Hazel’s New Look, 6-5-24

You can just imagine what she’s doing while Keeper is calm and quiet

While she was getting groomed I went on to the next town that has a thrift store.. Meakin Ironstone! $2.00!!

Love that worn, crackled look with the aged white color

Our mailman requested we trim the branches by our mailbox – we should have done it before it became a problem.

After the first main branch I did the cutting and hooked the branches to the tractor with a chain while Rick pulled the branches to the garden area for Aidan to cut up when he gets home from Yellowstone. Such a relief to have that done!

Farmer Tim’s corn looking good with all the rain

Quilt Show

From Moe

A finish from 2020!
Outstanding hostas!
Rita’s poor tomato plant

Remember our card recipient, Kay? It’s her birthday today and I didn’t realize it ahead of time! Shoot!

Later today when I have a chunk of time I’ll be introducing you to our next card recipient, Leona Jensen, another friend who has known me every day of my life!

Screens are great to lay against and nap
Our sheriff

45 thoughts on “Hazel’s New Look, 6-5-24

  1. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Hazel’s new ‘do’ makes her all ready for summer.
    The quilts are beautiful; you girls have really been productive.
    I love the pictures of Three and Millie looking so comfy.
    Great thrift store find; I have a round bowl of my grandma’s from the same company. I love it
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  2. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Great photos of quilts and pets as usual. I love seeing Millie in the box and window. Tuxedoes are so pretty. I think Squeak knows she is!!
    Thanks for sharing with us, Mary.

  3. Sue in Marion, IN

    Hazel is just adorable! Wonderful quilt pix today, too. I found a copy of your book “Use it Up” which I don’t have in Amazon used books. It’s in excellent condition and has patterns for several quilts I just love. I’m in the process of moving all my quilting stuff from my basement lair to a newly-refurbished attic space that was our son’s bedroom. I’m being ruthless about going through stuff and being honest (mostly) with myself about what I’ll use—and I’m definitely trying to “use it up”!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – I envy you – I have lots of room so I tend to keep it all. I really should try to have some sort of sale but it just sounds like too much work!!

  4. Susan K in Texas

    I love Hazel’s new hairdo. Even if she hates getting it done I’ll bet she feels better.
    Lots of good pictures today of pets and quilts. I love the scrappy quilts. I’ve been working on scrappy blocks with strip scraps I’ve been collecting over the years. Mindless but fun sewing.
    We’ve had 9” of rain over the last 10 days. And we’re in an area that hasn’t gotten the most. We’ve got broken tree limbs hanging in our big bur oak. Too high up to be reached without a ladder. Trees all over the area took a big hit from the bad winds a couple of weeks ago. It reminds me of the damage in Iowa from the derecho.
    Mosquitos are crazy bad right now and my sister found a huge group of young grasshoppers today. We’re going to have a buggy summer.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – this is not starting out to be a good summer for lots of people – I don’t know what we’d do with that much rain! So sorry about your big tree! Flies and mosquitoes ruin our few months of fun weather.

  5. Charlotte in No. California

    Hazel looks great! I bet she feels better after the grooming, even though she doesn’t like going. My dog hated going to the groomers too. All the quilts today are wonderful! Such talented ladies. So many ideas I’ll never have time to do. I love the dish you found too. I went to my daughter’s near Sacramento yesterday. It was 100. We went to my favorite nursery anyway. It was 92 in Fremont today. Supposed to be a little cooler tomorrow.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – oh my, that’s hot! How can you stand being outdoors?

  6. NJ

    It’s my tomato plant – after the rabbits got done with it. It’s been replaced (and protected). Never, in 58 years, have rabbits bothered my tomato plants.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      NJ – sorry, I referred to the poor tomato plant as someone else’s! Poor thing. Those rabbits much have been very hungry!

