Hazel’s Late Night Adventure, 2-13-22

Last night after 10:30 while I was still reading and enjoying all the comments, Telly came in from outdoors without Hazel. I didn’t pay much attention but I heard her go out the dog door shortly afterwards. About 15 minutes later Telly came in again and sought me out – no Hazel. I finally realized that Telly was telling me to come with her to wherever Hazel was. I grabbed the flashlight and followed Telly out to the west side of the grove – through brush like this in the pitch dark except for my flashlight. I couldn’t even hear Hazel barking! That’s when I got alarmed.

We finally came to a large fallen tree which was hollow at the base.

You know where this story is going, don’t you?

Yup, I heard Hazel barking about 10-12 feet into the tree!

I knew she had something cornered and trapped in the fallen tree because I could hear growling and hissing. I kept calling her name and she finally backed up close enough for me to grab a back leg. When I had her in a death grip I shone the light into the hollow tree – a terrified BIG raccoon was staring back at me!

We hurried back to the house where I could see her fur was full of those wood chips and she had a small cut by her eye and her nose. Into the kitchen sink she went at 11:30 pm.

This is Hazel this evening – I hope she doesn’t “come to life” about 11:00 pm!

Honestly, do we have to have a “close encounter” almost every single day? After her bath I still had to dress Rick’s leg. And on that subject I want to thank you all for your love and encouragement! I know I’ve got support behind me!

Today these windows got washed on the inside – moving and caring for all the plants as I went. I don’t know if I’ve ever had clean windows in January! Tomorrow it’s the plants in the basement that I’ll work on.

And now I have some news about an upcoming “event”. Get ready to sew a fun project next week. Connie has been planning this since last month and it’s almost ready to go. She will even be offering fabrics! She’s fine tuning all the details now – remember I told you she’s moving this spring and she has more fabric than she wants to move. YOU can help her out through mail order.

My last thought is this:


Don’t ever think your life is too boring to tell us – I am sincerely interested in your lives and have just loved getting all your feedback!


111 thoughts on “Hazel’s Late Night Adventure, 2-13-22

  1. Angie from Baltimore

    I bet the raccoon was glad you grabbed Hazel’s leg. Glad she was hurt more because raccoons can get nasty. One drown my Dad’s dog got in the creek and held his head underwater until it drown. My father couldn’t get to the dog in time. So glad Hazel has Telly to go fetch Mamma.
    Where is Connie moving? I had many many yards of fabric I had moved to my apartment in storage and decided to donate it to a sewing guild that makes Linus quilts for Social Service so glad it was going for a good cause. I wish I had your energy Stay safe COVID is rampant around here many people are unvaccinated and getting really sick.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – I was terrified that she would be attacked! What a tragic story about your dad’s dog – I would never have imagined such a thing! How awful to watch!!!

  2. Sandy

    I’m glad Hazel is ok but sorry you had to go out so late. Is Connie moving far, I know you’ll miss her. Can’t believe she’s going to leave her beautiful garden. I’m sure taking care of your husband is a lot of work but also hope you’re taking care of yourself. God bless.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – Connie and Roy are moving to their lake home about 2 hours west of here.

  3. Mandy Stewart

    Glad Hazel is ok and Telly came and got you. Living in Oklahoma right off a golf course pond, I know how big coons can get and when cornered could really have hurt Hazel. She’s one tough little girl, give her an extra hug from me.

  4. Rita in Iowa

    As a girl growing up on a farm with 10 siblings I was always afraid to go out in the dark. I hated to run the table scraps out to the dog or the hogs. But the worse thing was to chase stock cows that had gotten out. You never knew what they were going to do. I can still remember hiding behind a tree up yonder. That is what we called the buildings and cow lot across and up the road.

    So you going out to the grove in the middle of the night reminded of my younger years.
    I know you had to get Hazel and I’m glad she is OK!
    Stay safe tomorrow with the snow coming.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita in Iowa – I already cancelled my hair appointment in Algona.

  5. Carol Eberhardt

    Hi Mary, I know you’ll sympathize with this turn of events. My husband went to see his surgeon yesterday as it seemed his hernia repair didn’t hold. Yup, need a repeat but this time, not robotic, a nice slice. So longer recovery. Tick tick, like one of your days, blood work, X-ray , EKG and medical clearance done within 20 hours. Covid test tomorrow, surgery Monday.
    Now comes the tricky bit, after no snow all season, 20 inches will fall between Sunday and Monday. Just what I need. I have done no winter driving in two years… we didn’t go anywhere in 2020 and half of 2021, and haven’t had sniw this season, and now I get to do treacherous winter driving in a nor’easter with a man with a slice in his abdominal wall, praying no one hits me in an icy blinding blizzard.
    I should buy a lottery ticket, this streak of luck is really something. Sheesh!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – oh good grief! Could you go early and stay in a hotel? This sounds like something I’d be writing and I know how anxious it must make you. I’d be worried sick – what a terrible thing for me to say. I’m sorry – please be careful and let us know!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Go before the storm and wait til it is over to travel. It is cheaper than a car accident. I look at the idiots on the east coast stuck in the blizzard. Even tho you might be able to make it, the other drivers may not creating a horrible mess. You didn’t say where you lived…..
        Betty in Rapid City

