Hazel’s Latest Adventure, 5-23-23

After my exhausting day yesterday I was ready to go to bed early – 10:30 is early for me. As I was closing up shop in the sewing room I could hear barking north of the house. My heart sank – my plans for an early night were suddenly in jeopardy. Haha! I cleaned up the kitchen while I waited for Hazel to return to the house.

By 11:30 I was losing patience so went out with my flashlight. Here are the two little storage sheds and the barking was coming from the one on the right.

The barking was coming for under the shed on the right – Hazel had dug herself under the shed and I could hear something snarling and growling under the building with her. She was barking and whatever was under there with her was hissing back at her. I absolutely begged her to come out.

Finally she came out and headed towards the house but actually she was just needing a drink. After a drink by the quilt shop I thought she had gone in to the house but I couldn’t find her. Then I heard the barking again! Yup, she was under the shed again.

I gave up and went to the porch to read. Surely she’d come in soon – think how tired she must have been. Think how tired I was! After 15 minutes I went out again. I called to her and suddenly she appeared from the back of the shed – I was not prepared and I couldn’t grab her quick enough before she dived under the shed again,

Once again I went back to the house and this time I jumped in the shower. The next time I went out there with my flashlight I was in my robe. After just a couple minutes a raccoon head peaked out! I just knew it! Telly and Keeper were right there so of course the raccoon was trapped and dived back under the shed. That was it for me. I went back to the house and finished getting ready for bed and headed for the porch to read.

How maddening! I was so tired but I knew Hazel was in her glory. Jack Russell Terriers have been bred to go down in holes after varmints. That little stumpy tail is the handle to pull them out but she was too fast for me – I couldn’t grab it.

It was about 12:45 when I heard all the dogs barking by the barn – Hazel included. I rushed to the front door and coaxed them all inside and slammed the dog door. Now just imagine what she looked like – if I hadn’t been so mad I would have tried to take a picture. Mud balls hanging off her chin, her digging little legs, her belly – her back was so full of dirt she looked gray brown. I already had soapy water waiting in the sink and she knew what was next – the dreaded bath.

The water turned black as I scrubbed with dishwashing soap and a washcloth. Yes, she was fighting me the entire time. I sprayed her off as best I could and plopped her on the floor with a bath towel. And the chase was on! Hazel had the zoomies with Keeper close behind – through the house round and round. Such fun! Did I mention how tired I was?

I was left with a kitchen sink that needed cleaning again as well as a very wet floor. I was pretty mad by this time and knew I couldn’t get to sleep until my blood pressure went down so I cleaned the kitchen sink and counter once more. When I finally headed upstairs she was already waiting for me by the door to my room. It was nearly 1 am.

Hazel is the love of my life but I dread nights like this. I’ll be tired all day and I have work to do. Ugh. I knew all you Hazel fans would love to hear about my evening and what a typical JRT she is. Now today she’ll want to sleep in her bed all day but I’m going to take her outside and close the dog door!

The life of a JRT owner.

86 thoughts on “Hazel’s Latest Adventure, 5-23-23

  1. Bonnie from Central Illinois

    Wow! I can’t even imagine such a scene. We usually had lazy Labs who wanted to lounge around all day. Hope you will be able to catch uo on your rest tonight!

  2. Launa

    The 7# Yorkie, Jax, had to go out this early morning about 6 am….little did I know he took off barking and chasing about 40 ELK. No young ones yet! Pepper, our Border Collie, knows better!

    Launa in Idaho

  3. Debra J Oscarson

    I get bummed out when my schnauzer, Walter, takes a half hour to make his night walk of the yard, his territory. Hours and hours of mischief would be hard to take…. Especially when you want to go to bed! So glad you accept her JRT tendencies!! Have a good day!

  4. Jill Klop

    Oh boy! Hunting dogs have a one track mind! We just adopted a rescue beagle and she wants to hunt in our backyard all the time. We live in a subdivision though, not a farm full of adventure like you have! I loved the story, but I understand you’re feeling tired today!

  5. Chris

    I moaned, I worried, I laughed out loud! What a story, Mary! I hope you can catch a quick nap today!