  7. NancyTD

    Another thunderstorm just went through. Everything looks ok. Just flower pedals blown around. 3/4 inch yesterday and now just 1/4 inch of rain.
    Hazel looks great with her haircut and spa date. Won’t be so pretty if you had rain too. She likes her job as sheriff!
    Tim’s corn looks good. Not looking so good in the field behind us. A lot of bear spots.
    Quilts were great. Thanks to all who shared.
    Tomato plant looks like a deer had a snack.

  8. Connie R. in Wis.

    Such a great variety of beautiful quilts. Thanks everyone for sharing.
    Rita, you may have to give up on that tomato plant. Love the picture though.
    Rained this morning and again now. Our garden is planted . Just some tomato plants to put in the ground and a few more in containers.

  9. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Great quilts and other photos today. Corn is growing. Love Hazels haircut.
    Did you notice the cat in the cardboard box in the photo with your new ironstone? lol.
    Continued with gardening today until the thunderstorms came thru this afterNoon. We needed it though.
    Have a great day.

  10. Lynette in Orlando

    Hazel is so cute!!!! Loved all the photos! Thank you so much Mary for doing that. You certainly know how to find the treasures, that’s for sure. Don’t seem to have as good thrift shops by me….. insert sad face here …….

  11. Teresa in Indiana

    Hazel is such a cutie! She feels so good after her spa day, she just had to tell everybody about it. All the quilts today are fabulous! So colorful. And that was a big limb. Wow! Glad it didn’t hit your mailbox.
    We Might get a little rain tonight. We need it. It’s been so hot lately, the flowerpots ate parched. Have a good night everybody .

  12. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Hazel looks so cute! Love the picture of the hostas. All the quilts are so pretty. Glad you got that branch by the mailbox fixed. I found out that I have plants growing in my gutters. Gonna have to do something about that. It’s always something.

  13. Hank's Mom

    Great haircut -you look great Hazel. Now, if you’d just quit barking at everyone 🙂

  14. Kelli

    I absolutely love Hazel’s grooming – what a gorgeous woman 😍 🤣 🐶

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Hazel looks fabulous, I hope she enjoyed her spa day. Loretta hates them. Everything…riding in the car, bath, drying, nail clipping, teeth brushed, fur buzzed and the ride home. She pouts and gives me the side eye the rest of the day. She won’t take a treat, but she smells so good.
    I did get a chuckle over that poor tomato plant. And the work put into it. As the saying goes, “when life hands you lemons, stick em in your bra!”
    Wonderful quilts this morning. Thanks to all for sharing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – Hazel hates it, too! I’m going to remember that about lemons!!

  16. patti

    great quilt show today. such inspiration and variety. it’s easy to tell we all love our craft. dogs and cats look great. landscapes looking good – even the growing corn. an instagram page for hazel = way more work for you. too bad she couldn’t do the work. off to deal with the back pain (tolerable but annoying) and try to get something done. hugs to all, patti in florida

  17. Glenda from SD

    Super quilt show today. Love to see how Tim’s corn is growing from the last picture. Hazel looks like she
    is ready for anything with her new look!! Always fun to find something at the thrift store.

  18. Susan in AL

    Absolutely fabulous variety of gorgeous quilts today! Thanks so much for all of the inspiration — it’s hot and steamy and really-lazy-making weather, but now that I have so many ideas, I’m going to shake it off and get busy 🙂

    The New Sheriff in Town — LOL! Hazel is Totally a Terrier.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – yes, Hazel is a true terrier! What was I thinking 7-1/2 years ago? I’ll never forget a reader warning me about her but today I wouldn’t trade her for anything. She really should have her own Instagram page, don’t you think?

  19. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hazel, all ready for the Hot Dog Summer! She looks great. We are corn watching too, it is growing rapidly with all the rain. Today the sun is shining and I swear you can almost see it getting taller as you watch. I love it.

