree in the center and large blocks around the border. There are also cardinals in the background. I would like to make this quilt too!

  28. Kim from TN

    What a wonderful variety of quilts today and all those gorgeous hearts. Wow. We passed on the super bowl and watched some Olympic events that we had DVR’d. I don’t think I missed much. We did watch a clip of the highlights of the game today.

  29. Jo in Wyoming

    I didn’t see much of the half time show, sounds like I made the correct decision to go do something else. I thought the commercials were pathetic too. Well, most of them. Our grilled cheese sandwich were wonderful. I added a little ham. Soup and apple slices. Yum
    The quilts today are grand. I, too, got lots of Valentine’s from sisters and friends.

  30. Candy

    Well, the only good thing about the halftime show was that it was the perfect time for a bathroom & kitchen break! Our 40-something daughter thought it was the best ever … whatever!?! The game was pretty good though, but a shame that the referees had a big impact at the end of the game. I never thought I’d see a picture of a ‘lazy’ Hazel … LOL! I’ve had one of those lotion ‘pucks’ in my purse for years (a different brand … no sheep heads!). I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  31. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Wonderful quilt show, Mary! These quilters have really been productive. Take care; spring is on the way. 🥰

  32. Charlotte Shira

    Such beautiful quilts today! The football game was really good but I wanted the Bengals to win! And that shouldn’t have been a holding penalty on Logan Wilson. He was touching the guy’s shirt but not holding him! Saw a minute of the halftime show and couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Yes I am old too but we haven’t watched the halftime show for years….not my kind of entertainment and not suitable for young teens and kids. I was really disappointed in the commercials too! There were a few good ones but most of the time we looked at each other and said “What was that about?”

  33. Susan Sundermeyer

    Mary, so happy you received your chocolates in time for Valentines Day. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl as my heart couldn’t handle watching my Bengals lose. I don’t know why the half-time show’s always have to make a political statement. Just entertain the masses. On a side note, the coach for the Rams, Sean McVey was born in a Kettering, OH hospital right down the street from where I live.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan s – these chocolates are the most delicious I’ve ever eaten! Such thick hard chocolate and such creamy centers – they won’t last long because I love them so much.

  34. Janet of MN

    The Christmas tree quilt is amazing. The little bit of the half-time show I watched was obscene. Honestly, who wants to see people playing with themselves. Changed the channel. Weather in southern Minnesota will be in the 30’s today then the bottom drops out again tomorrow. Oh well.

  35. Margaret

    What a wonderful display of quilts.love seeing all the hard work going into each one. Also Hazel, she is a cutie.. our weather here in Illinois is up and down right now, we get a taste of warmer then maybe little snow. Praying for you and Rick. So hard growing old in many ways.. stay warm and enjoy, hah!

  36. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Happy Valentine’s Day plus one to you and Rick, Mary, It seems like I am always a day late! 🙁 I love the heart quilt show, too. The homespun one gave me a good idea for using up my many homespuns and buttons:) I have a heart quilt top on the bed that I’ll snap a picture of and send to you. Then, it’s going to the quilter. It is a pattern our “Heart Of Ohio Quilt Guild” uses for comfort quilts for anyone who needs one. This one is actually for me, but I have worked on many over the years.
    We have Spectrum in Central Ohio and it was out until almost 6:30 on Sunday. I am sure people would have been very unhappy if we couldn’t have seen the game!! Sorry the Bengals lost, but it was a good game.
    I missed having more Clydesdale commercials. That one was pretty short, but it did have a dog and a horse:)

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        You’re welcome🐶😺. This is funny. My blue and pink heart quilt you posted does not look blue and pink. It has to be my phone because that is how the picture looked before I sent it to you. Weird because the other pictures of the pillowcases and table toppers are just fine. Technology😹😹.
        Have a good day, Mary. We are gphaving pouring rain which is actually good b/c it is melting the 3 inches of ice on the ground!

  37. Barb Onnen

    Barbara Ramey commented on my Christmas tree quilt. It was a hand piecing class project 25 years ago!
    I had it mostly put together with the exception of the bottom row when I was frustrated with one of the blocks and put it away. Resurrected it in December and finished it. All surrounding blocks are hand pieced except that problem block and one other. The center with the tree is machined log cabins. While the original pattern did not have the cardinals in the tree, when I finished it I felt the center was too plain and had the inspiration to add more color with the cardinals. Happy that you loved it.
    Barb Onnen in Iowa.
    Thanks to Mary for sharing 3 of my Valentine quilts and the Country Threads cardinal all quilt.


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