Hops Vine

Someone asked about the hops vine I showed you earlier this spring.  Here it is – out of control but no hops yet.

Here’s another healthy “volunteer” hops vine that came up by the trumpet vine with loads of hops on it already.  The trellis was put up for the trumpet vine which is nearly overgrown with the hops vine already and it’s not even the middle of July.

And here’s the corn across the road viewed from my easy chair.  It must be 7′ tall already!  The owner has an irrigation system that is lovely to listen to from my porch – like a soft rain falling on the corn leaves.

I am livin’ the dream!

12 thoughts on “Hops Vine

  1. Ann Barlament

    A dear friend of mine used to have Trumpet vines that covered his house!! Wonderful that you made an arbor for it, even if the hops took over…..

  2. Claudia Voorhees

    I remember you telling about the parade and the bed.. LOL…..fun memories.

  3. Becky

    Isn’t it great being retired and just doing the things you want to do when you want!!!!

  4. Gail Lockington

    ‘thought you were going to say that the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye! ‘love getting your messages – you write so well.

  5. Darla

    Oh, thanks for showing your hops vine!
    I bought one this year and was slow getting it planted. It’s in the ground now by a fence post with some plastic grid mesh stapled to it.
    It doesn’t seem very happy though. Hopefully, it’s just focusing on root development and I’ll get the vines next year.

    It’s a fascinating plant and yours are so lush and healthy looking!

    Appreciate the info!


  6. Launa

    Wow Mary, Things are just “hopping” by leaps and bounds there in your flowerbeds. I can see why the hop vines will make excellent wreaths.
    I think what Karen was referring to is KUDZU….saw a lot of it covering trees, old buildings, etc. when I was visiting friends in South Carolina. Kudzu was originally brought to the south to prevent soil erosion on dike banks, etc.
    We’ve had a second day of wonderful mid and upper 80’s late afternoons….some areas got rain, but here just a few drops. Tioga Rd. into Yosemite was closed a while due to SNOW! Very unusual weather for this time of year.

  7. Cindie Gapinskk

    You are livin the dream. Your property is amazingly beautiful. Love getting your blogs and seeing all of the dogs. Thanks for sharing.
    New Berlin, WI

  8. Karen

    I too couldn’t see the corn growing — and want to know — what are you going to do with the hops?
    Down here in the South, we have vines that grow fast and wild and we try to NOT let them grow else once they get rooted, they come back year after year and take over everything — trees, telephone poles, even electrical lines and of course, the ground itself, making an impenetrable wall of leafiness and vine. Someone said some are scuppernongs, a kind of grape that wine can be made from…

  9. Connie

    No photo of the cornfield…. or did I miss something. I’m really impressed with how well everything seems to grow in Iowa!!! No so much here in north Georgia.

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