Here’s What We’re Sewing Today, 1-1-2021

Here’s Connie’s project – the block is big – 14″!

Here’s my first block.

And a pile of blocks cut out and ready to sew.

I’m also making ham and bean soup today.

Here’s Fetch.

And binding was put on by machine – this is going to be acceptable from now on.

Dirty Dozen quilts that I forgot yesterday:

And this quilt was made by a remarkable 103 year old quilter!

I hope I can sew this well even at 83!!!

We’re getting ready to watch football – this is how Hazel plans to watch!

Are you sewing today?

62 thoughts on “Here’s What We’re Sewing Today, 1-1-2021

  1. Mary, St Joseph, Mo

    I have “ham & beans” in the crock pot too! Cold and snowy here today with ice underneath, getting ready to cut out a quilt and I’ll need to mix up the cornbread and bake for later. Happy New Year!🎊

  2. Paula S.

    Hi Mary! We finished up our ham and beans a couple of days ago. I enjoy seeing what you’re working on and always love the pictures of dirty dozen projects others finish. That Hazel just cracks me up! I miss my Riley, a cairn terrier who went to the rainbow bridge two years ago, so love to see Hazel’s antics. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Carolyn S Knott

    Happy New Year!!!! Yes I’m sewing on Bonnie Hunter’s “Grassy Creek” MQ clue 6. We should be getting close to the reveal. I really like the blocks you and Connie are working on.
    I’ve heard whatever you do on the first day of New Year you will do for the rest of the year. So sewing it is!


  4. Deb H

    I like both your projects and the way Hazel snuggles in. I have a pork roast with carrots, onions and potatoes in an apple juice, rosemary, garlic and paprika sauce in the crockpot. My work in the kitchen is done until I have to do the dishes!

    Finishing an apron and 3 zippered bags this weekend. The I am going to search for the quilt blocks I need to put together for a SD friend. They are her mother’s blocks. Already finished one quilt for her last Feb but started doing madd SD is when we got home in March. Progress in reconstruction on the condo and open lines of communication between seller and her realtor, construction company and our realtor and us. Horizon looking brighter.

  5. LaNan Eldridge

    Happy new year! Yes I am sewing! I pulled out five old UFO’s so hopefully I’ll make great progress in the first day of a new year!! Watching football and sewing…great combo!!

  6. Lorraine McGeough

    Happy New Year to you Mary and hubby and family. I hope to sew today but dog sitting for my daughter’s dog. She is such a fun dog to have around. It is quite fun to have a dog around again as we had to put our little poodle down 2 years ago and don’t think we have gotten over losing her.
    Love your newsletters and love seeing the quilts. Connie’s quilt is very pretty and just love your quilt block with the farm animals on it.
    Happy Sewing-

  7. Marsha from Kansas

    Happy New Year, Mary! I was cutting out a couple of projects, but my iron got some black gunk on it. I think it is that cushion layer that comes with the ironing board cover that melted on my iron. I needed a new ironing board cover, which my daughter had gotten for me. Well, I think last time I used the iron cleaner, I used it up. So I ordered some more and no more ironing for me until it gets here. I do believe I had that tube of iron cleaner for 25 years (or more now). I quit working for Cloth World in 1993. 🙂 So – I will be machine quilting a couple more of my Kim Diehl What Nots projects, one my December Dirty Dozen. My January Dirty Dozen is all hand work, binding, sleeve, and label. I still do the binding by hand so will be a good project on these cold winter days. Woke up to 4-5 inches of snow. Hazel is just too cute! Great way to spend the day.

  8. Diane Bauer

    I’m embroidering again today—my new passion!!!
    The sun is shining so as soon as the project on the machine finishes up, I’m heading out to walk the dogs. Oh, Hazel!! I think you’ve got it right!!!
    Love the DD quilts!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane, I love to do hand embroidery. It’s so relaxing to me. I love tracing the pattern with my light box and then assembling my threads. Good luck!

  9. Joan West

    Deb H – your pork roast in the crockpot sounds yummy. Can you please give amounts of the ingredients & length of time in the crockpot??

  10. Kim J LeMere

    Today will be a simple day for us, we order pizza for drive up pick up and we watch some football. This year we called our neighbor (who for serious health reasons has been alone in her home since March) and asked if we could order her a pizza on us. She was delighted and we are thankful for so many of our wonderful neighbors with the pandemic. I will sew a binding on a king size version o Bonnie Hunters frolic. The leftover pizza will be served with a simple salad for dinner. Earl to bed for us both.

  11. Sue In OR

    We are going to have a multi bean and ham soup that includes black-eyed peas for good luck. We are not southern but somehow the tradition made it all the way to Oregon.
    Your machine stitched binding looks great. Much easier.
    The quilts are all wonderful. Love the Jo Morton quilt.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful relaxing day.
    Yipee…We are now in 2021.

