Here’s the next project

Sorry for that error.  Remember I showed a project bag?

Here is the unfinished piece – appliqué and embroidery, very primitive and I see by the date that I started it in 2004.  

I don’t think I can finish it now – I keep adding names of beloved pets and there still is much empty space to embroider in so I think I will add some new names, some more interests and hobbies and tuck it back in the project bag.  The outside dark border is actually just a spacer to keep the edge from fraying and I will probably frame this piece.

So I’m going to pick out another unfinished project.  This one will continue.

7 thoughts on “Here’s the next project

  1. brenda archambault

    Why not bind it and hang it nearby. Then, as it becomes necessary to add a name, take it down, add the name and hang it back up. You can keep this going till you’ve run out of space. And enjoy the wall hanging in the mean time. It’s difficult to find a cut off date, but I’ve had to do that with a few pieces I’ve done, and then explain it to my children and grandchildren. “Look at the finish date on the piece.” Sorry, that’s the way it is!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda – my knots would show on the back and I want to quilt it when finished so a backing covers my embroidery.

  2. Sara Reynolds

    I love it! I especially like how you have added names of all your animals. That makes it very special!

  3. Rose Mikulski

    I love everything in this quilt–the triangle border is so you. I’ll be the first to ask: what pattern did you use?

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