Here’s what I’m working on

I’m making this baby quilt for a friend – I let her pick all the fabric. Blocks are done – now I’ll put it together and quilt it.

Here’s what two lazy dogs do on a cold February day in North Iowa.

Hazel comes to life when Reed arrives and is ready to help him sew if needed.

Cold today but thankfully no wind so I opened up the barn – everybody there needed some fresh air! Making goulash for supper and baking almond bars.

Connie and Roy went skiing so Hope is staying here – she’s getting up there in years and needs her rest. She is always welcome at our house!

And so it goes – a day on the farm.

36 thoughts on “Here’s what I’m working on

  1. Kay

    Love the log cabin baby quilt! Love your blog!
    I’ve tried twice to email you pictures of my Feathered Circles from 2 different email accounts and both times it has bounced back. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Bummer.

  2. Delores

    The colors and design of the baby quilt are beautiful and will be a “keep-sake” for years to come. Thanks again for sharing your expertise in sewing, farm life, lovable pets, etc. And, of course we appreciate Reed and his working side by side with you on your chores and now his 4-H project.

  3. Karen

    That’s going to be a cute baby quilt when finished. Loved how Hazel is nested in an afghan. Add me to the list of those wanting your almond bar recipe.

  4. Janie

    I’m with the dog’s! I’ll curl up with a blanket too! Reed is such a neat guy; he’ll be grateful to have those sewing skills! Hazel wants to help! So cute.

  5. Diane

    The baby quilt will be lovely with those colors and your love in it. I’m pretty sure Hazel is ready to learn to quilt. As smart as she is, I think she can do it!! Did you get slammed last night (Thursday) with snow and cold? It’s missing Central Ohio today; we had enough on Wednesday. Stay warm, Mary!!

  6. Shelba

    What a pretty color combination! My latest project is using all of the old acrylic partial skeins of yarn in a Log Cabin knitted afghan. There was a “challenge” in one of the forums of Ravelry, and since I have been sewing Log Cabin quilts for decades, it felt like a nice project. Being a “go big or go home” person I am doing it king sized for my bed. Snuggle those grand babies and animals for me!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Shelba – you do believe in “go big or go home”! A king size Afghan!

  7. Jan

    Mary, I love your posts and go to them first! Love all the farm news! I think I’m a farm girl at heart!😊 I know you posted info on the chair quilts, but wondering if you would dimensions/directions. They would be a big help with my dogs with whom we share furniture and bed! Ha! Ha! Wouldn’t have it any other way. Appreciate any info on chair quilts!

  8. Sue

    Love your baby quilt. Babies love bright colors. It will be a hit for sure.

    I have had an Instant Pot for over 2 years now and I Love It!! I have found them to be very safe. Much more so than stove top ones. You can set them and walk away. Plus, everything tastes great.

    Reed looks hard at work and very intent on his project.

  9. pam forsling

    I look forward to your posts everyday. I’m sorry I missed visiting your shop when you had it open. Would love to see how you make your goulash. I’ve never been able to duplicate my mom’s recipe. Thanks. We also are waiting for the “big” snow.

  10. Linda

    Almond bars? Would love a good recipe. I have slivered, sliced and ground almonds in my freezer from Christmas. I need to use them up.

  11. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the baby quilt and anxious to see how you quilt this log cabin design.
    thanks for the pictures.
    Carolyn B

  12. Marilyn Holder

    Great to see your chair cover quilts getting use! If I were there, I would snuggle up in a chair with them. Hazel looks like she must constantly know what is going on all the time!

  13. Kathy

    Love the log cabin look for a baby quilt. My two recent quilts I made were nine patch baby quilts to give to seniors I volunteer with but now I am looking more and more at log cabin styles. Your quilt inspires me want to try to make one of those next. Thanks for the inspiration. And I got another look at your chair quilts which is another of my UFO’s so my dogs can look as cozy as yours do. Can’t wait to see Reed beaming when he holds up his quilt for all of us to admire.

  14. Diane M

    If only Hazel could talk! I’m sure she would have a lot of wonderful advice to give. I love the expression on her face. We’re supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. I have to count the days until spring.

  15. Tracy

    I so look forward to your posts and pictures. Absolutely love how Hazel is watching Reed! She looks like she’s ready to jump in and help. I miss the cold and the snow. The temperature right now is 84 with a ‘feels like’ of 87! The humidity is up there, too. Everything is sticking to me.

  16. Janice

    Such a nice, productive day! Cold here today but the sun is melting the ice that formed after our snow/rain day yesterday. The driveway was a solid sheet of ice first thing this morning. Hate spreading sand but some days its just necessary – I don’t want another broken shoulder, haha. Little Louis doesn’t get out as much when it’s icy like this. Hopefully the rest of the week will bring warmer temperatures. Your home looks so cozy, warm and inviting. Love the quilt – it will be gorgeous! The colors are so soft and sweet.

  17. Betty Klosterman

    The opening song from “McLintock” goes “life in the country.” Sure looks nice and comfy. What could be nicer?

  18. Sarah

    I’m new to your site and have just realized that Reed is not your grandson, but a grandfriend. What a handsome and great kid he is! The lessons learned in life and craft will remain with him long after you have passed through his life. I know this to be true because I, too, had a friend like you when I was young. She taught me to sew and exposed me to concerts and singing at the top of our lungs as we drove to this or that place!

    I’m completely amazed by all you accomplish inside and outside the home. Having grown up on a dairy in northeastern Oregon I appreciate all the work done around the farm. All the best.

  19. Launa

    My son bought one of the new electric pressure cook pots. First meal was delicious chicken breasts with fresh asparagus, bacon bits, garlic n herbs…think they finished in 8 minutes. Second meal was Elk stew. .. delicious and about 15 minutes with the usual carrots, celery and russets. We highly recommend the pressure cook pot.

    Another warm snow melting, light rain shower day. 36 degrees about noon in northern Idaho. Your two dogs cozy up in chairs like Pepper.

    Nice to see Reed working on his 4H project quilt under Hazel’s watchful eye.

    1. Tracy

      I’ve been wanting one of those pressure cookers for the quick cooking times, but I’m just so nervous about using one. Years ago I did something wrong and the dang cover blew off the cooker, destroyed the kitchen ceiling light and put a big hole in the wall!

  20. maxine lesline

    Your pics and commentary describe ” cozy..a visualization of what the Danes call “huegge” (?) .. and aren’t barns interesting !

  21. Kathy

    Sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy your indoors while keeping snug and warm. The quilt is beautiful. I’m still pondering what pattern I need to start out with as I’m a beginner. I love to peek into your busy and beautiful life on the farm!

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