  6. Billie in Henderson, NV

    WOW what a night you had! She sounds like a ball of fire. She is such a cutie. Love the story and hope that you won’t be to tired today.

  7. Gayle in Tennessee

    Love the Hazel antics! What a good dog mama you are to let her enjoy the hunt and then be waiting to bring her in and clean her up! She is one lucky dog, which I believe is true for all of your animals. They are lucky to have you.
    Maybe a nap today?

  8. Jan Shaffer

    I’m glad you love her! I just wouldn’t have the patience to own a JRT! Aren’t you afraid she’ll get bitten by a varmint? Wish I could have been a mouse in the corner to see the after-bath zoomies!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – yes, it scares me every time that she’ll get bitten! But to deny her this fun that only comes naturally to her would not be fair. She doesn’t want a sedentary life and I guess I don’t either.

  9. Jane

    Thank goodness, she didn’t get hurt…raccoons can inflict a lot of damage, as I’ve learned with my many JRTs over the years:) Or glad it wasn’t a skunk…
    But you know she’s be right back under there today:)

    1. Frances E

      Love that Hazel, but in my mid seventies, I would have to put her on a long leash for her bedtime potty trip. The long leash would not reach to sheds, but would still allow her to run around. You could attach the leash to a post, or some stationary spot. Her adventures would have to take place in the daytime. Good luck though.

  10. Lynn h

    Quite the little hunter is Hazel!!! And persistent! My little Poma-poo loves running around after a bath also. He’s 14 and still full of energy. Hope you have a restful rest of your day!

  11. Georgia Kirby

    Hi, Mary,
    What an evening you had! Makes me glad we only have 2 lazy cats!! I’m glad too that she didn’t get any injuries from the raccoon. They can be vicious! Sleep well tonight!!
    Georgia in Colorado

  12. MaureenHP

    Oh my, what a night! I would have been an emotional wreck. Our husky used to get the occasional possum and I would have to shovel it into a garbage bag. Just thinking about it gives me a bad feeling. I don’t suppose the raccoon will look for another home.

  13. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    I’m sorry, but all I could do was laugh the whole time I read your post! I was waiting for the dreaded “she got skunked ” finale so I was pleased you said it was a racoon. You do have patience!

  14. Carrolyn Vidal

    What a funny story to read…but might are to experience! No JRT for me!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carrolyn – this was a doozy last night! And I’m tired today but other things need to be attended to

  15. Susan Sundermeyer

    I’m sorry Mary. But I had a good laugh when I read this! Have a great day today!

  16. Kim Haggerty

    I love you Hazel stories. She needs to do her adventures during regular farm working hours. I’m sorry you couldn’t. Go to bed as planned. Today will be a better day for you !!

  17. Anna M

    I loved your story! Typical Jack Russell. Our is 14 years old now and his hearing is not good. I can holler for him and he either can’t hear me or is ignoring me. His eyes are cloudy so he can’t see real well. He has trouble jumping on the bed or couch. He sleeps most of the day. Every once in a while he takes off after something in the yard and I see the old Quincy! We have a young dog too ( King Charles Cavalier that keeps me on my toes though. I hope he never tangles with a raccoon! I’m pretty sure the raccoon would be the winner. He’s feisty but not like Quincy!

  18. Diane in Colorado

    You have so much patience, Mary! Glad you could find the humor in Hazel’s late night shenanigans (as an aside, my Skyler’s registered name is Crystal Glen’s Shenanigans, but she’s got nothin’ on Hazel!!!). You must be exhausted today! Hope you can get some rest!

  19. Bonny

    My JRT will roll on whatever stinky mess he finds on his last trip out before bed. Yep, late night dog baths! Dawn or Palmolive! Ha!

  20. Susan in VA

    I wouldn’t find any of that amusing! When I’m ready to go to bed, I’m ready! You are lucky the raccoon didn’t hurt Hazel. We had a cat many years ago get into it with a raccoon and it gashed the cat’s neck badly. We almost lost him. Raccoon’s are vicious!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – yes, Hazel is lucky – I was very worried that she’d get bitten and knowing her the fight would have escalated from there!