        1. Carol Eberhardt

          Buffalo New York, where all the weather channels/news point to as getting the worst of Izzy! Of course!
          The good thing about Buffalonians and Western New Yorkers is we are used to it; the bad thing is zero visibility, which we are also used to, but you can be a great driver and still get into a mess if you can’t see anything. I might have to insist they keep him overnight and I’ll sleep in the lobby. I’m definitely more worried about the ride home.
          Trying to “Be Still” as Mary says, and have faith it will all turn out ok. But I’m packing overnight bags because faith isn’t always the total answer, sometimes wisdom is part of it!

      2. Carol Eberhardt

        Will do! We are watching the weather status about … oh, every ten minutes… and hoping the hospital calls to reschedule for Tuesday.
        Is your husband like mine… don’t worry, it’ll be fine? There’s never a problem until it’s so big you cannot ignore it. Kind of like ignoring hernia pain, thinking “it’s gas, it’ll go away”! Until you see your abdomen bulging and feel a rounded hard rock protruding!
        After surgery we will definitely stay in a hotel if the storm doesn’t abate. He doesn’t want to, but guess who’ll be driving the groggy patient! I can easily make a left hand turn… and I will!

        1. Susan K in Texas

          My husband had horrible leg pain one night after we went to a hockey game. His leg was red and hot by the ankle. It took two hours of arguing with him and texts with our nurse daughter in law before he would go to the ER. He had cellulitis.
          So I totally understand the type of husband you’re dealing with. And yes the more practical wife can stop at a hotel if she feels safer. He can sleep in the car if he doesn’t want to stay!
          Safe trip and successful surgery for you both!

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Susan K – why, oh, why, are they so stubborn???? At least now I know I have some symthetic wives on my side!

  6. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Oh Hazel! Mama needs a break🙀🙀. I hope her scratches weren’t raccoon bites. I worry for her with raccoons and rabies. Maybe you need a baby gate—haha! She does add to your interesting life-lol. We had raccoons and a skunk
    coming for food when I was feeding Buddy on the porch before he moved in. Those raccoons are nasty. That is wild that one held the dog’s head underwater. Ugh. Telly should get a dog hero medal for looking out for Hazel. Just like Lassie🐶🐶

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – that’s what we said! Telly was the hero – she knew Hazel could get hurt and badly! Whew!

  7. Lynda

    Beautiful picture with all the plants and CLEAN windows. Can’t hardly see out of mine so I will enjoy yours. 😊

  8. Kimberly Lusin

    Wow, Mary, there’s never a dull moment for you! Glad Hazel is ok. I love your room with all the plants and windows! Can’t wait to find out about the new sewing project surprise because I really need to start another project. Lol!!

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Golly Mary, you must have slept like a rock last night after all that! I hope it didn’t bite Hazel cause we lost a cat when I was a child to a raccoon and they can be vicious. I learned young not to let cats be outside or heartbreak can happen. Boy Telly is one smart dog to have around!! She knew it wasn’t right. I can’t let our dogs out without one of us watching them cause of coyotes around here.
    It’s going to be bitter cold here tomorrow and through the weekend, with the possibility of big snowfall on Monday. But the big talk is the Bills football game Sat night! I am already cringing at all the parties in close quarters and gatherings and then more covid cases after that. When will this end!

  10. Bonny

    Mary, every day there are 3 blogs I look forward to reading, and yours is one. Seems like everyone is navigating choppy waters, coping with what life hands us. When I didn’t see yours, I figured there was a reason. Today I left my phone at my 99 yr old mother’s place, didn’t realize it until 10 miles away and already late where I was going. Lots of catching up to do! Like other comments, your Hazel could have been seriously hurt…racoons are scrappy! And in hindsight, I should have been a nurse given the roles family has required. We do what we have to, to the best of our ability. Keep posting!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonny – what are the other two blogs you read? I’d be interested!

  11. Diane Bauer

    Oh, Hazel, I’m so glad you’re OK!!!!! Telly truly is the hero getting your attention!!

    Your porch is so lovely!! My dream house will have a porch just like yours!!

