It’s Flag Day!

Here are just a few of the flags around the farm.

Flag Day is a special day for the Etherington Family.  Today Rick and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary.  (Celebrating is used loosely as he is driving to Wisconsin – ha! – and won’t be home till tomorrow nite.). Today is also Rick’s son Eric’s 30th birthday.  It is also Eric and Nikki’s 2nd wedding anniversary AND—–drumroll please!  Nikki is in labor with their first child, a baby girl named Camber.  Oh my, what a day this is!  Let’s hope she makes her appearance on the 14th and doesn’t make us all wait until the 15th.

I made this quilt 19 years ago and I hang it up every year.  This year it’s hanging in the porch where I’m sitting while I write this.  The birds are singing and there is such a nice breeze even though we are expecting thunderstorms later.  There are many wrens, a cardinal, an oriole, robins, a red headed woodpecker, a pair of mourning doves and finches in the yard and at the feeders.  Just delightful.

Happy Flag Day from Telly!  I only wish Faye were here, too.  Telly and I are different without her.

33 thoughts on “It’s Flag Day!

  1. jAnet

    Happy Anniversary! Your place is so pretty! It was always fun to go there. Have a great day!

  2. Martha

    Blessings to you on all of the special events that your family celebrates on Flag Day! And, all the
    best to the laboring Mom.

    I have quilted flags all around our home and just love them.

  3. Synthia Noble

    Happy Anniversary! and I love the quilt you made to commemorate your wedding. 🙂
    Flag Day is a big day at our house as well. I delivered our first child (daughter) 55 years ago today and I have all our flags flying too. Unfortunately we don’t have a beautiful red barn like you do, but I sure am enjoying the photo you shared of yours. Love and blessings galore to you and yours……

  4. Amy

    Happy Anniversary!! Today is my mom & dad’s anniversary and my nephew Mack turns 9 today! Keep us posted on Nikki and baby Camber-how exciting!

  5. Louise

    Wishing you and Rick many additional years of happiness! Love the garden and Telly photos! What an
    abundance of wonderful happenings going on in your corner of the world.

  6. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Happy anniversary, Mary. Love your wedding quilt. Best wishes also for Eric and Nikki and baby-on-the-way Camber. What an exciting day!

  7. Mareen

    Happy Flag Day, Anniversary to both couples and birthday we hope!! I remember the day so well!! What a fantastic celebration it was! You guys are not the same true Mary but Faye (named after Rick’s mom) was one lucky girl and no one can replace her but I know you have room in your heart for others who need you too Mary!! Have one for me till we have time to get together…………Proud to be an American – oh that is for your birthday right????

  8. MartyCae

    Happy, happy day to all those who are celebrating! Nothing better than a June wedding and birthday. My Uncle’s birthday would be today. They told him when he was little that all the flags were out for his birthday!

    Love your wall hanging.

  9. PJ

    Wow, lots going on in your house….CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary, almost new baby and all your other things happening… much excitement!!!

  10. Katie

    Enjoy your Day.. And celebrate when your Rick gets home tomorrow..Blessings
    Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy..
    I feel good about sharing myself and life w others when I see your country life..🇺🇸

  11. Gail Lockington

    Happy anniversary! I love your quilt – you have a very rich life!

  12. Paula S.

    I always remember that flag day is your anniversary. I remember reading about it all those years (19?!) ago in the Goat Gazette. Love the quilts and Telly pictures too! Much excitement for your family today! Enjoy it all!

  13. Donna Ondler

    Mary Happy Anniversary t you and Rick and hope Eric’s baby decides to make her appearance today too. The best to you and many more. Your home send yard are lovely and love the flag on the barn. Telly does look lonely.

  14. Diane

    HAPPY 19TH ANNIVERSARY, MARY AND RICK!! Your flags look great. Good luck to the new mom and almost new baby. What a fun day to be born with all the celebrations. I remember many flag days–Memorial Day, June 14th, 4th of July, Nov. 11th. We had a hole in our front yard that we had to find in the grass, then my dad took a fifty cent piece and unscrewed the cap over the hole and our large, wooden flag pole went in it. Then we all saluted:) Nice memory.

  15. Launa

    Congrats on all the wonderful celebrations you have to be thankful for on Flag Day. Hope Camber arrives to add to it. Your wedding quilt is a real treasure. Our flag flies 24/7 outside with a light at night and I’ve sewn and quilted a few flags of all sizes to decorate with inside. Looking forward to our 58th anniv. in a few months…….

  16. sue

    Happy Anniversary, neighbors. I remember the day and the ceremony well. Nice to make the 14th significant in so many ways.

  17. Bernadette Jackson

    Happy anniversary, Mary. Love your wedding quilt. A real keepsake. I even looked up the scripture you quoted. Oh, and thanks for the reminder it is June 14. I hurried outside to hang our flag. Thinking about your mention of Faye and how you and Telly are different without her. My little rescue is sleeping on the sofa beside me – not a care in the world, unless it is when she will next get to be on the patio to hunt for lizards!

  18. Martha Engstler

    Happy Happy to all. It’s a special picture of Telly. Love your quilt

  19. Paula

    I remember the day you married, I was so happy for you and your sweetheart. Happy Anniversary. Also, I did not know the family shared June 14th so much. Sure hope that baby shows up today before midnight….so special. I think I told you I shared a couple Goat Gazettes with my friend. She read them and brought them back today and told me she knows why I liked them so much since they were so full of news and so personal. Paula in KY

  20. Dixie

    Hubby and I share an anniversary with you! Today is our 36th wedding anniversary! Would be fun for you to have a new grand baby to help you celebrate in the coming years! Love all your posts!!

  21. Nancy

    Happy Anniversary! Today was my grandma’s birthday. Now, it is when we celebrate my great nephew’s birthday. I remember when you got married…,hard to believe that was 19 years ago. I do hope the baby makes it’s arrival today. I do love that quilt! So special!

  22. Cathy

    Happy Anniversary! I hope at this writing baby Camber has appeared. My cousin & her husband welcomed their first child on their second anniversary as well.

  23. Jeri Niksich

    Happy Anniversary to everyone, what a special day it is for you all! Is that a Purple Martin Bird House up on the tall pole? They are flying around here in South Texas getting their feed of Texas sized mosquitoes and other bugs. My husband and I were talking about putting up a house for them but we are completely lost on what they need and require as far as a return to nest. I know we can research it all but it would be easier to learn the actual facts from you. We would appreciate any help you have time to share with us. Thank You.

  24. Shirley Carlson

    Happy Anniversary, Mary. Love your flags – I’ve made one of your flag patterns and put it on the front porch every year. Jode and I talked about a roadtrip this summer and I immediately thought of the many trips we took to your place – so miss your shop. Have a happy summer.

  25. Polly Perkins

    Oh what a special day. Hope that little girl arrives on this day too.

  26. Felicia Hamlin

    Happy anniversary Mary, may you and Rick enjoy many more. Ear scratches for Telly and hugs for you, Felicia

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