  12. Marian

    Mary, love your post today, the first day of 2021. Connie’s block makes a statement looking toward the finish. Oh, I was so enamored with your blue animal fabric that I ordered it through Amazon and the piece came by Hancock’s of Paducah speedily. The designer is Stacy Hsu—she is so talented. And, last but not least, HAZEL you are a doll. Happy New Year!

  13. Arliene Zeigler

    My comments on sewing bindings: we all learned to quilt with hand stitched bindings. Then, I started making Project Linus quilts. A friend showed me how to machine stitch bindings and I have not hand stitched a binding since then. First, I really think machine binding is much sturdier especially for a kids quilt. And, I don’t give my quilts to quilters. They already have enough of their own. Nobody but a quilter would notice the binding wasn’t done by hand. I will never bind by hand again.

  14. Nancy TD

    Happy New Year to all. Sewing on the last installment of a block of the month quilt. Assembly later when it is it’s DD time. I like both of Connie and Mary’s projects. Look forward to seeing them finished. Also hand quilting on a king size Applique and pieced quilt that I have worked on since 2016. It just doesn’t go very fast. All the Applique just seemed to need hand quilting— am happy with the results.

  15. Diane in Maryland

    Happy New Year, Mary and everyone! Cold rainy day in Md. so my ham and black-eyed pea soup is going to be yummy. I will also have some corn bread!
    Love the blocks you and Connie are doing. Especially the one you did with your favorite animal fabric. Hazel is so cute! If I could only be as comfy as they look and sleep as soundly. We have a cat that loves to lay on her back like that.
    I am about to go see what #12 DD is! I need to catch up. But, I got my Baltimore Album done last night! Horray! I was determined to finish it in 2020!

      1. Diane in Maryland

        I will send one to you! I even hand quilted it! I worked on it day after day while sitting in on virtual school with my 14 yr old grandson. I would take it to his house everyday. One day he asked if I was still working on that thing! Haha I’m going to leave it to one of the granddaughters!

  16. Joyce from NY

    Love yours & Connie’s blocks, they will be beautiful I know. I just finished piecing a ufo leader ender quilt from Bonnie Hunter. Got chicken cooking in crockpot, a recipe that Jo showed on her blog. Happy New Year to all & Hazel!!

  17. Candy

    Happy New Year everyone … here’s to a new start! I think Hazel has the right idea for New Years Day! I love your little black & white table topper, Mary … maybe I’ll pet some fabric and start something like that. We’re having lasagna for dinner tonight, and we’ve already decided it is going to be our Christmas dinner from now on. Our traditional turkey dinner is too much work, too much mess and just too much! Lasagna and a salad can all be made ahead so everyone can enjoy the day! I guess that’s my New Year’s resolution… it should be an easy one to keep … LOL! Enjoy the football games, Mary … we are too!

  18. Gayle Shumaker

    I was sewing earlier today. I’m doing the Moda log cabin challenge through the new year weekend. I finished cutting strips to size for the paper piecing 6” templates from Fat Quarter Shop and started sewing. My back made it’s displeasure known after a couple of hours, just in time to catch the last half of the Auburn/ Northwestern game. Got to watch those Big 10 games. Dinner tonight is homemade lasagna at my husband’s request.
    Happy New Year Mary. I look forward to your blog and seeing everyone’s beautiful quilts in the coming year.

  19. Launa

    I am with Hazel….she has the right idea! We received 6-8” more snow yesterday n last night! Had fireworks last night, too. The big aerial type left over from last year! My husband’s birthday is today..still going strong @ 87years!
    Sun is bright today, but temperature reads 21o out about 2:30!
    Started a new check register and went thru mail.
    A friend asked I was going to get a C19 injection? YES AS SOON AS I AM OFFERED IT. MY SON And D-I-L are EMTs. Had their injections a few days ago with no problems afterwards!

  20. Donna Giddens.

    Yes. Hospice gowns & neck pillows. Charity project for my quilt guild. It’s slow going. I’d rather be cross stitching. Got hooked on it again past couple of months. Keeps me from taking naps tho. Not all bad! Happy new Year to u and Connie.

  21. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    HI Mary, I had chili dogs with spicy cheese for lunch does that count as pork? I think they were turkey dogs–lol. Love Hazel’s TV watching pose:) She’s adorable. It is raining and cold here–made it to 33* so no walking to see my pups today. I have about 8 that I give treats to off and on when they’re out and I’m walking. I miss seeing them on these days. Yes, I put a binding on a quilted table cloth. It is Mary Engelbreit fabric that I love and my quilter put a light batting in for a table cloth. It’s a DD so you’ll see it soon. Watching football and trying to clean the sewing room. Ha—a never ending job. I love the pattern you picked for your blue animal fabric and Connie’s pattern is really great. Happy 2021 everyone.