  12. Ann Marie

    I love coming here and reading your post. When I see your pictures I get a sense of calm that snow always seemed to do for me. I am in Florida and don’t really miss it, but the pics are lovely.

  13. Sheila in WI

    Love this post. Telly reminds me of the old Lassie shows where Lassie would bark until they followed. Ok… now I’ve really dated myself.
    Glad to hear Hazel is ok.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sheila in WI – I am dating myself right along with you because I thought of Lassie, too!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Lol I get to reveal my age range too – my first thought was Lassie leading everyone to Timmy in the well! Good job Telly!

        1. Charlotte Shira

          I’m right with you ladies. The first thing I thought about Lassie! Telly gets the Lassie award. So glad Hazel is ok!!

  14. Marcella from Illinois

    Life in Iowa, or the wild west! Sure glad to know your adventure had a good ending. That Hazel is a true five year old and finds herself in some questionable situations. I don’t think I could keep up with her. Sure glad Telly understands what’s going on. I have been thinking of you and Rick as you handle the nurse and patient situation. I am sure Rick is thankful for your help! Take care and just one step at a time. I can say from experience as we get older it just doesn’t get any easier.

  15. Suzanne Golden

    Glad Hazel is okay, boy did she have an adventure. Unfortunately you had one also

  16. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Hazel has many adventures! Thank goodness for Telly to act like Lassie to point the way. What a night for all of you.

  17. Donna : Minnesota

    Telly is your “hero dog” & Hazel is one lucky dog to only come away with a few scratches but had Telly not been so persistent the outcome could have been worse. Sounds like these two need a fenced area to pre/poo after dark. I’m very happy you rescued Hazel. After all that excitement, Hazel’s bath & your nursing duties I hope you were able to unwind & get good sleep.
    I agree that it would be wise if Carol E could go early & get a hotel & best the storm.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – funny you should say that because I just closed the dog door so they couldn’t go out. Yes, I’m convinced Telly saved Hazel’s life!

  18. Tammy Guerrero

    Glad your pup is ok! Here in Indiana on our farm we can’t leave our dogs by themselves at night. The coyotes here are bad. We have left our chicken coop open accidently two times and each time they were eaten. Fo you have them by your farm?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tammy G – at times I hear their barking and yipping in the distance and I’m sure they could get over our 6’ fence if they really put their mind to it but so far they haven’t. I hope and pray they never do!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Smart to close the dog door for awhile. I hate hearing coyotes howling in their packs cause I think they have something cornered or chased up a tree. A coyote did get through a fence in our town and grab a dachshund and it was gone so very sad. Even though I have a fenced in area it’s just white slats fencing from Home Depot that they could jump over so if I see ears perk up I know my dogs sense something near by so we head back in after their business.

    1. Ellie

      Love hearing about Telly and Hazel’s adventures. So glad she wasn’t badly hurt ! Raccoons can be nasty and carry diseases according to our vet. Since I mentioned a vet I’ll tell you we have a white German Shepherd. He’s about 8 and very mellow. He loves people and everyone love him! I’m sure you will miss Connie when she is farther away and I’m sure she will miss you too!

  19. Debra Reber

    Many years ago I had a similar raccoon experience with one of my dogs!! I knew he had something trapped in a thick group of bushes. I could hear hissing & growling. I could not reach the dog. My daughter, who was smaller than me, was able to crawl in the bushes & grab the dog by the tail & pull him out!! (Not an easy task as he was a good sized lab) When we shined a flashlight into the bushes, we saw the raccoon!! The dog’s face was scratched a good bit, but otherwise he was ok!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debra Rebel – oh my gosh! Almost an identical story! I’m just so glad Telly persisted in getting my attention . Yes, much hissing and growling!!!

  20. Launa

    When we lived in Sandy Hook, CT I had a good friend who fostered a baby raccoon! She said it was time to teach it to eat in the wild when it tried to take a full coffee mug from her hand! They get very strong! Her husband crawled on hands n knees teaching it to eat certain plants , etc. A year after it’s release the female raccoon returned with two babies. Never returned after that!

    With the Elk, Deer and Moose here we have to be careful of their predators; especially after they have their young. I saw a Mountain Lion once on the property outside my sewing room window!

