Iowa State Fair








I had not been at the state fair for over 30 years but I had a tremendously fun day yesterday. I’ll be back next year!

8 thoughts on “Iowa State Fair

  1. Launa

    Thanks for sharing your day at the state fair pictures Mary!
    It seems a shame our county fair also has to fold quilts due to lack of room. Always enjoy seeing so many and getting ideas for “to do” projects tho.
    Enjoyed the beautiful goat’s face markings.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    The Iowa State Fair was always wonderful. It has been 55 years since I was there. It was so big, but I loved the animal barns. Do they still use helicopters to locate empty spaces for the new arrivals? I have no idea how many acres it covered, but it was the biggest thing I’d ever seen. A small town Iowa farm girl!

  3. Holly D.

    Hope you got to see the “best of the show” quilts on first floor in the Varied Industries building. They were amazing.

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