  20. Pat with no chickens in AZ

    Hazel looks like she’s giving you feedback on your choice to get her groomed. Not necessarily positive feedback. Haha. In the meantime Keeper just calmly sits and listens. Love all your animals

    Great quilts today. Lots of temptation but I will not allow myself to start anything until I slay the current dragon I’m battling.

    Supposed to be 107 here today. Oh joy!

  21. Joy in Nw Iowa

    Awe, Hazel you are so cute!! Love all the pictures and the pretty quilts! The wind is in the Northwest and it has turned cool and dryer air.

  22. Sharon F

    Hazel is looking spiffy with her new do! Wonderful quilts today, your readers have been busy.

    I’m glad to be home, after a fun but tiring walking trip with my friend. After catching up on chores, I’m excited to get back in my sewing room.

  23. Joyce from NY

    Hazel looks great, it will be cooler for her this summer!! The quilts are so beautiful. It has been hot & muggy for a couple days, expecting storms tonight & tomorrow!
    You’re right today is a good day to have a good day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce – how’s CHARLI doing? Is she doing rehab, surgery, what?

  24. Paula S.

    Love the quilt show and all of the pictures. Hazel looks fabulous, as she should!

  25. Sue in PA

    The quilt with many blue, green and orange pieces was given to my grandson for his thirteenth birthday. It is a tradition that when the grandchildren turn thirteen, they receive their “adult” size quilt to replace their baby quilt. That evening, I received a phone call from his eight year old brother who asked me in the cutest little voice, “Nana, can you make me a blanket like Dylan’s?” This quilt was obviously a big hit. Even my daughter-in-love kept looking at it and holding it. It has lots of fun novelty prints in it and my friend did a wonderful job of longarming it in a whimsical, scribble-like all over pattern.

    1. Charlotte in No. California

      I love your quilt, Sue. Such beautiful colors. That’s a great idea when they turn 13. I’m too far behind to do that. My youngest grandchild is 12. I’m going to make my oldest grandson a quilt when he gets married. He hasn’t given her a ring yet so I have some time.

  26. Marsha from Kansas

    Wow, wonderful blog today! Hazel is so beautiful in her “summer do”! And all the wonderful quilts. Plus a thrift find. What fun!

  27. Cindy K

    Enjoyed the photos today. All of the quilts make me want to get into my sewing room. The hostas looked perfect by that shed.

  28. Donna Jo

    Another thing Mary, until this year every time you posted about Iowa basketball and Caitlin Clark, I just skipped over it! Other readers may be doing the same thing if a topic doesn’t interest them. This year I decided to see what Iowa and Caitlin Clark was all about because of your blog! My husband and I are hooked. We do blame you for us going down this rabbit hole! ☺️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – haha! Oh, but what a fun and entertaining rabbit hole!! Every morning I look forward to reading about WNBA on Facebook and love all the “talk”, good and bad. Enjoy!

  29. Donna Jo

    Hazel is feeling sassy after her day of beauty!☺️ Tim’s corn has really grown! Amazing what some rain will do. Great quilts today. I thought our patio tomatoes looked bad until I saw Rita’s!

  30. DebMac

    Lots of eye candy today. Pretty quilts and interesting things to look at.
    We had almost an 1.5″ of rain last night so the garden will be happy for a few days. We put in a raised bed last summer and are figuring out what it takes to be successful at it. LOL Hubby is investigation irrigation systems so this may be the most expensive vegetables ever!
    Hazel will be much cooler for the summer and easier for you to clean up.

  31. Sue Bowers

    I love that you call Hazel the sheriff. Nice quilt show today. Just the motivation I need to get going.

  32. Gail L Piper

    Great photos today – again!! Thanks for sharing them! Hazel looks like she’s enjoying her new look…
    I am so hoping to get to my sewing space this week – having a lot of hip pain that hampers going up and down the stairs. (Drat this getting older stuff and the arthritis that comes with it! LOL!) SO many projects I’d like to get to work on – soon, I hope!

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