It’s DONE!

Mama is spayed and Buddy is neutered – my vet agreed to do both if I could  get them there today.  I got Mama on the first try – I distracted her as she entered the kennel and slammed the door and put my foot on it!  I was taking no chances!  Buddy is very tame but did not want to go into a crate so I carried him to the car and put him in Hazel’s big crate that was already in the car.  Ahhhh… I can relax except for finding homes for 3 kittens.  Anybody need a sweet kitten?

Last night when I went to the barn to feed the kitties, there was a chick cheeping very loudly – sure enough there was a hen with one tiny chick.

This morning there were three more chicks!  Obviously she has been sitting on eggs some place out of view.  I have never had so many baby animals on the farm at once – a puppy, kitties and chicks!  Yikes!

Here is Reed by his chicken coop –  didn’t I tell you it was a sweet coop?  And his chicks are getting pretty big compared to mine.

Yesterday Reed went along to Hazel’s Obedience Class at Petco and he learned how to teach Hazel to “wait” and to walk on a loose leash.

When we got home he helped me grind up chicken necks and backs for dog food.  We’re a team!

He likes the little black kitten the most.

When Mama was gone to the vet today, Sam and the kids came out to see the kitties.  They have never had a cat and I’m not sure the kids really care….but Sam does.  Lucy didn’t get in this picture but here is Sam, Aidan and Owen.  Look at those blue eyes!

Tom and Becky stopped late this afternoon and Becky thinks Hazel is pretty cute!

I think she is very photogenic.

As my friend Charlene said to me today, my workload is going to get lighter with Mama spayed and Buddy neutered.  It’s been a good day!

36 thoughts on “It’s DONE!

  1. Jeanie

    Good job, Mary! How did Mama Kitty behave at the vet’s? I think Reed needs a black kitten. Your little farm is just full of surprises. Thanks for sharing; my husband and I love all the animal news.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanie – I don’t know how she was at the vet’s. I was just so relieved it was done that I didn’t ask any questions. Ha!

  2. Carolyn W.

    Congratulations on a job well done! I know it was a relief to get those two to the vet. With Mama’s attitude I was a bit afraid you might be in for a tussle getting her there. That should teach Buddy about showing up as unexpected company. Now to find good homes for those babies. Hazel is a sweetheart and always places a smile on my face.

  3. Marcella

    Hi Mary, I am enjoying the news and photos of your day. Glad you made the trip to the vet with Mama Kitty and Buddy. The little chicken coop is just right for Reed’s chicks. What a great learning experience for Reed. He looks very happy to be with you and Hazel. Sam and her children, Becky and Hazel the pictures are great. I would say it was a good day on your Iowa farm.

  4. Patty McDonald

    What a relief to have the animals spayed. You won’t have trouble giving those kittens away. They are so cute. Also, glad you have a helper like Reed and what great experiences for him. He must love your farm! I won’t believe anything bad about Hazel…….she is so adorable. Have a good week.

  5. Susan McCabe

    So glad you were able to get Mamma Kitty to the vet! For many years I cared for a stray/feral cat who lived in my back yard. When the tomcats started coming to visit I knew we’d have to do something as I had no wish to have to deal with litters of kittens. I managed to coax her unto my back porch where I thought I’d be able to get her in a crate…she completely freaked out and I swear she went up the walls and across the ceiling before I somehow managed to get her in a crate. Fortunately I was wearing gloves but she did bite me in the process. I never told anybody about that part! I just crossed my fingers and hoped I didn’t get rabies…not to smart in retrospect! I cared for her for probably 13 years, built her a special house with a heating pad for winters and over time she would let me pet her. I so appreciated my local animal shelter, it was through them that I was able to get her spayed as they had a program for feral cats. Your little Hazel is adorable! Is there anything cuter than a speckled puppy belly! I have a beagle terrier mix who has that same belly!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan – you’ve had your experience with a feral female cat! Wow! Yes, speckled puppy bellies are sweet enough to kiss!

  6. Pat Smith

    Wow! What a great day! I really didn’t know how you were ever going to get mama cat to the vet since you can’t even touch her. We have a hard time getting our very tame house cats into the carrier to go to the vet. I didn’t realize Buddy was calm enough to be able to pick him up. You really accomplished a lot today. Bless you for caring enough about animals to get these two spayed and neutered.

  7. Brenda archambault

    I’m sure little Buddy could write a book, “A Funny thing happened to me on the way to the barn for a handout.” I wonder if he would have taken that route, seeing what the outcome was! You have certainly had a busy, but fruitful day. And Reed sounds like a priceless helper.

  8. Diana

    When the shop was open, I almost enjoyed your animals more than the quilt shop. I am born and bed in Des Moines, a reral city girl by the fairgrounds. We had cats and dogs as a child, but we haven’t had dogs in all the time we’ve been married (39 years), but many Siamese cats have darkened our door. If I thought I could find another one like Hazel, she would be coming home with me! I just want to eat her up!
    Well Cubs are up next on TV, so gotta go. PLEASE keep posting your critter photos so we can live vicariously through you, my friend!

