It’s a Dog Day

Five extra dogs today, 3 staying till the weekend and 2 just here for the day.  Here are 4 of the 5 getting some introductory sniffs. 

And lest you think I have forgotten about Gypsy Wife, here is Debi Gilpin’s version called Gypsy Wife’s Christmas because she used all her collected Christmas fabric.  Amazing, isn’t it?  I think it was a great idea and to just glance at it, I would never guess it was Christmas.  She sent this several weeks ago and it was already quilted and bound!  Thank you, Debi!  Anybody else have a picture for me?

Connie is helping me this afternoon with 7 dogs while I join Becky at Concord Care where Sister Act is playing Christmas music for the residents.  The choir performed the cantata last night at Prairie View and Sunday night by 8 pm it will be over and I can quit worrying about it.

11 thoughts on “It’s a Dog Day

  1. Louise

    Oh my….I have seen quite a few Gypsy Wife quilts and this one is by far the best!! What a great idea
    she had to use her stash of Christmas fabrics. Have fun with those critters…

  2. Judy

    I totally agree with Louise, this is by far one of the best I have seen. Thanks so much for the photo. You’re right, at first glance you wouldn’t even know it was Christmas. Especially like all of her fussy cutting.

  3. Vickie Devore

    Love the dogs introducing (a lot of animals are like that). That quilt is fantastic and would never guess it’s a Christmas. Gives me the idea of using up the stash of Halloween and seeing what I come up. With get the pattern and that will be my 2016 want to do most. Love reading your emails. vickie

  4. Diane

    That Gypsy Wife is gorgeous. Still not going to make it, but I love to see the pics. Aren’t dogs cute when they check out who’s who?

  5. Betty Klosterman

    What a wonderful quilt. Santa was the first thing I saw. Yes, it would be fun to make but I don’t know what I’d do with it. I’m with the other ladies–this is the best one yet. Yours was good, too.

  6. Launa

    Mary, How nice to see Debi’s beautiful Gypsy Wife Christmas. So good to see another version.
    Love your pic of the “guest dogs” and their meet n greet!

  7. Rebecca H

    that quilt is awesome. You cold look at it for along time, so much to see.
    do those dogs pay for all your fabric, hehe
    Happy Holidays from WA state

  8. Helen

    The GW Quilt is lovely. I enjoy a quilt that holds our interest for a “look over” and this Christmas (fabric) quilt is one to enjoy. Mary, thanks for taking us along on the tutorial when you made your Gypsy Wife. Have you seen Jen’s Small World? I agree with the readers that You are One busy productive person.
    Raining here in Texas…

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