  21. Helen Jane (TX)

    Hi Mary, we do care…We All Care! After reading a few blogs (catching up) our internet/modem went out including land line. Prayers for Rick (oh! he needs to drink that powder) Prayers for your stamina. I learned about Country Threads when it was picked in Quilt Sampler. I was drawn to your and Connie’s way of designs. Recently I found the Country Threads Quilt Shop Series. I luv these patterns! We call our place Rabbitspatch and included is a pattern Rabbit Run! Always enjoy the farm news! I grew up on a farm with cotton being the “cash crop” and other crops mainly to benefit the farm needs. My needlework/quilting interest came from my mother and grandmother. Hazel is a real hunter and Telly her sweet dog friend. Take care until next time…

  22. Jane Dumler

    Oh that Hazel—she is a real monkey—full of all kinds of adventures. Typical,terrier—loves to have fun! My lab is recovering from torn ACL’s in both hind legs so right now she is leading the quiet life. This was the result of wild activities on the ranch last fall. Hopefully you will ha=e a quiet day today and a peaceful evening. Take care Mary. I am in Colorado.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane Dumler – I remembered you’re in CO but thanks for saying so. One of my labs had both ACL’s torn, one right after the other – way back in the early 80’s when I had no money at all. Went to Iowa State University vet school where there was a sign “if you’re financially inconvenienced, we accept Mastercard and Visa”. Both at the same time must be a nightmare! How do you keep her quiet?

  23. Susan K in Texas

    Good for Telly! Don’t you know she was wanting you to follow her the first time. She left again to check on Hazel and make sure she was ok.
    My grandpa had a pet raccoon named Bunny. He loved it and it was huge. It didn’t like anyone but my grandpa though. It’s my grandpa that lived out at the farm with the dance/party barn in Lindsay.
    My cat Magnus often tells on his brother Klaus. Klaus is the adventurous one – he climbs trees and gets on the roof. After a couple of fights with other cats Klaus only goes outside with a harness and leash. Magnus is very relieved.
    The adventures never end with a pet with a big personality like Hazel has!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K in Tx – I closed the dog door tonite so she can’t go out and look for that coon again! No need to invite trouble! Naughty Klaus – cat fights leave such abscesses for both fighters.

  24. Mareen

    Oh Hazel…….I don’t think you will ever tire of the “chase or hunt”! Mary you for sure have a lot on your plate…prayers for bothe you and Rick…..

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mareen – this blog is also keeping me very busy right now! Hazel has got more zip than I do!!

  25. Deb

    So glad Hazel is ok. My little dog would do the same thing. We have to take out side and stay with her. There is a large owl out looking for dinner and little dogs are on the menu. Hope Ricks leg gets better soon

  26. Lauren

    So happy Hazel is okay. I love reading your posts, you certainly have an interesting life.
    Keep the updates coming. I hope everything turns out okay with Rick.

  27. Denise Peterson

    Telly to the rescue and then you. You said the raccoon had big eyes, I am pretty sure I would have big eyes looking back at him. We have been without a dog for about 8 years and decided we just had to have another dog. So we now have a Wheaton terrier that is a couple of months old. Busy guy for someone like me who forgot about how fast they are.
    Anxious to hear about the sewing plan. It will be fun, I’m sure.
    Dee from Wyoming

  28. Candy

    When we first visited the west coast, we were told to keep our small dog on a leash on the beach … eagles will swoop down and pick them up … Yikes! A few years ago our neighbor looked out her back door to see an eagle sitting in her fenced yard, where it had already taken a swipe at her ‘chunky’ small dog’s neck. She managed to rescue the dog and the eagle flew away. This was in town! For that reason, we always watched our small dog when she was in the yard, or went out with her. (Sadly, we lost her 3 months ago … she was 16). Lucky Hazel … and good job Telly!

  29. Jo in Wyoming

    I put a runners light on Loretta when she goes out after dark. There are too many “things” out there for her to go by herself. Telly is the hero!! I’m so glad Hazel is ok. Her curiosity keeps you busy.
    I’m still working on my ledger. Yes, I still do all my taxes by hand. If I kept up every month it wouldn’t be so bad, but…..where’s the fun in that?

    Your porch looks so nice. My windows are pathetic. It’s the biggest job I have to clean them, so, I put it off. Sad.

  30. Beryl in Owatonna

    So happy Telly was a tattle tail!! And that you are more brave than I am!! When I lived in Montana we were always watching for other animals, we had them all. Our dogs were all safe, thank goodness
    I was in Liscomb, IA this week. I was going to stay the week but changed my mind after the weather reports!! We di some fun things Tuesday afternoon after I got there and then again yesterday, went to Ankeny to the chiropractor this morning and then I headed back to MN. We better both get snow this time around or I will be upset b/c I didn’t stay. I have no desire to drive in snow and wind!
    I’ll bet Rick is very thankful for your nursing skill, though minimal. Those kind of dressings are not something he could do himself. He is blessed and you are too!