    1. Jeri Niksich

      I too grew up by the Fairgrounds in Des Moines, small world huh. I went to Stowe elementary, Goodwrell Jr. High and to East High until I was 16 and moved myself to much warmer South Texas in 77′. I lived by Grandview Park, some great memories of that park 😁

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Jeri – is it possible we might have played girls’ softball at Grandview Park? It sounds familiar.

  9. Mary Says Sew!

    Hallelujah and Amen to getting Mama and Buddy their Ultimate Extreme Makeovers today (spay and neuter, respectively)! You have great karma banked in your favor with all the wonderful things you do.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Mama calms down now that she’s spayed, as her kittens get older and she spends more time with you.

    And maybe Buddy won’t get beat up by other cats now that’s he’s not competition for available females.

  10. Kathy

    Good news to read! And I thought I was pretty cool having a mourning dove sitting on a nest again this year in our yard. She just sits in a cozy raft area while the dogs walk by her and look up. Your babiy count has all beat. Hazel has the same spotted belly like my rescued dog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – count yourself lucky! I’d love to have a mourning dove nesting close by!

  11. Angie Rowland

    Momma might hold a grudge for a while but you won’t notice the difference. She must have been abused or worse ignored in her life and has commitment issues. Otherwise she is scared. Bet she doesn’t hang at the carrier after her fun trip today. I just feel so bad for her she is safe with someone that cares and she can’t enjoy it. Hope she learns to trust you she would be so happy if she does.

  12. Colleen

    Yippee for you and the cats. Getting them fixed will ease both your mind and pocket book and most likely extend their lives. I live in the suburbs and it took 3 litters of kittens before I was able to get our feral moma cat fixed, she stayed with us for along time 15+ years now she is in kitty heaven .

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Colleen – I am feeling very fortunate to have only one litter!

  13. Sue

    Good work getting the spaying and neutering done. Reed looks like great help and enjoys doing things with and for you. That’s nice for both of you. His coop is excellent. Did you say he made it? Great design.

  14. Ann Barlament

    I never thought you’d get Momma to the Vet. Congratulations on swift feet!!

    What fun…kitties, chicks, puppy and a handsome lad!! I really like Reed’ s chicken coop, very cool.

  15. Felicia Hamlin

    Well Mary, that is another feather on your cap! Congrats! God was helping you with the two cats. I was wondering who Buddy was and the I read the entry. So many babies and the sweet chickie. You will have agood night sleep. Reed might grow up to be a vet or s farmer, God bless him.

  16. Sara Reynolds

    Mary, you really are amazing with all your animals! I look forward to reading your blog every day. I love the little chick. It has really different markings. My dad’s hobby was raising show chickens. He had Buff Wyandotte bantam chickens for most of my growing up years. They were all tame and my kids loved helping with them when they were little. That was a long time ago. My kids are 45 and 43 and my dad passed away in 1998.

  17. Joanne

    Job well done. I knew you would get Mama cat to the Vets! Reed must love coming to Mary’s Farm! Never a dull moment better then time on a IPad or video game.

  18. Rina

    Congratulations on getting the cats fixed. I have a fat yellow and white cat, Maxine the Queen, who was a feral that would rip your arm off if she could. She is now five years old and thinks having her tummy petted is the best part of being a cat. That and wanting to sleep on my head at night instead of at the foot of the bed. lol
    It will take some time but mama will come around. She’s such a pretty little thing.

  19. Karen L Chaudoin

    I so enjoy seeing and reading about all the shenanigans at your place!

  20. Susan Fiorito

    Good for you getting Mama and Buddy fixed. I know that was no easy task. I’m glad to see Reed socializing the kittens that will make for some very nice pets.

    I know that Miss Hazel girl is part Westie for sure!

  21. Maryjane in CA

    Quite an accomplishment! Mama doesn’t need anymore babies and you don’t either. She will be so lonely when her kittens are taken away. There’s a story on the internet today from New Zealand about a mama cat whose babies were taken to a shelter and she searched and searched for them and broke into the shelter to be with them. All together now. Don’t think we humans realize the depth of feelings animals have. Are you sure you can’t keep them on the farm? So sweet looking.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maryjane – if I can’t find homes, they will continue to live here but Mama is getting sorta tired of them already. She’d like to get out and about but I’m afraid the kittens will disappear with her and I’ll still have unfixed cats!

  22. Becky from IA

    You are doing so good!!! Those kids are soooo cute! Look at the spots on Hazel’s belly… funny…..but she’s all white….right? I just love all your posts they always put a smile on my face!

  23. Diane

    Whew–that’s a relief. I was worried she’d bite or scratch you. Buddy sounds like a sweetie. Reed’s chicken coop is great and he is a wonderful helper. Have two of the kitties already been chosen? That’s great. Which ones? I am hoping Reed keeps the little black one. Always fun to hear about your day.

  24. Diane

    PS When I saw the little chick on my iPad, I thought it was a chipmunk–lol!!

  25. Holly TH

    The force was certainly with you on this endeavour! Getting two feral cats corralled and to the vet on the same day was practically a miracle! I love the pictures of all your farm babies!

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