Homey Triangles Sew Along

Thank you to everyone who sent a picture of their little quilt.  Hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Kathy H.  This one was my favorite and this was the effect I was going for with mine until I realized I didn’t have enough fabric.  Love the green fabric throughout.

Rita S.  Love the one block facing the opposite direction.

Rose M.  Love the color scheme.

Cindie G.  Red is my favorite color.

Joanne V.  Great use of fall and Halloween fabrics.

Fiona Z. in Holland.  Two split square pillows for her brown couch.

Sandy B.  You can’t go wrong with red check.

Judy L.  Note the diagonal rows.

Sylvia H.  Two projects – Split Square and Homey Triangles

Sharon G.  A cute doll quilt.

Debi G.  Great color.

Thanks, Everybody!  My next big post will be Connie’s Cruise Post.  And later in the week watch for the cruise quilt pattern to be available for sale.  More big news coming soon – quilts for sale!!!

16 thoughts on “Homey Triangles Sew Along

  1. Martha Engstler

    Great to see all the wonderful little quilts. Thanks for posting them. They are all great.

  2. Carol

    Wow, I love them all! Each is so pretty! Can’t wait til my sewing room is done and I can play catch up. I like the idea of using holiday fabrics bought “at the time” that never became a runner or tree skirt or whatever!

  3. Sue

    Wow! All the Homeys are wonderful. Makes me want to get in there and sew. Congrats on your finishes. They truly are wonderful.

  4. Becky Reeve

    My split square top is fine but not quilted. My Honey Triangle top is still in progress. Will post soon

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Don’t we just love “show and tell?” We get so many different ideas on colors and layouts. Right now I have to get caught up on stuff, then I can get back to my quilting.
    I got down to the Civic Center this morning to see the Mini Quilt Show. This year they put us on the Theater Stage and that really worked giving us more room for larger quilts than the Theater Lobby. The whole Civic Center is filled with all things that make up the Black Hills Stock Show overflowing to the fairgrounds where they have another large building filled with different activities. Also spent time in the petting zoo by the 4-H kids) which is with the area where they were selling cattle this morning. Just follow your nose to that section. That is the same room that will be filled with our big quilt show come June. There were lots of happy faces, lots of laughter and adventure. It is always so great to walk and look at everything, plus seeing so many people we know.

  6. Ann Barlament

    Loved seeing all the quilts! I’m still trying to figure out how to thread my new machine….didn’t come with instructions.

    Last night I completed 20 scarves…so far.

  7. Peggy

    Love seeing all the quilts everyone has been working on. My split squares are still in a heap of about 40 some. . . Hope to get back to them soon. However, we just ordered a new couch & I just might have to make one of the covers like Connie had posted, made with the “jelly roll” strips! Loved it!!

  8. Donna Sproston

    I found a piece of your background fabric. It came in a kit Duncan Heights from Country Threads. It is 2″ by 15″ and I will mail it to you if you would like to replace that grey patch. I used the kit contents to make a rectangular log cabin table runner I saw on Pinterest.

  9. Sandy Kolarik

    I love all the mini’s they all turned out great. I have a question though, what type of batting do you
    like to use for a baby quilt. I bought a Fairfield natural cotton but it seems too thin. I’m not really good
    at machine quilting so I pretty much quilt in the ditch. Spacing about 6″ apart. This is the part of
    quilting I mess up on. I don’t want to send it to a quilter. Any suggestions.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I use lightweight batting for everything. For a baby quilt I’d probably use Pellon fleece because it’s 45″ wide. Instead of stitching in the ditch which I find to be extremely hard and I’m never happy with the results, how about trying straight line quilting. Doesn’t have to be perfectly straight – just stitch across the quilt through the borders, measure by sight on your blocks as you travel across stitching inside the seam line on both sides, then through the middle and then through the center of your precious two lines. Try it! And don’t look for perfection. I don’t!

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