  31. Jamie in Phoenix

    Telly is a real hero! So glad Telly is looking out for our Hazel. Just read a message on Next Door yesterday from a local lady who would get up in the morning and find her pets food and water bowls empty and said that was unusual. Then she noticed tracks on the floor that were not cat or dog. Tuesday night she saw a raccoon coming through the doggy door! She now has to close it off at night. This is in Phoenix, AZ!

    Glad Hazel is ok and keeping you in my thoughts as you perform your nursing duties.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jamie in Phoenix – I’m sure the same thing would happen here but I close the dog door at night or Hazel would be running in and out all night long!

  32. Beth T.

    Good for Telly! Hazel is too brave for her own good. When we moved to the rural Oregon from the Southern California suburbs I was shocked at how many small children told me horror stories about their little animals being eaten (and torn apart) by wild raccoons! I had grown up on Disney movies and thought of raccoons as our funny little masked friends, but soon learned differently. I know that some people raise them and have great experiences, but the wild ones can apparently do a lot of damage with those hands. Because we have big dogs the raccoons have steered clear of our property, but I’m always worried when our little guy Leo–our first little dog ever–gets excited about something. He’s one of those “too brave for his brain” kind of guys when instinct kicks in. Which is exactly how I would be if I had to defend him!!

  33. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Hazel really does keep things interesting; what a funny little girl! I am so glad to hear about Telly; I was just thinking about her today.
    I love all your vintage animal pictures above the (nice clean) windows and plants.
    We took advantage of the abnormally warm temps today. We had an errand to run and enjoyed a great sunny ride knowing the weekend will not be so mild.
    Take care. 🥰

  34. Diann Smith

    Thank you for going to check. Better fix the tree so there won’t be a repeat problem.

  35. Linda in Michigan

    You certainly never have a dull moment in your life. I’m just glad the Hazel adventure turned out good, that raccoon could have really tangled with Hazel and done some damage.
    You amaze me with all the cleaning you do! I lost all interest and desire to clean years ago, especially with my husband home every day. I get NOTHING done when he’s following me around, questioning every move I make.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – I can identify with “questioning or commenting” on everything I do!!! Drives me to the point of exploding!!!

    2. patti leal

      this is why i’m afraid for my dh to retire. he’ll drive me nuts! with my copd and lack of energy he has had to take on lots of household stuff. i can never find anything. he never puts anything where i put it. it’s been crazy. i’ve told him he must have a hobby in order to retire. he even sometimes will try to second guess my piecing. but he is a fantastic man and i’m very blessed to have him. sometimes i feel like he doesn’ think i know a thing. argh. i’m sure others can understand. patti in florida where it finally hit 68 today but we are expecting 40s this weekend.

  36. Susan B. in Virginia

    I so love reading about your life and your pet’s adventures. I had a cat many years ago named K.C. (stood for Kitty Cat) and he got into it with a raccoon. His neck was very torn up. Fortunately, we got him to the vet and got him taken care of. Raccoons are cute, but still wild animals and can be vicious! Glad you and Telly rescued Hazel! Looking forward to what Connie is offering!

  37. Sally J.

    So thankful that Hazel is all right and Telly was to the rescue.
    Your porch is very beautiful and so cozy looking. Love all the plants!
    Finishing up on my New Year’s Day quilt today or tomorrow! Will send a picture next week.
    Sally, Fl.

  38. Karen

    I live on an acreage and I was afraid Hazel’s adventure was going to be with a skunk! I had a dog that didn’t let the spraying of a skunk stop her from trying to get rid of it. Oh how she would smell! Glad everyone is safe and sound and back in the house.

  39. Diana in Des Moines

    We have a small barn in the back that my boys and their friends used as a fort and slept in some nights. One day, they came running out screaming, Its Alive! My husband went to see what the ruckus was about – there a big mama coon in there making a nest in the loft. Long story short – he’s now buried behind the barn, the boys were more cautious after that!!
    Mary – I only visited the store a half dozen times, but consider you a friend through your blog. I commisurate with you on Rick’s wound as we have had the exacy same thing with my Jim. I share your stories with him and my friends, and I consider you a friend also. If you don;t post for a day of a couplle days, I assume life is more important than a blog and you are either dealing with farm things, Rick things, or enjoying quilting.
    Take care our friend and prayers for Ricks healing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana in DM – I recognize you as from DM – I’ll bet I’d recognize your face from the shop! Loved the raccoon story.

  40. Donna Albright

    Love your clean windows! I washed part of the windows yesterday…should have done them all. It was a vast improvement! The dirt from the derecho a few weeks ago was awful and such a funny color – not our Iowa dirt that’s for sure. I also took care of my few plants and they look much happier. It was a good day for a walk with the dog too. She has loved the last 2 days because we took walks and she got to ‘read’ all her peemail. The snow blower got the tires aired up and it ran just fine – sure hope it works just as well when we get the snow that is supposed to be coming. It was supposed to be snowing this morning by 8 am and it hasn’t started yet. When I looked at the weather a little while ago, it looked to me like the majority of the snow will miss us. We sure need the moisture but I will not miss the snow.