  21. Pattie from PA

    Wow what a night! I could feel your pain. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have that much energy left by then to deal with that. I’m eyeing my bed by 9 pm! What we don’t do for out animals! So glad my poodles don’t do more than chase away a deer or a squirrel.

  22. Pamela Dempsey

    Sorry you had such a night. Hopefully you can get a nap too! 🥰

  23. Susy Boyer in San Diego

    Wow Hazel! I can only imagine. I have a little white dog, but she only likes digging in the sand and it pretty much falls off of her. Yes Mary, keep her awake today!!! Ha, ha.

  24. DebMac

    What a good story! I got a big laugh out of it but can imagine how mad/frustrated you must have been. Good thing it wasn’t a skunk. Our English Setter would just take off at times and we would have to send our son out to chase her down. I freaked out when she took off the first time after he went into the Marines. I knew I couldn’t chase her down. Darcey finally came back safely a couple of hours later. The next time she escaped, I was so frustrated because she would just hang out in the neighbor’s yards, out of reach, taunting me. I yelled “go home” at her (our kennel command) and she went “home”. She didn’t want to at all but she did go back to our house and waited ti be let in and then went and laid down in her kennel. I gave her a treat, shut the door, and let her out again after a few minutes. She still escaped at times and I might have to tell her a lot of times to “go home” but she always did.

  25. Linda M Lutz

    Hi Mary!

    I SO love your dog stories! Keep ’em coming! You will maybe need a nap today!

  26. Susan K in Texas

    That Hazel!! She had quite the adventure last night. So sorry it happened when you were so tired. You’d better watch her or she’ll try to repeat it tonight!
    It’s good she’s a little dog or having to bathe a big white dog that late at night would really be a chore.
    We had beagles when I was a kid. Those dogs would run rabbits all day when we took them to the farm. They would totally wear themselves out but be ready again the next day.

  27. Lorraine

    What an eventful night you had. What we won’t do for our pets. Hopefully, you can sneak in a nap today.

  28. Diane in Maryland

    You will definitely need a nap today….while Hazel is probably going to be asleep somewhere outside!

  29. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Centrai Ohio

    Ahhh, Hazel! That is so funny, but I am sure it was very frustrating, too. I am happy she is ok because as many have said, raccoons can be nasty. And, of course, being skunked is not joy! It still is funny.
    I am still working on getting back on the blog. Sigh.
    PS Western New Yorkers, we had a funeral near Binghamton last weekend so stopped in at the Cuba Cheese Shoppe (my home town) and loaded up. YUMMMM!!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane, sorry for the trip for a funeral but happy you got the good stuff you grew up with. Should have drove north and gotten some Zweigles hots to bring back too but PGA was in town so food caterers were feeding 250,000 visitors with them and other goodies including salmon, I saw.
      I agree about raccoons being nasty although we did have a pet one as kids for a few weeks till we had to let it back out in the wild when it got aggressive and had healed from injuries. A cat was killed by one in our neighborhood growing up and it was something I never forgot as their claws are like knives.

      1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

        Hi Kathy, Thanks for your sympathy. It was my husband’s cousin who had been ill for quite a while so it was a blessing for him. We are going back again for my dad’s law partner’s funeral. He was 96 and a great man. You are right, we should have gone North😃😹

  30. Jane

    Loved your adventure story. Ah- dogs we love them to bits and make them part of the family, but become so frustrated when they behave like the dogs they are. Have been there many times and would not ever think of giving them up 😁😏🐾🦴

  31. Vickie

    I’m proud of you and Hazel for making it through the night. Enjoy the day today and look forward to a early night tonight. I appreciate hearing about your farm life. thank you.

  32. Sue in Oregon

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with Hazel with us. In the middle of the night, no less. Kinda got a good chuckle, though. You will laugh after you have rested a bit. What a pup!

  33. Mareen Nedved

    Oh Hazel she is a JRT for sure and age does not matter she still “has it”

  34. Janet S

    You may need a couple more stock tanks outside with water in them. The sun will warm the water.
    Keep them covered to keep leaves etc. out. Whenever Hazel needs a bath, do it in one tank and have the extra for rinsing. At least it will keep the mud out of the house. Of course then you will have to trap her and get her in the house before she takes off again for another adventure. Good luck! The good side is we get to enjoy your lively life.

