Here’s My Idea!

Before that 50 cent piece interrupted my day, I was going to ask you if anyone would like to make a patriotic table mat.  I want a new one and I like to have one on the table mid May for Memorial Day, then for June 14 Flag Day and then for Fourth of July.  Every time I show the gray snowball topper (I call it Rose’s quilt because she sent me all the pieces – thank you, Rose!) someone comments on it.  I also made a red and white snowball quilt for Christmas.

I was thinking of making the squares blue and the corners red and white.  I will give you a few days to think about it and then I’ll give you the pattern.  It doesn’t have to be big – it can be just 4 squares or 9 squares or a runner – don’t make this so difficult you won’t get if finished.  Straight line quilting will be fast, easy and appropriate for this project.  Anyone interested in an easy project in red, white and blue?

Last Saturday when it was so rainy I put that king size quilt on the longarm machine.  It’s going to take me awhile to quilt it but I hope to finish by the end of the week.

Last night I finished reading The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah.  All night long I thought about the story and the details and by morning I concluded that this book has to rank somewhere in my Top Ten books of all time.  The story was very moving and very horrific – I would imagine many details from WWII were represented in all honesty making a deep impression on me.  It going to take some time for me to forget it.

Here is a picture of the opposite side of the coin – yes, I washed the mud off and now I understand I should not have done that.  Shows how much I know about collectible coins.  A reader’s husband is going to take a look at it and I’ll let you know what he says.  I think it’s a sign of good luck.  Faye ate like a champ tonight – that’s good!

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  1. Ann from NC

    Have you read THE HIDING PLACE by Corrie Ten Boom? This is an older book about her family being taken to a Germany prison camp. So sad- She was the only one to survive. Awesome!! If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – Yes, I have read it, many years ago – a great story!

  2. Micky Miller

    Mary, I made a snow-ball quilt for a dear friend for her first baby, such fun. I would likee to make a table runner ond or a table mat. Faye must be enjoying her new diet. Peace

  3. Shirley Svoboda

    So glad Faye is doing better….hope this continues. Table topper sounds great.

  4. Geri

    I would be interested in doing the red, white and blue topper! Thanks for your blog, I love it! It is the only one that I read EVERY word!

  5. Lisa

    Great news about Faye! Bless her little heart!

    I’m game on the patriotic table mat!

  6. Candice


    I agree with you about how you felt about The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah. It is one of my top ten favorites, maybe even top five.

    Glad to hear Faye is feeling well right now. Hope it continues!

  7. Peggy

    Sooooo, bring on the red, white & blue!! I should think it would be very adaptable to most any size!!💈 📬 🇱🇷 Thanks, Mary!!
    Good news to hear about Faye!! 🐶

  8. Cynthia Arneson

    So happy to hear Faye ate well; what a sweet dog she is. A new table topper sounds like fun! I have lots of patriotic fabric and what a fun way to use it; count me in. I would have washed that new found coin too…then again…what do I know about coin collecting either!

  9. Mary C.

    I agree with the others who recommended “All the Light We Cannot See”, one of the best books I’ve read in quite some time. Glad to hear Faye found her appetite!

  10. Marilyn

    Yes, I love the red, white, blue idea……and simple means quickly done. Count me in.

  11. Donna Sproston

    I would have washed it as well. Looking forward to the pattern too.

  12. Jessica

    The quilt along and the both sound wonderful! Going to library tonight.

  13. bernadette

    Ha! I am one of your followers who asked about the gray snowball months ago. Love it. Am in the middle of Farm Girl Vintage quilt -which I absolutely love. I think it would make a lovely group project at some point since the book gives such explicit instructions. I can surely fit in a table topper or mat, so I am in. Happy to hear Faye is hanging in there.

  14. Carol

    I have read all of Kristen Hannah’s books as well. I hate when I run out of an authir’s books, it can be hard to find a book/author you are going to enjoy as well as a personal favorite.

    Stick the coin in a jar of dirt for a while and the old patina will return!

    Yes to the sew along! Trying to bust my stash! And scraps!

  15. MartyCae

    So glad to hear Faye ate last night! I will start the red, white and blue project with you – Thanks!

  16. Paula

    Count me in on the quilt along. Glad Faye had a good day still praying for her. Paula in KY

  17. Jan Shaffer

    Hi Mary,
    What a coincidence! My book club read The Nightingale last month and met to discuss it last night. The hostess had a checked tablecloth with French bread and cheese and grapes, like Antoine and Vianne had for the picnic before the war. We had a very good discussion – sometimes we get off-topic (imagine that, a group of ladies!) but not last night.

  18. Martha

    What fun to do a quilt-a-long patriotic table runner! I love pulling out my red/white/blue little
    quilts this time of year through Labor Day.

    The Nightingale continues to haunt me since reading it. So very powerful!!

  19. Synthia Noble

    I’m interested! We’re very patriotic around here and our first child was born on Flag Day. Hip Hip Hooray!!

  20. Mary Adams

    Good news on Faye! Yes I would like to make the table runner. I will look for the book you just finished, have a ton of books to read since I retired, thought I would have more time, but yet to read one! Great find on the 50 cent piece, was a sign of Good Luck!

  21. Sharon

    Count me in for the table runner! I love anything red, white and blue. I’ve got red, white and blue on today.