  22. Roxanne

    Love both of the quilts you and Connie started. I didn’t start a new quilt today, but continued cutting some scraps for a baby quilt to make when I need one—a kit! It’s been a nice day and our pot of chicken noodle soup is almost ready. Added whatever veg I could find in the fridge—a scrap soup. Ha!
    We’re watching football too—it’s New Year’s Day!

  23. Diana in Des moines

    I have lasagna in the oven with garlic cheese bread.
    We have a new granddaughter due next month, so today I quilted an I spy quilt for her big brother. He will stay here while dil is in the hospital. I want him to feel special too, so a little quilt love for him. We cant visit them in the hospital, so we will all meet her together.
    Headed to the studio now to quilt one for her. Paper dolls on yellow fabric. Take care, Happy New Year!

  24. Sherrill

    I love quilts made with larger blocks–they go quicker, right? HA The soup sounds so yummy, I’m freezin’ here. I can’t do binding on the machine; it always looks like crap. MAN, I’m not even 73 yet and I don’t come close to sewing like the 103 yo! Hazel’s a little goofball! LOL

  25. Rita in Iowa

    Mary the quilts are lovely. Everyone is doing a wonderful job.

    Happy New Year to all, let’s hope it will be a healthier one for all.

    I am working on going through my sewing area a little each day. I also have a utility quilt that needed some blocks replaced as they are fraying. So that is what I’m working, on.

    Sounds like everyone is cooking up a storm. Hopefully on Sunday I can try making Sourdough Beer bread.

  26. Jean

    Boy do I like hazel’s approach to watching TV! I sewed today but didn’t get as much done as I had wanted. Tomorrow is another day.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let us pray that 2021 will be a year without blog issues!

  27. Kathy in western NY

    Of course sewing was done today! Very glad you did the binding on the machine. I know you have a Bernina, Mary, and I have used the serpentine wavy stitch to hold down a binding on a charity quilt as that hides my not so steady straight lines. I just made an i spy quilt to donate and machine stitched the binding down with straight stitches. I should have done the wavy one .
    Tomorrow I am making potato soup and then it’s my ham bone to use up the next day. It’s soup weather and I like having homemade soups around for meals. Love seeing another bullseye quilt and all the wonderful creations from your readers.

  28. Janice Brown

    Happy New Years to all. What an inspiration . . .103 years old and still quilting. Cinders your quilt is very nice.

  29. Deb

    Love the picture of Hazel – love to see a dog so relaxed and with not a care in the world! Can’t wait to see the rest of the quilt you’re putting together. I’m still working on a Christmas quilt for the guest bed, which the girls use (our 9 and 11 pound dogs) when we don’t have guests. Figured I better clear out some of the Christmas fabric I’ve been holding onto for the past 40 years….don’t make Christmas quilts nearly fast enough! I plan on making a 2 sided quilt so I can use the other side during the rest of the year – storage around here is difficult to come by! Happy New Year to you! Hope 2021 will be FAR better for all of us….

  30. Jan from TN

    Happy New Year! The blocks you & Connie are working on are fabulous. Mary, what is the name of that Layer Cake you’re working on? It is sew darn cute!
    I did sew today but didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped to. Tomorrow or Sunday I’ll put our few Christmas decorations away, wash the empty cookie cans & then I plan to sew.
    Hazel is so cute. When Brody rolls like that, he expects a belly rub. If you stop, he’ll find your hand & start licking it till you start rubbing his tummy again. He’s not too spoiled! LOL!
    Have a great weekend sewing. Can’t wait to see what you & Connie accomplish over this holiday weekend!
    Have fun & Stay Still & Safe! Hugs ( ) ( ) 🙂

  31. Susan K in Texas

    I’m working on my December DD – the top is now done. It’s a mini Dresden quilt in greens.
    After finishing the top I decided to start a new quilt. I got some of it done but have a long way to go. I spent almost the whole day in the sewing room. It was great!
    My hubby made sticky buns. He loved the ones his mom used to make so wanted to make his own. They’re too much work for me!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K in Texas – your husband knows how to make sticky buns? Wow!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        He’s learning. So far he’s made them with frozen dough. He plans to learn to make them totally from scratch. For a while he couldn’t fine yeast.
        He is interested somewhat in cooking and since he’s retired and not working in the yard has been cooking more.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan K – does he clean up, too? If he does you don’t know how lucky you are!

  32. Cheryl Regan

    I was thrilled to be sewing for the weekend at a quilt shop. 9 of us masked in an environment normally used by 24. We sewed two days masked and enjoyed each other’s stories and got reacquainted. So much fun!

