Here is Rivertown

I found the Rivertown quilt and snapped a picture of it but I’d really like to see the version you’re all raving about.

Here are my weekend boarders, Libby and Tasha.

Rox, Telly and Tasha get together outside.

Rox’s haircut is growing out and she doesn’t look so “ratty” anymore.

Quick post – more tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Here is Rivertown

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Melissa – thank you so much for sending that link – I, too love, her big version of Rivertown.

  1. Janice

    I love your Rivertown quilt on the fence, especially the color combinations with the dark blocks. I don’t recall this pattern at your shop when I stopped in some years back, but there were so many patterns to see. I plan to do this one (check will be in the mail). Hope you will show more of the Country Threads quilts from time to time. I’ve always loved the quilt designs and I am sorry I didn’t buy up more patterns when I visited the shop.

  2. Martha Engstler

    I see why there are raves about the Rivertown quilt, it’s fabulous but I think beyond my skill by a long way. Love the pictures of the dogs.

  3. Gayle Lacey

    Hi, Mary … I will email you the photo of Rivertown that was posted on FB since I can’t seem to include it here.

  4. Jeanine Waal

    Mary, I like your version better than the other one referred to by others. I like the scappier look. Great pattern.

  5. Gayle Lacey

    Mary, I can’t find your email anywhere. If you send it to me I can send you a photo of the Rivertown photo that was posted on FB. Thanks! Gayle

  6. Launa Peters

    Recently decluttered some of my sewing room shelves, patterns, etc. Many were Country Threads that I’d sewn so I donated to my daughter in law and AM Vets. Didn’t have the Rivertown pattern…….just wonderful to see what colors you selected…it’s striking!!
    Fun to see the dogs…how are the chickens looking now?

  7. Linda

    I purchased “Rivertown” shortly before you closed – it’s one of my favorite Country Threads patterns. There are quite a few references to it on Pinterest too, so that might be triggering some of the recent inquiries.

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