  22. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, I would love to make the table runner! My sister Geri made your kit for the red snowball, we are all in love with it. So glad to hear Faye is eating, thinking about her a lot. Love that you found treasure on your property! Can’t wait to hear more. I’ve been on a mission to finish UFO’s. Can you believe I finally put borders on a top I made in 1990! It looks great just hope it doesnt take another 26 years to quilt it! Ha! Have fun quilting your quilt, I love the colors. Love reading your adventures. Moe

  23. Marilyn Hooton

    Yes please count me in on the table runner. So glad to hear about Faye. You are an amazing person thank you for sharing with us.

  24. Diane

    What a great, do-able idea! I can visualize it now. Thank you and count me in.

  25. Candee

    I too LOVED The Nightengale. It was unforgettable. One of my very favorites of all time.
    Yay for Faye!!!

  26. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I’ll join you in the red, white and blue table topper: our national colours are also red, white and blue!
    Good to hear that things have been going a bit better with Faye. Hang on to your lucky coin.
    Kind regards, Fiona.

  27. LINDA

    Love the idea of a patriotic quilt. Please share the pattern. Will definitely read your book recommendation. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

  28. Elizabeth

    So happy that Faye has had a good day!
    I love the idea of the patriotic table runner or table mat! May I suggest that Sept. 11
    would be another time to display it? I love your blog – first thing I read after emails from my grown-up

  29. Susan K

    I loved that book The Nightingale. It is her best book and made me think more than most other books. I felt almost as if I were suffering along with the characters. I will definitely be reading it again.
    I like the idea of a snowball quilt in red white and blue.

  30. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I loved that book. It was sad, but reality was so much worse. Those people who fought in the Resistance had a good reason to do it and were brave and courageous.

    A sew along, that sounds good and not big, that sounds better. I ‘ ll do it.

    What a lucky find. Years ago. I found a quarter from 1825, unfortunately one of my sons gave away and I didn’t find out for a long time. Never got it back. Gla d to hear little Faye is feeling a little better.


  31. Rickie

    Yes, I’m interested in a quick table mat, too. I want a simple project to practice your straight line quilting and this would work!

  32. Kristi

    I would love to make a snowball runner or quilt. Great way to use up some scraps!
    I read Nightingale recently and my book club has decided to read it for one of our meetings. I loved it, also, and will reread it for the meeting. I love to read about what you are reading!

  33. Kate Schrot

    Totally agree about The Nightingale. Read it last year and I still think about it. I’m thinking of rereading it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – I would consider re-reading The Nightingale, too.

  34. Janet Snyder

    I have read all of Kristen Hannah’s books. No doubt ‘The Nightingale’ is one of her finest. I also thought about it a lot. I really enjoy your sharing about what books you’re reading.

  35. Cathy Davis

    Yes please! I’d love to do a patriotic runner for my sister who has decorated her home in Americana 😊

  36. Launa

    Mary….Oh my, I’ll pass as I have a number of Patriotic quilted items and table toppers and just finished a flag using a tumbler template. I do love your red and white snowball topper…….and I’m working on a wee runner from the Mini mag.
    So good to read that Faye has had a really good day, too. Your coin looks like it has had little wear on either side. You deserved a lucky day.

    1. Brenda A in sunny AZ

      Tried to weigh in with a yes vote. Made a typo on my iPad and it wiped out my reply.

  37. Nikki Mahaffey

    I would be interested in table mat size patriotic snowball quilt….lately my projects seem to be bed rugs..don’t know why just have..quick and easy also..a lot lend themselves to straight line quilting

  38. Debbie Miller

    Love the red snowball-so yes, I would like to make the patriotic snowball. One of my quilt guilds has been making lots of Quilts of Valor and this would be a great pattern for a wheelchair lap quilt for the Veteran’s Home.

  39. Brenda in sunny arizona

    Would love to make something … Runner or topper. Have just finished a paper piecing class and am also in the middle of a storm at sea King size for grandsons wedding gift next year, but need some diversion from all those blocks that will take forever.
    Faye’s daily ups and downs have us all concerned about her and it’s good to hear when she’s having a good quality of life day.

  40. Judy Bickler

    I would love to do the table runner! I look forward to your posts every day…..what a great long distance friendship!

  41. Lynda

    Yes I would like to do the table runner. I si enjoy your e mails. Thank u Lynda

  42. Jeanine

    Thanks for showing the back side of the coin. It surely is in good condition for being that old. I may make the table runner if I can squeeze it in. I’m working on Bible school crafts now.

  43. Amelia

    Read “The Nightingale” several months ago. It was my most memorable book of the past year. Easy to remember the book with it’s outstanding writing . Also read All the Light We Cannot see. WW2 remembered.

  44. Rose Mikulski

    What a great post today! A lucky find, hearing the good news about Faye and a quilt-a-long. I definitely have the pieces. Can’t wait to see the pattern. Give Faye a big hug for me!

  45. Diana W

    Yes. Yes. I want in for the table topper.
    The Nightingale was my favorite book of last year, quiet possibly my top 2. I could not stop thinking about it, and could not pick up another book for a couple of weeks, and that is rare for me. I read voraciously and just could not find anything to live up to the previous read. So glad you enjoyed it, also.
    Good for Faye!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana – I agree – I don’t know how I can even think about another book but it’s bedtime and I have to read!

  46. Linette Stewart

    Glad to hear about Faye! Would love to make a patriotic mat or runner!

  47. Mary

    I would love to make a table runner…or maybe a square table topper for my square table.

  48. ANITA Fetzer

    The Nightingale is one of my all time favoites, now you should read her Winter Garden and then All the Light We Cannot See.

    Would like to do the patriotic placemat. Will watch for the pattern thanks

    Good news about Faye. Hope it continues. Anita

  49. Carolyn

    I would like to participate in the Red, White & Blue runner🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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