Here Is A List Of Available Patterns, 3-7-20

It’s such a bright sunny day – the sun is pretty warm – but the wind I very strong from the southeast which is very bad for us. Here are two girls who are enjoying the sun – Millie and Dianne.

I had thought since it was going to be warm today that I’d start picking up sticks in the yard but it’s just too miserable outside. So I’m watching great basketball instead. I put the binding on the red and white quilt and started putting fabric back on the shelves. That’s an endless job!

Here’s what’s available right now:

Harvey – two sizes: $10

Uncle Sam – two sizes

Wish Big Itty Bitty – 10″ x 12″ – $3.00

Paper pieced houses – 2 sheets: $5.00

Here’s a new Itty Bitty available till Easter, “He Lives” – $3.00

(I was just so sure I had this quilt but can’t find it – sorry, no color.)

If you’re ordering ONE PATTERN ONLY, please include a SASE. If ordering multiple patterns, it will require a larger envelope which we will have – not to worry.

And please tell me what you’re ordering – we send out quite a number of patterns and sometimes I have to guess – and I’m not always correct! So with this many patterns available and several at the same price, please be clear what you’re ordering.

Loved the discussion about dye magnets – thank you, Betty, for the very clear explanation.

A Dirty Dozen finish –

I’ve only seen my jacket on one other person and she’s a former customer of ours. We ran into each other at the grocery store yesterday. Hey, Judy!

Another picture of those little paper pieced houses that Connie loves!

Here’s another old photo of Connie and me with Red, Bob and Sandy.

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead tonight! (I absolutely HATE Daylight Time – anybody with me?)

43 thoughts on “Here Is A List Of Available Patterns, 3-7-20

  1. Lisa in snowy NE Washington state

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Daylight Savings time, I wish we could keep it year-round though!

  2. Beryl in Owatonna

    I am so with you on Daylight Saving Time. I would much rather stay on Standard Time!
    It has been windy here too but the sunshine is great! I will be glad when the snow is gone and things start turning green. There are some blades of green grass peaking through the snow as it melts!
    I have been making little dresses, pillowcase style. I think I will have 9 to turn in. A missionary picks them up and take them to Mexico or further south. I use Fat Quarters to make mine. 2 FQ make one. I often get a 3rd one in a contrast to make the straps and a pocket. I have trimmed some with rick rack too. Fun and easy.
    Thanks for the list of patterns again!! I think I will be getting at least one maybe two.
    Enjoy the sunshine. Hoping your pain is subsiding so you are able to get around better.

  3. Sherrill

    I LOVE daylight savings..I like having sunshine and day later into the night. Why I hate the winter–so depressing, not enough sunshine!

  4. Susie Q

    The picture of you and Connie is from a book!!! Aunt Amy is a quilt that is still on my to make list! Cesserina, the dog, does not like the switch in time….. we will have to wait now until almose 8 a.m. for “the walk”. Need to be able to SEE inorder to be a good neighbor and pick up up after her./

  5. Ellie

    I’m with you on DST! I especially hat the dark mornings. Here in Indiana it’s dark until 8 AM which is so late. Then in the summer it’s light until 10 PM which is sometimes too late for me!
    Connie’s houses are so cute! I’m sure her class will love the,!

  6. Diane in Maryland

    I agree with you about DST! It’s dark in the mornings and it stays light later in the summer anyway. It’s awful for children who must get up early for school. A friend sends me a cartoon every year that says “Cutting a yard off the top of a blanket and sewing it on the bottom does not give you a longer blanket “!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Maryland – loved the blanket story and how true!

  7. Lois Ann Johnson

    I loved seeing the vintage photos of you and Connie! That was before I knew who you were. I’ve only been following you for a couple of years. You did good work on your “death cleaning” project. I am impressed. It looked so impossible before you began! The robins are back and I hear the cardinals singing their little hearts out. The squirrels are driving Miss Bailey crazy (my pitbull)! They just laugh at her because she is behind a fence and they know they are “safe.”