  33. Wendy P

    Hello, Mary

    Happy New Year. Love your Fetch quilt – is there a pattern. I think it would work great for an “I Spy” quilt.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Wendy P – I actually drew up another better one that I’ll make next and then I might have to put it in pattern form. Stay tuned.

      1. Wendy P

        Great – I’m playing catch up with the blog posts. Look forward to seeing “the better one” although the first one is really nice.

  34. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Happy New Year! Our son who lives in our town surprised us with lunch: black eyed peas w/ham, collard greens, and cornbread. We had not experienced either the peas or greens; they were great. So, we did not cook today—yay!
    I did not actually sew, but I worked on a small project at the coffee table in preparation for sewing. It was so cold and icy here, neither of us wanted to venture down to the crafting room. We snuggled down under quilts and took a nap in our recliners. We started the year by being lazy.

  35. Charlotte Shira

    Happy New Year! I love your blocks and Connie’s too! All the DDs are great. I couldn’t sew today since my machine has been in the shop for a couple of weeks. I got a message that it was time for a computer check-up. I usually take it in while we are on vacation but that didn’t happen this year. I’m having sewing withdrawals! I think I need another machine. So I put a pork roast with sauerkraut and potatoes in the oven and took down the Christmas decorations and watched football. Ohio State looked really good so the championship game should be really fun. I love college football. And the roast was delicious! I also made ham and bean soup Wednesday, so I shouldn’t have to cook for a few days! Love that!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte Shira – you cook like I do – a lot at a time and then I have many meals ready to just warm up. Rick is great about warming his own meal. We, too, love college football but it will soon end and then Basketball which took such a hit last year. Yes, OSU looked great!

  36. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I’m with Kathy in western NY, l use the 3 step stitch l usually use for elastic as my straight sewing can be wobbly. I’m planning to get to the sewing machine tomorrow and finish my summer dressing gown and small curtain for a friend, maybe make some date scones for the girls next door.take care everyone , best wishes from sandy

  37. Linda baker

    I am the last one to the dance, must go to bed a lot earlier than the rest of you, lol! Made cabbage/potato soup with ham yesterday and it is delish. No sewing, but cut out scrap pieces and made a real mess in the sewing area. We have snow on top of ice this morning, so it will be a good day to go into the basement and do some organizing.
    My favorite part of quilting is sewing the binding by hand. Maybe because the finish is in sight then.

  38. Janice Hebert

    Aw, Hazel is just too cute! Love the fabrics Connie is using for her Cross Tile quilt and your finished block is adorable. Love that animal fabric. I did a little hand sewing yesterday with my granddaughter. She has been with us a couple of nights and went home last night, miss her already. We made yoyo’s! So fun with Clover’s little plastic yoyo makers. I gave her a maker last Christmas but she’s just getting the hang of making them now. We had such fun picking out fabric for them. I’m hoping to make a soup over the weekend but not sure if it will be a turkey or ham based one. Jan in MA

  39. Polly Perkins

    Yes I am sewing. Working on a project that I hope to finish at least up to the border. Been working on it for 2 years and is called 4 star general. It is designed by Yellow Creek Designs not too far from where I live. She is now designing fabric too.

  40. Beryl BC

    The blocks are both lovely. I’ve sewed both yesterday and today, a little of this and that. Finished the top of a Christmas table runner; will quilt it for next year. I did some hand stitching on a worn quilt I’m repairing for a relative. Today I did some alterations on a summer dress I hope to wear next summer. I pulled some old quilts out in preparation for a zoom gathering tomorrow where we will be sharing traditional quilts.

  41. Andi

    Hi Mary,
    HA! I finally figured out how to reply. Shaking my head here at how long that took to figure out. LOL
    I’ve been machine binding for about 5 years now. Just can’t hold a needle long enough, or wanting to spend that much time binding, period. Its my least favorite part of quilting, and thats weird, because its what finishes the quilt. Anyway –
    I’m in the middle of a major clean out/clean up of my sewing room right now. Feels good to get reorganized.
    I like how big that block is!

  42. Jo in Wyoming

    I’ve done a little sewing this weekend. The big news is from the bathroom. I purged out crap that must have been 20 years old! Then I found lint on top of the medicine cabinet, thick lint. Now I’m tackling the linen closet. Lord only knows what I’ll find in there. I’m told vet clinics will take mismatched towels. I hate throwing away good towels or sheets, but if I don’t need them, use them or want them, there going to the Goodwill. I guess this is kinda like Swedish death cleaning. It’s feeling rather good.
    Tomorrow I will clean out another shelf and paint it.

    Tonight we had tomato soup with left over rice in it. Sprinkle some cheese on top and a dollop of sour cream. Yummy.
    Happy New Year, everyone

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – yes, death cleaning! I did all the shelves on the loft and ended up with 3 completely empty shelves!! I’m determined to leave them empty! It IS a good feeling! You go, Girl!

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