  35. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Oh my Mary. Yes take her outside so you can rest then round her up early before she fi ds another critter tonight. Good dog Hazel.
    Shirley from Oregon

  36. Sharon Ernst

    Oh — that cracked me up! 😂. I had a Westie who constantly got into trouble! This reminded me of her! Thanks for a very fun read!

  37. Jessica in Florida

    I’m so sorry, Mary! I shouldn’t be laughing, but I can’t help it. I can vividly picture what you wrote and me remember the JRT my ex had. He was called Major, but it was short for Major Havoc! He was white with brown spots…although most days he was gray brown with darker brown spots! I don’t think my ex ever bathed an animal as often as he did Major. Major was bitten by a rattlesnake in Texas and hid. When he was found, he had already passed. He lived for 8 years and will never be forgotten for his daily antics. It takes special people to have a JRT!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jessica – he died of the snake bite? Oh, how sad – and he was hiding because he didn’t feel good, I suppose.

  38. Kathy in western NY

    I too had a Westie that used those persistent terrier traits to dig and run after every moving thing in the yard. But no late night baths for us or I would have not been as patient as you. You just make it too much fun for those dogs of yours to get into trouble on the farm! Ha ha! Keeper probably chewed her out warning her not to do that again soon.

  39. Montana Kathy

    Loved hearing of Hazel’s adventure! But poor you. You must be exhausted today. 🤦‍♀️ Hopefully, both you and Hazel can rest today, and there won’t be a repeat raccoon incident tonight. Give Hazel a pat on the head for me- she’s probably quite proud of herself for defending her territory and her mom!

  40. Judi Leventhal

    God bless her, the little devil! She is so adorable and a bundle of energy and fun it’s hard to stay mad at her. As you were reminded, she’s just doing what she’s supposed to do. I hope you were able to get some sleep. Hopefully, tonight will be better. Figure it couldn’t get much worse, right?

  41. Janet Easley

    Thanks for the March Madness quilt directions. Generally, I don’t buy charm squares, but I can cut 5″ squares from some former FQs taking up space. I do watch March Madness, although I might not wait that long to get started. 🙂
    Of course, Hazel’s adventure is going to happen right when you think all is settled for the day. Through the explanation I was feeling frustrated for you and glad it finally came to a resolution. You are a good story teller.
    Have a pleasant day.

  42. Caryn in Eastern Washington

    Oh, Mary! Hazel’s story made me laugh out loud—-for quite a while. I had two long-haired dachshunds that were almost as persistent as Hazel. They never wanted to give up and they didn’t know they were little dogs either!

  43. Barbara

    What a great story! My little JRT, Bella, is afraid of her own shadow and spends her time runnin in circles. I’d love for her to have adventures like Hazel.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – if Bella acted like Hazel, you might not get much sleep! Haha!

  44. Jo in Wyoming

    I too, was thinking skunk. She will keep you young. Her adventures make me laugh.

    I posted an eventful morning on yesterday’s post. I didn’t see this new one.

  45. Kimberly Lusin

    Oh that cute little mischievous Hazel! I love her and her adventures! I was laughing and feeling bad for you at the same time as you were going outside in your robe. And thank you for the March Madness instructions.

  46. Pam in NC

    I’m sorry Mary, but I was laughing by the time you got to 11:00 pm! The little stinker was probably very proud of herself! Hope you get a good rest tonight! Thanks for the latest Hazel adventure!

  47. Joy in NW Iowa

    Oh what a dog! But, how would you go to bed with that barking going on! Haa! That would never work! Hazel is just fortunate you take care us him!
    I figured out a squirrel climbs up our bird feeder during the night and tries to get at the jelly. Ugh! Help!

  48. Ginny

    Hazel was protecting you! I’m sure if she could talk she would have said that was her story and she was sticking to it!!!
    Why do they always choose a night when you are bone tired to do these stunts? If only it was a night when you were wide awake.

  49. Beryl in Owatonna

    Mary, so sorry for your night of needed rest, but you had me laughing. Hazel is just being Hazel!! I hope you are fast asleep right tonight.

