Home Again

We returned home from Eric’s wedding in a severe storm that moved across North Iowa and Southern Minnesota. We were driving into the storm cell on I-90 near Austin, MN when we had to pull off and park on the backside of a truck stop. It rained and hailed and the sirens went off as we sat there in our vehicle. I was unable to reach Linda here at the farm and I wondered if they were ok. By the time we got home, the storm had passed and it continued to rain. All was fine at home but today Rick and I picked up a boatload of twigs, branches and clumps of leaves.
Connie and Mary Baker left for Chicago this morning. I’m hoping for some pictures taken at the show which I will pass on.
I will write about Eric and Nikki’s wedding in Farm News this week along with more pictures of our trip.

4 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. brenda A

    Glad you got home safe and sound. Watched the weather coverage and it didn’t look like anything I’d care to be caught in.

  2. LMK

    just found out my brother died, he was living in southwest iowa. he was 72, not sure what happened, we’re going down in the morning, talk to his friend, the minister, the lawyer and whoever else, see what we can find out, also see if we can get some other things taken care of, then come back over the weekend. it was real stormy here in osage to last night. glad you got home okay. more rain on the way?? hope not a lot, it’s wet in some fields, saw a lot of water up around owatonna today.

  3. sue dietz

    So glad you are home safely. So many friends and relatives live in the areas they keep marking with storm warnings. I want them to be over. I hope our farmland in South Dakota is ok.

    We installed raised beds and for the first time in well over 30 years I have tomatoes, peppers, squash, herbs and zinnias growing. I feel like I’m working with the closest thing to Iowa soil since we lived in Des Moines! Here we have clay. I’m not sure how the pioneers ever grew a thing!

    Hope you rest up quickly from the trip and storm.

  4. Launa

    There must be some happy critter pets so glad to see you home. Your quilting friends are as well!!

    Looking forward to more news from you as the week progresses.

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