  41. Linda

    Mary Hazel is so precious but boy mother nature sure can rule those puppies! My Sammie the 2 year old Aussie is a lot like Hazel, she knows the critters are on the prowl after dark and very very often jumps the dog yard fence and hunts at night. I can hear her barking all over the farm scaring up deer and whatever poor animal that’s out. One week on four different nights she brought the same small opossum up on the front porch. Of course after she came in the poor thing quit playing possum and disappeared but apparently not far enough away. You gotta love em!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – they find possums pretty often but I won’t let them co to use to terrify them – they just won’t quit barking and nudging them so I get the live animal trap, prop the door open and scoop the possum in and close the door. Then I drive the trapped possum to a wooded state park about 10 miles from here and turn it loose. Better for all involved.

  42. Margie Braaksma

    Always something exciting on a farm, wouldn’t change it for anything! Glad Hazel is ok, raccoons can be very scary when cornered. It is snowing like mad here this morning, with 8” predicted. A good day to sew!
    We are getting ready to go to Texas for a few weeks and planning what I want to take from my projects I have started.
    I’m sure Rick’s PAD is exhausting but it will get better. He’ll have years of good health when this all gets taken care of, the Mayo Clinic is a great place!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margie. – we got quite a bit of snow last night and then the wind came up making big drifts – we probably got 8-10” and are definitely snowed in today.

  43. Bonny

    Mary, I follow Jo Kramer’s Jo’s Country Junction and Bonnie Hunter’s blog. Occasionally Pat Sloan, Jenn Strauser, Dianne Harris….do I hear the sound of a time vacuum!? All help keep my mojo running!

    I’m in western Iowa

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      I follow the same three blogs as you do, Bonny. We must like scrappy quilts. I sure do. It is snowing like crazy here in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Suppose to get 8-10″. I need to go to my sewing room.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonny – I don’t know Jenn or Dianne but I’m going to look them up! Thank you, Bonny!

  44. Nancy

    Hi, Mary…
    I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy receiving your emails…I lost my son 2 years ago (he was 32) and it is a grief that could never go away….but I have learned to live with it. Your emails are a bright spot in my morning.
    I wanted to share that I feel for you with your new nursing duties. My husband has health issues and I have had to be “nurse Nancy” many a time. Last year, he had shoulder surgery and they found an infection inside his shoulder. I had to do IV’s once a week for 8 weeks. The first time I removed the IV, i forgot to lock it and I had blood everywhere…..that night, I sat in my chair and sobbed….then I got up and did his IV…..It did become easier. So, I feel for you ….and I pray for you. I just share to let you know I have some compassion for what you have to do….I think I would prefer IV’s to changing bandages…☺️
    I don’t know if you remember, but I had once shared the story of how my parents met and you printed it the Goat Gazzette….I also shared my mother’s Funeral cake with you…the cake made with cake mix and pudding. Wanted you to know I am still out there and I appreciate you sharing your life. Maybe we all live vicariously through you….I have never met you, but I can say that I love you….I say that a lot to people since I lost my son….maybe because my heart is shattered, there is so many spaces to fill with love…
    Again, a heartfelt thanks….

    1. Lynn in Scottsdale

      Nancy, I am so sorry you lost your son. Filling those empty spaces in your heart with love is a positive way to live with your loss.

      I cut your funeral cake recipe out of the Goat Gazette and have made it. I don’t make it so much anymore as my husband shouldn’t have sugar.

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – NANCY! Thank you for writing – your funeral cake recipe is on my frig in the pantry – it’s my go-to recipe for an emergency potluck or company. I don’t remember the story about your parents – tell it again please. I’m not sure I could put in an IV – this wound care I’d most definitely getting easier! Thanks for the encouragement!