  8. Launa

    Idaho is thinking of voting to stay on Standard Time. Arizona doesn’t change to DST along with one other state. I’d vote to STAY on Standard Time…it will be dark tomorrow morning @ 8 am!

    We are getting rain up here..39o! Won’t be long and it will turn to snow n icy roads!

  9. Charlotte Shira

    I’m a night person! I’d rather have more light in the evenings.
    Thank you quilting prayer warriors!!! Friday was a great day. We went to the hospital expecting more bad news and a possible feeding tube and long term care but the nurse had asked Dick what his name was and he said Richard Shira. Then he said Hi when our son walked in and he knew all of us. He said he lived in Ohio (that is where he was born) and that he had 5 kids. We have lived in California for 52 years and have 2 kids. We got a laugh out of that one. He did get his address right later. A lot of things he said we couldn’t understand but we think he’s headed in the right direction. He didn’t sleep all day and had a great physical therapy time. Didn’t sleep well last night so he’s sleeping today. I came home to do some laundry. Please keep him in your prayers. He needs to get the “gunk” out of his lungs. Thank you again!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte Shira – oh, that is such wonderful news about Dick! Baby steps to start but he’s heading in the right direction. I’m so happy for you all! And yes, prayer is a powerful too!

  10. Paula Philpot

    I hate DST too. I think I remember the old pic of you and Connie from many years ago. Paula in KY

  11. Janice Hebert

    I love your selfie with Judy, lol. Cute jacket. And what a pretty Dirty Dozen finish. I love the pattern, kinda vintage looking – which I love. Mary you don’t have a price for the Uncle Sam pattern? Is it $10 like the Harvey pattern? I’ll be ordering a couple of patterns, those little houses are adorable. Jan in MA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice Hebert – good grief – I thought I was so careful and I proofread it, too. Dang! Yes, Uncle Sam is $10.

  12. helen freese

    Have you ever heard of museum “Quake Wax”? It comes in a jar–you put little dabs under plates, ceramic pots, etc. (anything you don’t want moved, then place that item on the shelf. It really keeps them secure. I was looking at the picture of your cats sunning themselves next to your plants–disaster in the making! It might help with avoiding cleanup and broken plants.

  13. Barb Vest

    I hate daylight savings too!!!
    But I love your photo, especially Red, Bob and Sandy!!! So cute 🙂

  14. Brenda in Iowa

    Hi Mary,
    I’m with you – can’t stand daylight savings time. I heard the President wants to make Daylight Savings Time Year round. I’m not getting political – I don’t care who said it – I do not want Davlight Savings Time. Let’s just have Standard Time year round. The animals are going to be off schedule for two weeks!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda in Iowa – YES! I want regular time all year round! I like it light in the morning – that’s what morning is supposed to be! I’m not political either but I don’t care who wants it – I hate it!

  15. Kathy in western NY

    It will take me a week to adjust to the time change!
    There must have been a lot of laughter when you ran into the lady who had your same coat on in the store as you. It really cracked me up you got the picture too. Nice you are always thinking what makes us feel connected on your blog by sharing your day.
    Charlotte – prayers will continue till your husband is out of the woods but good to hear there is progress. Between Angel loving her new mommy and Charlotte’s husbands health improving, I am hopeful the new week will be grand.

  16. Kathy Hanson

    I am getting ready for a quilt retreat this week. Was putting projects to take in plastic bags and you will never guess what plastic bag I found in the drawer in my sewing room…a bag that is from Country Threads Quilt Shop when I was there and bought some great things before you closed!!!
    I was excited to see it and will make that project first this week and think of you!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – ah, the memories included with that bag! Have fun at your retreat!

  17. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I set my clocks ahead today so the shock doesn’t come tomorrow and I get to church at the right time. Prayers for Charlotte’s husband.

  18. Judith Ann Jaques

    The hours of light are the same no matter what the clock is set at. I really hate daylight savings time. My 4 legged kids can’t tell time and get up with the light and go to bed when it is dark. If it works for them it works for me. LOL. I made a fabric bunny, dressed with antique linens and laces.FUN.