  50. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Oh, Mary. That Hazel is such a little scrapper! Thanks for sharing this hilarious story. 🥰

  51. Judy

    You write such a great story! I feel as though I was right there going through it all. I hope you are rested up now.

  52. Tama

    This made me think to share lines of a song from the movie “Best In Show” …… God loves a Terrier, all the way down to its derrière! 😂

  53. Linda

    Your story was so cute and funny I could see Hazel’s Big Adventure in living color!! Having had up to five dogs at one time I’ve been in that situation more than once. Hazel was having the time of her life and nothing was going to change that, oh, except the time she needed a sip of water! Wet her barker and went back at it! I know it’s infuriating but look how you entertained everyone who is glad they aren’t you!

    Thank you, I needed that!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – yes, Hazel is very entertaining in many ways! Haha!!

  54. Ann in PA

    Oh Mary, I feel your pain. Sweet Hazel’s DNA kicked in when all you wanted to do was get some much needed sleep. Guess it could have been worse, at least mud can be washed off and she’s as good as new. It’s good it wasn’t a skunk! Years ago our Golden Retriever, Sam, went out after the late night news just before our bedtime. As usual, he was back in minutes; however, his long beautiful chest feathering was dripping with skunk pee! UGH! So instead of going to bed, we grabbed all the tomato sauce we had. Also, a neighbor’s light was still on , so i called and she had jars that didn’t seal. NOTHING we did got rid of that sickening stench. Sam spent the night in the basement and we lived with that awful odor for weeks. Sam grew up with our kids and lived for 13 1/2 years. I miss him to this day. What would we do without our beloved furry family!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann – oh, poor Sam!! I also have lived with penetrating skunk smell in the house and it wasn’t fun. Last night I walked the dogs early, about 9:30 and when they came in I closed the dog door, showered and went to bed. Sleep is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

  55. Linda in MI

    To all you wonderful people and fellow quilters. Your prayers for my grandson are working, he was moved to a step down unit, out of ICU last evening. He is in a lot of pain and rather cranky, but with the pain of all the injuries who wouldn’t be? He was nauseous and threw up a lot of blood he had swallowed as soon as they removed the vent so at least his tummy is better. Now the surgeon can evaluate all of his facial fractures and plan the next surgery. I am humbled by your love, kindness and consideration during this horrible time.

    The young man that lost his life funeral is planned for this weekend. I am hoping his mother will accept me attending the visitation on behalf of Daniel and his mother, my stepdaughter cannot imagine being able to go because she is constantly reduced to tears quite often.

    His parents donated his organs and tissue to gift of life which is an amazingly generous act. My husband received a new heart almost 15 years ago so we have personally witnessed how lives are saved through organ donation.

    Thank you again. My best to everyone and your loved ones, I hope no one out there ever goes through this nightmare. Linda

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Linda, we are continuing to pray for you and your family and all of the others too. When I was a senior in high school there was a horrific accident much like this. One boy in our class was killed and his older brother was also. The other two, another classmate and friend, were in ICU for a long time with many injuries but both survived. The parents of the two who were killed were amazing people. They still had one younger son who had to grow up in this town and they knew they had to carry on for him. They were forgiving and loving people towards the driver of the car and the other classmate who survived. They lost two sons that night and to this day, 59 years ago, I think of them and remember their love for each other, for their surviving son, and their faith that helped them through life. The father lived to be over 100. I will pray that you and your family are received with the love that this couple gave to our town. God bless you.

    2. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

      I’m glad to hear your grandson is improving. God answers prayer.

  56. Joy in NW Iowa

    Linda in Mi – our thought and prayers continue to be with you and your family.

  57. Diane,Squeak,and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Linda M, Your grandson and your family will continue to be in my prayers. I was a high school teacher and those accidents were so hard on everyone in the community. I especially think of the parents of the deceased as well as the injured. Blessings to all.

  58. Kathy Hanson

    I am sorry that I didn’t read this before! You may never see it! What a night! You are so amazing!!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – got your message. I am very diligent about reading all the comments. If a reader takes the time to talk to me, you can be assured I’m going to read what she has to say. Yes, that was quite a night – and not a fun one.

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