  45. Glenda Fletcher/SD

    Mary, My heart took a flip when you were telling about Telly and Hazel. Thank goodness for Telly’s persistence and knowledge. Very fortunate for you and Hazel. When we were growing up,Trixie, border collie, and Tiny,” duucks mixture (Slang) would tree a raccoon at night. Dad had to go out at night with his
    gun before they would stop. I would go the week ends to my folks with my kids. The boys liked to hunt. Trixie and Tiny had something in a pile of tree limbs and wood out back. They got grandpa to come with them to raise the pile up with a board. The two older boys had their bb guns ready. The two dogs tore into the pile when grandpa lifted the area. The boys got the skunk, Tiny and Trixie got sprayed, and my 3rd son got sprayed. Mom got the old tub out and used some of her canned tomato juice.My boys and the dogs were great hunters. Thought of that story when Karen mentioned skunk. This is great with all the emails that are replying to your email Mary. Is so much fun reading about everyone’s adventures. I am writing down any ideas on a piece of paper if I want to comment on some ones email. Good way of
    gaining some knowledge and ideas from everyone. I am also curious as to Bonny’s other two blogs. From you, Mary, I am reading Jo’s Country Junction. Connie will be a couple hours away the pits but you can still do a lot together. Can’t just pop in as much but can plan different things to do. The phone is a great help. Anxious to see what Connie has to offer. Will have to look on the map where Liscomb, Ia is. Beryl was in Ankeny so know where that is. Keep up the good job with Rick. You are doing so much for him. Take care of yourself so you don’t get run down. Beth T said she had 2 big dogs and now has a little dog named Leo. She said Leo is “too brave for his brain” kind of dog when instinct kicks in. We had 3 Pomeranians, Princess, Shaquille, and Dominique. Dominique was like Leo. He weighed around 4 pounds. He was very brave barking at our fence looking up at the Samoyan(SP) dog on the other side!
    Carol should go early and stay in a motel. Then you are there and safe rather than trying the icy roads.
    Just going to the sewing room at night. Another lady that moved from White Bear Lake to Wisc. to their lake home comes also. We have a good time. Every one stay safe.

  46. Helen Thomas

    My dog, Hope, is a 22-month-old black lab, who is still acting like a puppy. She LOVES riding in the car. Our ritual almost every morning is for me to let her out, while I get ready for work. When it’s time for me to go to work, she’s nowhere to be seen. I blow my gym whistle…no response. So I pick up Hope’s leash, walk to my car, start it up, and open the back. Here comes Hope galloping from wherever she’s been, and leaps in. I push the button to close the back and she gladly rides in the back until I reach the front door. Then I put the leash on her and take her in. I think she’s trained me pretty well!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      OMG Helen, what an adorable story to share with us!! I could vision it all. Like Mary said we all have a story. All these comments have been so wonderful to read and reread through. I am so amazed at what all of us go through each day.
      So off to sew as it’s snowing pretty good here!

  47. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    Telly is a rock star, that’s for sure. So glad you were able to bring Hazel and yourself home. For your safety, in the future I would recommend grabbing your cell phone on the way out the door. My mind goes to worst case, and if you needed help or help with/from an animal, especially in the dark, it might be a lifesaver.

    Just three months ago I saw a crumple of clothes in a parking lot and as I neared I realized it was a person who had fallen. I threw my car into park and grabbed my phone as I went. Two other people ran up at the same time, neither had a phone. I made the 911 call. Help arrived within minutes.

    Maybe I am preaching to the choir and you had your phone. If so, good job. Just want to have you and those you love be safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – yup, I had my phone! When I go out after dark or in a snowstorm I make sure I have my phone. Last nite I was with Hazel in the barn for so long that Rick called me! Haha!!

  48. Michele

    Thank God for big dogs. Whenever we had Franklin or Izzy here and they didn’t come back in with Bentley, I would send Bentley back out and tell him to “go get” the particular dog’s name and Bentley always brings them back inside.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Michele – too bad Hazel won’t listen to Telly! Thank God Telly came to get me – I’m quite sure Hazel’s life was in jeopardy. Just think, what if tonite she was dead!!! We also had an adventure in the barn last night and when I have time I’ll write that story, too. Hug to B!

  49. Jackie in Moreau, NY

    Oh my word – that Hazel sure does have some interesting adventures! I’m excited to find out what surprise Connie has in store for us. As for me, I’m slightly better than yesterday (not as exhausted), but still fighting a headache, swollen glands, and serious congestion. Thankfully I have nowhere to go before Tuesday. I’ll be stitching and goofing on the internet.

  50. Stefanie Breslin

    I love your blog, but mostly care about you❣️ Life in Cedar Rapids has been stressful lately but nothing compared to what you and Rick are going through. I have had wonderful experiences at Mayo as well. Our Molly goes there far too often but I absolutely treasure those dedicated doctors, nurses and support staff! When I see the blog I feel myself smile just knowing something in it will interest me and bring peace to my day! Don’t forget to take care of yourself friend! Stef B in Iowa

  51. Diane in WI

    Glad everyone is safe after your late night adventure. A raccoon climbed up my porch door, broke through my new screen door to get to the cat food. I fixed the screen and the coon broke the screen a second time. They can be awfully nasty when cornered. Your windows look wonderful. Did you use your special glass cleaner? I have violets and Christmas cacti in bloom. The cactus are from my mother-in-law’s 93 year old plant. I have an amaryllis with two buds also. I really enjoy watching them bloom. It feels a little like spring.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in WI – yes, I used the homemade window solution – works great! My Christmas cactus is already done blooming and I am no good with violets – wish I were!