  19. Jennie

    is the rug book and CD still for sale? i wish they would stay at Standard Time. So glad you are going strong. Blessings Jennie

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jennie – YES! The rug book and dvd are available for $20 sent to us at 2345 Palm, Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

  20. Sue in Oregon

    I’m in the Standard Time camp too. What I really hate is the changing back and forth, back and forth. Wish they would just pick one and stay on it. But I would prefer Standard time if I could choose.
    I sure love the Butterfly Quilt. I think I have that applique pattern from a quilt club project long ago.
    The cats look so cozy in the sunny window. And, is that Hazel’s bed under the table? My little dog had one like that and it was at the foot of our bed. He slept in it all night like a little lamb.
    I have been sewing more lately and it feels so good. Now that I am not going to the retreat, all I want to do is sew. I made two octagon table toppers, a quilt for an 18″ doll (American Girl) and now I am working on a cute little bag. One to put projects in, that looks like a basket. I really need to put borders on one of my Dirty Dozens and quilt it but I keep putting it off and I don’t know why.
    Take care and Happy Daylight Time. I just dred the dark mornings again.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – so glad to hear you’re feeling better. That bed is there for whoever lands there – usually it’s Dianne. It’s good for the soul to get back to sewing, isn’t it?

  21. Jeanie S, entr

    I always dread this weekend of changing to DST. The picture of you and Connie w/Red, Bob, and Sandy is adorable. I also love the one of Millie and Dianne. Are they considered Tuxedo cats?
    We are feeding several strays, which we inherited with the property purchase last September. 😸🐱😽😼 😾Wally, Tuxey, Old Yeller, Cheeks, and Spots. My husband was so funny, when I mentioned we should buy cat food. He said that was not a good idea; we were not feeding those cats. The very next day, he came in from the yard and said we needed cat food. 😂 I guess it had to be his idea.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanie s – it ALWAYS has to be their idea or it’s no good. Tell him this – my cats are excellent mousers – I should know – they bring them to the house to show me. They are also the best fed cats you’d ever know so one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. If they’re weak with hunger, they won’t have the energy to hunt.

  22. Sue

    I love alll of your posts about farm lifeand I also love day light savings time.!!! I am happy you are feeling better and enjoy your day!

  23. Brenda archambault

    DST or Standard, it really doesn’t make a difference. There are still 24 hours in each day, except twice a year. What’s more confusing to me in Arizona is trying to remember the time difference in other parts of the country as we don’t change time (except for some of my pre-set “electronics” ) and then traveling to the Navajo Nation and finding they’re with most of the nation. Confusion! Let’s face it, we’re on solar time no matter where we are, and it’s always going to be either too dark or too light. Just like Papa Bear, Momma Bear and Baby bear finding what’s just right, and it will be different tomorrow.

  24. Diane and Squeak

    I’m with you, Mary. DST can go. I wish we had Standard Time all year. It’s been proven that there are more accidents of all types–car, industrial, home etc on the “change over” days!!

    It is great to see you out and about in your pretty coat. How’s your back?

    I did not know Millie had another twin in Dianne. Tuxedos kitties are so pretty. Our former kitty sitter is having a baby in June so I am making her a pink and gray kitty quilt:)

    I am working on my Dirty Dozen projects, too. Hope to share soon. It is going to be 58 here today in Central Ohio and nice alllll week until Saturday. Yippee.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – my Dianne, with two N’s, isn’t marked as a true tuxedo – more spotted really. Many years ago she came to the house with a broken back leg and my vet set it and she’s been fine but very timid and afraid since. Yes, please share your finished projects when you can!

  25. Pamj

    Is there a pattern for the clear front plastic zipper pouch that the Little Houses are in ?
    Do not mean to be difficult !!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamj – Instructions all over You Tube – Connie likes the one by Riley Blake Fabric Co.

  26. Lisa B

    I like daylight savings time. I think we should stay on this time year round.

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