  52. Jan Hebert

    What an exciting evening you had! I’m so glad Hazel is fine and so good that Telly was able to communicate that Hazel was in trouble! What a good dog Telly is. I’m not sure I could keep up with a terrier, haha. I’m excited to hear what Connie has planned! Things are pretty quiet here in Massachusetts, we had our first significant snowfall last week but it’s gone now. Overnight tonight the temperatures are supposed to drop to about 5 degrees by morning. My husband and I secured a tarp around the chicken run hoping to break some of the wind that’s supposed to happen. I just hope my favorite rooster doesn’t get any more frostbite on his comb. He’s so good, lets me pick him up and just waits patiently while I slather Bag Balm on his head! I just hope it works. It’s only supposed to be one day of frigid temperatures and then it’s back to normal. Snow on Monday. I love the pictures of your porch – the windows look great! It’s been so fun reading everyone’s comments. Have a good night everyone… Jan in MA

  53. Nancy Finch Hoffman Estates, Illinois

    It is unreal how our “children of four legs” get into situations sometimes that are heartrendering and almost unbelievable. And why when you are dealing with human problems/events at the same time. Crazy. Glad all are okay.
    Love your sunroom and all those beautiful plants. Do you still have that orchid cactus?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy Finch – yes, the orchid cactus is quite large now but sadly has never bloomed. I have no idea why.

  54. Sandy

    Hi Mary, plenty of pet drama stories today! Bella, my bishon cross likes to bark at 2 big white fluffy samoyeds

  55. RuthW in MD

    Dear Mary, I am enjoying going back and reading the comments that stack up after the comments I have already read. Thank you for complaining about people not commenting! It has really added to my blog-reading pleasure! So many great stories!
    As for myself, I have no animals, no pets as I am allergic, never lived on a farm, have only a small stash (5 large bins, 2 medium, 3 shoeboxes and 24 small bins. One plastic three-drawer set, and three two-drawer filing cabinets. 9 of the small bins are for memory quilts, one for each our 7 children, two bins of relatives clothing to add in. Now that my husband works from home and occasionally takes over the use of the dining table, I can’t sew quite as much as I like, as the dining room is my sewing room. Currently the big thing in my life is writing a 2021 History of my local church congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hours and hours of researching and typing my Sunday notes, the program bulletin, asking the heads of organizations for their activity notes, etc. It will all be sent in to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, and stashed in the vaults, probably never to be seen again! This is the third year I have done this. I sort of wish I would do it month by month…but I don’t. Soon I will go back to doing photos and baby books, puzzles, and children’s memory quilts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ruth W – many years ago Connie and I were in SLC and were able to see the huge church – we actually walked in and a choir was practicing. The tulips were blooming everywhere – I have some really nice pictures.
      And yes, isn’t this nice to read “stories” from readers – including Yours!

      1. RuthW in MD

        Glad to hear that you visited Temple Square in SLC. I’ve heard the Christmas light displays are beautiful – they get lots of snow too!

  56. Barbara A.

    Just experienced what I think is the start of a very real problem. We are wintering in South West Florida for the winter and I just got a call from our local Walgreens where we get our prescriptions filled. They notified me that my generic blood pressure pill , which I have been on for years, is unavailable and they don’t know if they can get it back in. They now have to contact my PMD in New York and get a substitution. This means getting use to a whole new possible set of side effects etc. Also, it seems the new meds are getting very expensive even using a co-pay. Since most antibiotics are made in China, and getting increasingly hard to get, doctors are very careful who gets them now.

  57. Theresa in Illinois

    Hi Mary
    Never a dull moment! Glad Hazel is ok and that Telly knew when she needed to get help. Don’t get me started on racoons! I had a family living under my deck and I wanted them OUT as they wanted in the house. I did not want to pay for a trapper. So my research began. Under the deck is quite dark and a window in the basement faces out under the deck. As raccoons are nocturnal, I put a bright light in the window and blasted the radio. Within 24 hours, they were gone! A few years later, a mother raccoon got into my chimney and proceed to have her babies in there! I managed to find a trapper who would relocate them. He set trap on the top of the chimney and the mother was caught. The babies had to be pulled out one by one from inside the house! It was a mess and a very expensive chimney repair.
    Hope Hazel knows to stay away from them.

    Looking forward to Connie’s event!

    Thank you and God Bless

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